The Scorched Earth Policy was already deemed a crime against humanity when Lincoln signed off on this horrid tactic. If the North cared, so much for African-Americans, why did the North create the ghetto and Why did Zora Neale Huston scoff at the White Elitists, in the North (Read the Pet Negro). A Slave had more rights in Florida than in the North and New Jersey had more slaves than any other state other than South Carolina, at the outbreak of the Civil War.

One African woman was a prominent slaveholder in the South (From Wikipedia – Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley was a West African slave from present-day Senegal turned slaveholder and planter in early 19th-century Florida.) Horace King was a well-respected  African-American architect, in the South at the time of the Civil War. My ancestor was a Spaniard married to an African America woman, in a time before the Civil War and my Native American ancestors are more native than the Seminoles. Another possible ancestor played a crucial role in the foundation of the US and the Constitution, but the North for some reason felt justified in using the horrific Scorched Earth policy to starve children of all races in the South.

Personally, I prefer staying out of the Syrian Civil War because we’ll be hated no matter who we side with, but I consider Trump’s airstrike immediately after the chemical weapons attack — a justifiable warning shot directed at a military target. Economic slavery is one reason Syria finds itself in a Civil War and in reality, Lincoln just turned the former slaves into economic slaves and depending on the slaveholder – may have fared better in the South and may have ended up freer than what Lincoln’s war ended up giving them.

Slavery had to end, and good politicians would have ended it without war and resorting to the use of the Scorched Earth policy. I understand the role of economic slavery in causing the Syrian Civil War, but I doubt much good will come from the war, no matter who wins. Lincoln looks better than Assad, but anyone who thinks Lincoln is an unquestionably great President is being foolish, at best he gets an incomplete as a grade because we don’t know if he would have done a better job in mending the mess if he wasn’t assassinated.

I wrote this post in response after a North Carolina lawmaker put this topic in the news. He’s a politician, so I’ll assume he’s too idiotic to back his opinion on the matter. Any idiot who wants to take me on, fact check what you see above before bothering me with your response. Quit making a chemical attack on White Elitists look like a justifiable act – the Veteran’s Administration has persecuted me far too long and you best pray I never play bad god like many of you seem to do because I know how easy it is to do serious damage.


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