My dwarf needs to learn how to breathe fire. In the first novel of the series, my main character is a dwarf and the dragon is her symbol. Rather than finishing my editing, I’ve begun thinking about the third novel in the series and suspect my fire-breathing dwarf will put on a show – she’s probably going to burn the house down.

My depression has been overwhelming; since the last catastrophe at the VA. Plotting how to kill people became a hobby; ever since, my stint in the Nuclear Power program. I’ve managed to hold my wrath, but I’ll let my dwarf live out my dream. Even Little People are as dangerous as they want to be if they have an above average intellect. The biggest problem is – I have to hold my biggest secret of mass destruction because it’s bad enough that I know what to do; you don’t want other people to know how easy it is, and I would go the chemical route, not nuclear. My dwarf will probably do her damage, in the simplest way possible.


English: Old sideshow ad for fire-breathing man, taken during period of decline of sideshows, Florida, 1966


Father of JGKlein, used with permission

Father of JGKlein, used with permission


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