In real life, I’m the Timucuan, but I shared my heritage with my dwarf who acts as my novel’s main character. I only know my Native American ancestor had a Spanish name and considering the Seminoles hated the Spanish and their Native American allies – I must be more native than the Seminoles and kin to one of the original tribes. She married White man and I’m straight,s I’m typically what liberals hate You White elitist liberals need to hightail it out of Florida because I’ve got a hankering to skin that skin you hate – right off you.

In my novel, my dwarf will doing the damage, but believe I know how to do damage, but have to keep my rage in check. I can’t even give my dwarf my secret on how to do the damage; she’ll have to use a straightforward method. As, a sailor, in the US Navy I’ve felt a lot of hate in other countries and considering people from all countries are in Florida and I’m getting disrespected on my native soil – I’m angry. Obama and his family are not welcome in Florida, bring extra Secret Service my tribe never signed a treaty and the Veteran’s Administration treats me worse than the Fort Hood shooter, so stay away from Florida. The news media best watch their tongues, too. I’m enraged enough.


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