My anti-hero needs a true villain to kill. This will act as an act of redemption and allow my anti-hero to ascend to true hero status.

I hanker to pull the skin from White elitists and I’ve grown to see the average doctor as a quack, so I’m thinking about a child actress who formerly played Ducksy Howler ( a child doctor) and eventually becomes a Pop Diva. I have no beef with Neil Patrick Harris, but the parody card lets me take a jab at doctors. This has nothing to do with any child actresses turned Pop star either. Ariana Grande’s, less than mammal, diva-ness inspires a few thoughts, though. All mammal play a mating game, so Grande has upset the fertility gods who star in my novels.

I’ve been debating whether to use one of my previously created characters or create an entirely new character. After I create a new character, I’ll decide whether one of the previously created characters can transition into a similar character.

I classify Obama as a White elitist; he’s a Bill Cosby, so my hatred spewed in my last post and he’s tied into my hatred for the Veteran’s Administration. Doctors made my mental state worse, so I’m not mentally fit to polish the two novels almost ready to publish. Depression makes me error prone and despondent, so I can only do harm. This new character fills a plot hole I created; which, doesn’t which doesn’t get truly get filled until the third novel. I need to add mention of this character somewhere near the end of the first novel. The second novel, in the series, has a different main character and should be off-center, with respect to the other two novels.


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