At one time, I preferred Democrats due to environmental reasons, but now I just see hypocrites. Clinton and Obama hobnob with celebrities who make millions from advertising which comes out of the consumer’s pockets; even very poor consumers. Chicago had three of the most powerful Black people in the world, Obama, Oprah, and Michael Jordan, but a mentally disabled White guy got tortured, in Chicago – the place where Obama earned his Nobel Peace Prize. Kayne West would make a better President because he acknowledged one thing that Obama’s White elitist ass never did; Black people are every bit as racist as Whites.

I’ve been tortured, too. Doctors should be hung from yardarms, not praised or, paid high wages if everyone else gets the level of healthcare that I’ve seen. The problem with Obamacare is it doesn’t improve healthcare. Yeah, I’m in a bad mood, but you would be, too. I’m more native than a Seminole and you have a Liberal army attacking me because I’m generally considered White—I’ve always seen my Native American and my European heritage as equal, but I’m ready to take the Native American war-club, in hand.


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