Trump needs to follow my blog because he’s right about the Civil War averted, but wrong about details. Slavery was about cotton and the manpower needed to profit from the crop. Textile manufacturers, in the North, wanted the cotton and they didn’t want to pay the price. These manufacturers used the American Civil War to renege on their debts.

I’ve already made a post about the ethics of Lincoln’s Scorched Earth Policy, and clearly show the South wasn’t any more racist than the North. After the Civil War, cotton became the cash crop in India, where the caste system defined slavery by another name, so what did Lincoln accomplish – different group of slaves picked the cotton and many Blacks succumbed the economic slavery of the ghetto. There’s a reason why the famous Black female author, Zora Neale Hurston, preferred the South – Southerners weren’t hypocrites. White Elitists in the North held that title.

Bernie Sanders attacked Trump for not knowing history, but the Jewish Sanders probably doesn’t realize  Jews Jews held high rank the Confederate army. I don’t consider Jews any worse than other groups because people are people but Hollywood Jews have often slandered me for my Southern roots, but my ancestor was married to a Black woman, but I get attacked and Obama gets hyped. I’m from a Native American tribe more native than the Seminoles, so this is my native homeland nut I get attacked. Death to Sanders Obama,  Bush, and the Clintons – I’ve been betrayed by my own country and if Trump doesn’t set things right then death to Trump, too.

Trump is right about the Civil War == the politicians bungled it and if Sanders can’t see that — he’s just another lousy politician.


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