Intervention can stop the bleeding and strengthen the heart’s muscle, but it’s often difficult to find a savior. Nine out of ten doctors do more harm than good, in my experience based opinion. In matters of metaphysical love, I can say the same thing. My heart’s damaged, in the bodily and spiritual sense, so I’ve got some experience.

I started thinking about my original novel and the unlikable traits of the main character and my parallels to Scrooge. Dickens humanizes Scrooge much relatively early, but I may have kept people to deep in the dark, about my main character’s thorn. Intelligent readers should pick up a few hints, in the first chapter. but the novel diverts away from my main character’s personal past, for far too long. Writing is a craft, but it’s often easier t see a problem than it is to fix it. If my heart ever mends enough for me to start editing my two novels; once again, I may plug in hints to the heart problem. inside other chapters.

Love will probably be a key element, in my third novel. My dwarf only gets a glimpse of love, in her first novel, but the third novel needs to capture what a glimpse will do.

My depression has kept me away from my novels, for a while now. Never write while depressed, in anything more than scribble. I know I can only do harm, in the state I’ve been in. When you’re left with ‘scrambled eggs for brains’ depression leaves too much shell in the dish.

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