Does Timucuan ancestry make my blood unique? It’s possible and it’s somewhat funny how hard the word tries to make my bloodline extinct. Liberals favor people from other lands and being native to this land is apparently negated because I’ve been contaminated my Caucasian blood — many liberal bloggers define straight White males as lower than pond scum – should we all be irradiated so the rather common Indians from India can take over contaminated White-Native American Injun?

As a blood donor, my blood has been labeled as rare for reason other than blood-type and apparently such rare blood helps other people live, so why does the world seem keen on killing me?

I can’t identify the exact tribe I descend from but the Spanish name of my American ancestor makes Timucuan ancestry a real possibility and I’m certainly more native than a Seminole. They say Native Americans arrived by way of the Bering Strait and natives of Florida came the furthest through North American territory so I may be truly descended from the oldest tribe in North America – kill the Liberal hate against natives with White skin.


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