I certainly got one literary agent dismissed and another from the same agency appeared to leave at the same time, but a guy I submitted to, at another agency, has a new job and he’s the one who seemed ripe for cuckolding and left me sick in the stomach for even sending the query.

Coincidence? I’m sure I sent less than a dozen query letters, so I find it strangely coincidental. If my email to the one literary agency was sent to other agencies – I can definitely see the plausibility of other firings.

Researching literary agents sent me into a rage and a subsequent depression because the hate the White man attitude of the liberal media is enraging to this White Injun — I’m as native as you get and Mestizo, but most generally consider me White and shouldn’t be prejudiced against as my ancestors were in the past. Death to White Elitism and the Obama-Sotomayor discrimination against people like me — the native.