Very few people can justifiably call themselves a truly plausible Timucuan and I’m probably the only one knowledge enough about history and ancestry to make this justifiable claim. Doctors have done so much damage to me that I’m not sure how much longer I will survive. I’ve run on fumes too many times and that’s not good for your engine. The only thing keeping me alive is my novel-writing and I need to fall into the next story or things will go beyond bleak.

I know the character and faction motivations for the next novel and I should be able start writing, but I’m too empty. Using a worksheet to outline my novel may be my only hope. My character data and a rudimentary plot should allow me to fall into the story, but my inability may force me use a more mechanical method.

Paul Revere and the Raiders sung a about the Cherokee Nation, but the Timucuan song is much sadder.


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