I loan my heritage to the female dwarf who acts as my novel’s main character; I come from the truest tribe of Florida natives. My tribe has been attacked many times White-elitist hypocrites of Hollywood and my dwarf will attack back, in my next novel (if I’m able to write it).The racist liberal hypocrites of the media, in general will be a target and if those  scummy hypocrites are lucky I won’t go personally at their heads with my Native American war-club. I’m very agitated due to the monsters of the Veteran’s Administration and Liberal disrespect of my people. if you are a Liberal in Florida you better hide or hire bodyguards because you’ve got one angry native craving to smash in your head and this craving is tough to contain. Relying on the joke-ass doctors of the VA not to commit another grievous error is not a strategy you want to rely non. I suggest Obama and the Liberals start an apology tour directed at us natives because I’m seriously pissed.


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