Bastet obviously has the identity of a pussy cat and the Egyptian concept of Ba is what physically quantifies the identity of a person or religious deity; therefore, the pussy is the Ba of this particular female goddess. I find humor in this pussy related fact that survives today in the comic book character Catwoman — the pussy and women are forever intertwined.

Baubo’s Ba is the lewder version of a pussy. The concept of Ba is often compared to the concept of a soul, but the Egyptians didn’t believe in immaterial things so you need a physical representation of the individual’s identity. The pussy is a result of the XX chromosome and one X away from a perfect joke, but it’s safe to say that the pussy makes a woman uniquely different from a man. Identifying the type of pussy better quantifies the Ba because the Ba is what makes each person of deity — unique. DNA and the Ba compare favorably to one another.

Image from Wikimedia with the following credits:

English: Bastet, the Goddess of Cat in Ancient Egypt
Date 26 January 2012
Source Own work
Author Gunkarta