The deaf community has often been depicted as tight and having the tendency of othering the hearing populace. The old sideshow freaks also developed a tight community who othered the norms. Would members of an outsider society hesitate to give birth to an insider? A freak is someone who obviously differs from the norm, so don’t consider my use of the term derogatory.

In the TV series,  Meredith Eaton’s character ( a dwarf) has to confront such an issue when House says problems plaguing the character;’ daughter stem from a growth hormone insufficiency. The daughter, in this case, was old enough to voice her own opinion, but society has moved into a designer baby era; whereby, undesired genes can be tossed. Dwarfism isn’t a simple subject because some dwarfs only lack for size, but others have other and sometimes severe complications. A higher percentage of dwarfs have roles in the entertainment industry and that can be seen as a good or bad thing. The question is would or should a dwarf give birth to another dwarf?

My third novel may use this as a side issue. I’m just curious about which freakish qualities people would willingly choose and how normal such a choice would be.


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