Florida history is filled with invasions and no family has seen more than mine. Even the Seminoles are invaders to my land. My ancestor’s tribe was obviously more native than the Seminoles because her Spanish name indicates she belonged to a Spanish allied tribe; the Seminoles hated the Spanish and helped wipe out their native allies. My Spanish ancestors are documented here long before the Seminoles split off from northern tribes, so while I come from the blood of Spanish Conquistadors who invaded this land; I also have that Native American blood that entered the region before the Seminoles, but not necessarily before the Spanish. The Yamasee and other tribes invaded Florida before the Seminoles

Bloody invasions have been replaced by passive-aggressive invasions, but the invasions continue. I’m alien to the foreign masses who inhabit my native land. I call myself a Timucuan because the Spanish primarily settled in Timucua provinces. Apalachee, Ais, and others are also possibilities, but I accept the most likely tribe as my own. The invasions and the resulting philos-aphilos has inspired my novels, but the alienation has damaged my motivational spirit, so two novels sit in the last stages of editing. One may even be finished, but I have a tendency to dabble.


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