I decided to send out one more query and the traffic on my blog shows someone went to a badmouthing post, in the day between submission and rejection. The literary agent who stirred my wrath got rightfully dismissed, but I figured I would receive blowback. It could be that the rejection came because my novel doesn’t work, but it seemed coincidental that someone browsed that post in such a short period of time.

I would prefer publishing the best book possible and I considered the traditional route offered an improved quality. Paying an editor when you don’t know if the book would make money even if it was a masterpiece — seems pointless. I don’t have money to waste. Self-editing has limits and finding someone attuned to my style may be problematic; even though, my style probably fits Chuck Palahniuk or Tom Robbins category. Finding someone with editing skills and fitting of such a style it isn’t easy without money to throw around or a literary network of friends.

The reason I stopped editing was the lack of concentration made it more likely I would cause more harm than good. Editing the same material over and over again causes extreme burnout. I’ll probably search for suitable beta-readers, but the process is likely aggravating and aggravation isn’t something you want from an unprofitable hobby. Mistake in by blog doesn’t concern me much, but the book needs quality editing — what a pain.


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