I’ve been working on an ancient mystery — what caused my childhood mutism and the social anxiety and the nuclear meltdown (in reference to my stay in the US Navy nuclear power program). Couldn’t apraxia cause such a chain reaction? I suspect it could. If you have a child with delayed speech development (such as apraxia) — you’ll need to monitor their social development because the verbal delay is somewhat likely to cause a social delay. Thanks to the doctors of the US Navy and the Veteran’s Health Administration — my life has been hell and I want to breathe some of that hellfire back. Quit hurting the dumb retard that is me.

I may have finally stumbled onto a good doctor after a string of Nazi doctors and Fort Hood shooters — look up his profession and see who the US military considered competent enough to treat mentally wounded veterans. Speech problems appear to stem from my grandfather’s ancestry and I considered his Native American ancestry as the likely choice.  Sequoyah invented the Cherokee Syllabary for which to write the Cherokee language and I seemed to remember that Sequoyah invented the syllabary due to difficulty children had in writing the English language. I’m still not sure if Native Americans have a higher rate of language difficulties, but I’m sure my family has such issues. While researching language disorders among Native Americans, Google showed containing the term, Apraxia’. It happened to be in the Native News of a Seminole newspaper.


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