I may have solved an ancient mystery — why I was mute as a child. Prior to the Civil War pushed the South was richer and more educated but it took more than a century for the South to recover and that explains the lack of resources my parents had to get help for their mute child which is me.

I’ve been punished several times for a problem present since birth. My early mutism apparently retarded my social development. In my original novel (the second in the series due to my writing a prequel) the main character is unable to talk thru most of the book and mutism will play a role in the third novel if I manage to write it. This post is an, about the author, post and shows why mutism plays a role in my novels. Writing this post also helps me keep a record of when I discover new info about my problem Discovery came when I searched for speech disorders among Native Americans. Apraxia may be slightly higher among Native Americans according to this link.

It seemed likely that my speech impairment descends from my, difficult to understand, grandfather and his Native American ancestry. My family can likely claim to be the last of the Timucuans and speech problems are rather high among my maternal grandfather’s family. I have a long list of punishments stemming from this childhood ailment which snowballed into a social anxiety disorder and I will make this plea once again, Stop the torture of dumb retards, like me. Dumb as in mute and, retard as in slow.stunted development, are not derogatory terms.


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