I’m certain my novels would sell if they had a proper marketing campaign and I believe it would make a bundle as a film series if it was cast properly. Daisy Earles (above) may be too Lolita-like for my main character, but my choice for the part would need some sex appeal and be brazen enough to use it. My use of a ‘coming of age’ storyline prodded me to use an underage star and I believe a fertility cult operating in our current era (as in my novels) would ignore age-regulating rules.

The biggest problem may be finding a good enough actress because of the smaller talent pool (no pun intended). Even if a larger proportion of dwarfs have superior acting talent than normal sized people; it still leaves few candidates. The brazen nature of my main character and the other cult members will scare away the prudish.

Personally, I just want to make a book trailer. A real dwarf or dwarfs, willing to partner with me, would be beneficial in many ways. Of course, a dwarf or dwarfs would aid in marketing my novels, but I believe I own a respectful reason for my usage of dwarfs and an endorsement would be helpful. History provides the reason for my use of dwarfs; such as the dwarf singer who actually played a role in the founding of St. Augustine; the Russian Royal  Midgets ( as explained in my post) founded a town in the Miami – Dade area of Florida; Daisy and her three dwarfs lived and died in Sarasota; and other dwarfs helped establish Gibsonton, Florida. I apologize if calling Florida a ‘Dwarf Graveyard”, but my state most likely has a winning proportion of dwarfs.

My dream cast for the scenes at Matanzas would include Johnny Depp, in three roles, as a Timucuan, Huguenot, and as a Conquistador. Peter Dinklage would star as the dwarf who came with Pedro Menendez and most likely a couple of other roles. Bridget Powers would get a chance to audition for my main character’s mother and hopefully win it. Any pornstar from Florida would get a chance for a role because I prefer a Florida link and they have the brazenness to handle the erotic aspects of fertility cult duty (+ I allude to a few in my name game). A girl of slight Asian appearance who can handle multiple accents and a skinny Black girl would be the other roles (the ages would need to be ranged near the main character. My dwarf has a hankering for tall girls, so a couple of Maria Sharapova types. The cult is made up of hoochie coochie girls and freaks, so circus folk are most welcome.

The image comes from Wikimedia with the following credits:

English: Daisy Earles in a scene from the film Freaks, 1932
Português: Daisy Earles em uma cena do filme Freaks, de 1932
Date 1931
Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/lookitup_-_lookitup_/14607626388
Author Clarence Sinclair Bull, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer