Nut is the starry night, as shown; her father Shu (center) separates her from the lame-legged earth god, Geb (the green dude near the bottom). My next novel will feature a Geb-like character and I’ll probably play around with the star-crossed theme. I don’t write romance novels, but I may add a Rom-Com element to my story. My series is based on the rival factions in my own ancestry and the many Romeo-Juliet relationships that led to my birth.

The image came from Wikimedia, (credits below) but I modified it to show Nut as a starry night.

Description: Caption of picture in book reads: “The God Seb supporting Nut on Heaven”. Date 1904
Source The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. II, colour plate facing page 96
Author E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1937)