The Dune series began by Frank Herbert continues by his son, but that’s not the only familial pass down — the curse on the House of Atreus passes along, too. Are we all marked with the mark of Cain or does humanity suffer from a curse brought upon by another murder — the curse brought about by Tantalus when he chopped up his son, Pelops, and served him to the gods (Abraham, from the Old Testament, almost did the same thing, but that story came out different). I don’t know why the curse rides upon the Atreus name and not his grandfather. Tantalus, but I do know Frank Herbert built his House Atreides.upon the foundation set by the House of Atreus.

Romeo and Juliet obviously suffer from this same curse, but the curse also resides outside of fiction. I base my novels upon the love-hate wedding dance of my ancestors the massacre of the Huguenots by Catholics and the Native American wars in Florida — involve ancestors from each group. My ancestry is unique, in regards to Florida, but everyone descends ancestral feuds and the curse that apparently starts the fire.