In 1565, a dwarf conquistador sired a daughter with a native woman. Four centuries later, ancestral ghosts unleashed by a genetic memory drug possess Alice, a dwarf member of a fertility cult. The ghosts wreak havoc on Alice’s personality, but they also help her machine gun through rival cult factions and succeed her mother as the cult leader. You might be surprised by what genes a dwarf has, but you can’t be more surprised the Emperor/Gladiator Commodus or more bewildered than Tycho Brahe. The prostitute from the old Rollestown colony might a consider the situation easy on the knees, but she doesn’t arrive until the third book of the series.

This blurb is a bit long, but it covers more. I can’t motivate myself to release the books yet. It will just get lost in the jungle of books. My attempts at making a book trailer have been too uninspiring. What I need is a female dwarf who loves the character and wants to sell it. Any extremely short actress can apply. Anyone under 4’10” falls under the dwarf label, but two or three inches shouldn’t matter for a good actress and a tall supporting cast.


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