Yes, we are in the age of Crusaders and once again the Crusades resemble the Monty Python Flying Circus.  When I researched for a literary agent, I found a bunch of far-left liberal CrusaderS. I hate both political parties, but the widespread attacks on Trump leave me little reason to chime in when I disagree with him, but Obama got away with murder and it shows how liberally biased the media is and completely biased. It’s safe to say I disagree with Trump on most environmental issues, but I understand how he takes a completely business perspective to most things. Personally, I would prefer a President who didn’t take the cold-blooded business approach, but it sure doesn’t mean I thought very highly of Obama’s approach, either.

My novels use a bit of misdirection and I’m certain many if not Crusaders will start galloping of, in Monty Python style. Would I prefer readers to see my main character, in my second novel as misogynistic — yes, because I purposely misdirect. The main character, in the first book of the series, is a female dwarf who on occasion abuses women and many will certainly look past the character and blame the author. Shouldn’t an author keep a character true to character, I sure think so. My dwarf is a big Ball of history and history is muddy and bloody, so she should be too.

As someone who worked in the manufacturing industry, I’ve been hurt by the poor business practices of the Clinton and Obama administrations. My main character is in the manufacturing business and even though I’m not interested in exploring deep into that topic, I may use it to partly explain the financial woes of the empire she built. Blind eye agents may not see the balancing act needed to properly run a fair economy and may dismiss my issues as they ramble off on their crusades, but I don’t consider literary agents as very good judges of literature if they one note their political agenda.


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