The Native American tribes held captive in the Castillo San Marcos brought in Florida’s first wave of tourists. All the rich White elitists from up North came to gawk. It wouldn’t surprise me if Harriet Beecher Stowe joined the festivities. Tribal leaders from almost every tribe ended up here, during this period. After the North won the Civil War they conquered the Native American territories. If Lincoln win his election, I bet the US would have partnered with Native Americans to conquer Mexico; if you could call it conquer and not save. Mexicans wouldn’t be jumping fences if they avoided the Civil War. Slavery still would have ended; due to technological advances reducing the need for slave labor; just, as President Polk predicted.

I’m off topic because I’m more interested in hookers. Odds are the first official brothel opened up, in Florida, when the tourists came to see prisoners, such as these. So 1875 is the period of note. My fictional brothel will come alive, at this time.

Also of note, during this period, my Native American great-great-grandmother would have been living with a White man and another branch of the family would have been calling a Black man uncle — my family has been forever dealing with race issues; now, people are giving my white-mestizo ass trouble –screw you, Obama.


English: Native American prisoners of the Red River War, Fort Marion, Florida 1875: The inscription on the back of the original stereograph says: L to R: Lone Wolf, Double Vision, White Horse, Woman’s Heart, Mamante (Owl Prophet) – Kiowas. Officer left is Capt. Richard H. Pratt
Date 20:45, 6 August 2010 (UTC)
Author Unknownwikidata:Q4233718

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