I’ve tried other video editors, but this one is the most intuitive for me. Lesson one — rename every slide because the way the program defaults a name — it will dump a slide and replace it with a duplicate of another. The app needs a hover over preview feature, but for a free open source program — you can deal with a few inadequacies.  I was video editing virgin before attempting the creation of a book trailer.

People typically recommend you to make your video as short as possible — about a minute. Many need more time to tell a story, so shoot for a minute and a half and cut to the bare bone. Five to six seconds for each text slide; two seconds for most image slides, seems like a good time, but the program often leaves me guesstimating.

I wrote part of this post earlier and I’m close to being done, but I thought that once before and see up above about the duplicating slide incident. The music takes me to two minutes and five seconds; I’ll probably accept that time; unless there’s a file size limit where I post the video. If I manage to find another song, I may make a change. Music highlighting the rising action at the end; would have been nice.

My speaking issues made me reluctant to narrate. People have said I have a nice voice, but I hate hearing recordings of myself.

This may be a rough draft video and I may play with another app later. After my duplicate slide incident, I used my paint program to make the slides, but OpenShot made better slides. The file size may be too high so it may be a while before I get the final version.


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