Carrie A. Nation, the prohibitionist, was famous for ravaging saloons with a hatchet; male barkeeps had a “don’t strike a woman’ issue — The Russian Belle had a different policy. No pictures of the Russian Belle survived so I altered the portrait of Russian Empress Anna Ivanova because she keeps the Russian theme and she dressed as brothel owner might dress. The face had to go, though; look up the original picture and ponder her likeness to John Goodman, the actor from Roseanne.

The Russian Belle truly did run Carrie Nation away, but I only suspect she used a gun to trump Nation’s hatchet. I may have run across of the name of the brothel, but I need to research it again. There was a saloon named, Falstaff, and I may use that name if need be. The image comes from my book trailer; I recruited The Russian Belle to my fictional fertility cult. She’s got a major role in the history of the cult.

The original image comes from Wikimedia with credits, as seen below. I shrunk the Empress’ breasts because I found them distracting; she had a set of humdingers.

Description: Historical Mixed Media Figure of Russian Empress Anna Ivanova produced by artist/historian George S. Stuart and photographed by Peter d’Aprix. This image, from the George S. Stuart Gallery of Historical Figures® archive ( is provided for all uses with appropriate attribution. Any derivatives must be shared in the same manner. Contributor mharrsch is webmaster for the gallery site
Date 6 January 2009
Author George S. Stuart, sculptor, Peter d’Aprix, photographer
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