JK Rowling burns her character’s names into your head. ProwritingAid says pronouns should fall between 4 and 15% — and Rowling must fall at the low-end. I’m under 15% but I’m evaluating each pronoun to see if I want to make a switch. Searching for pronouns allow for random editing of other things and I consider this a good thing. My pronouns might drop  5% but I”ve caught three other mistakes and I’m a quarter way through a singular pronoun check. PrewritingAid also says pronouns should begin less than 30% of you sentences and that’ one of the stats I consider generous.

Paperrater seems tougher to please and I’m guessing that’s because it favors essays; even, though you can select “creative” in both apps  — I don’t see a change. I rarely use Paperrater, but I try to figure out what makes it happy. It took about three hours to write three paragraphs in such a way that Paperrater rated me — good, at everything. Do I feel any happier with the rewrite? No, I can’t say I see an improvement. It is different, though. Paperrater’s tells you what word it doesn’t line, but doesn’t why. I mix up my sentence structure be the app want more variety in my simple sentences. I can pass either test, but the app often fails me on one or the other,

James Joyce was the only writer who passed Paperrater’s phrasing test with a random sample. Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, and Agatha Christie failed.


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