I focus one word at a time. At present, I’m focusing on transition words. Apps such as Paperrater are learning tools for me, I’m not expecting to pass every test these apps perform, but I want to understand what causes the failure. Paperrater show me how often I place my transition phrases at the end of the sentence; the app failed me for my sentence structure. The Paperrater app prefers a diverse sentence structure and favors a transitional phrase at the beginning of the sentence; so now, I search for particular transition words (i.e. tomorrow, after, and soon) then I rewrite the sentence. The app may fail me if I switch around too many, so I let some go.

My methods bore me, but they may improve my novel incrementally. This type of editing sends me to a random place; which, keeps me more alert because I can’t skim. I’m not done evaluating my pronouns, but that’s a long process, so I stopped after I hit the halfway mark to add a bit of variety to my editing process.


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