This is an allusion tracker for my yet to be released book.

A bout = chapter in a boxing match with my readers, during the course of my book.
A bout = bunches of punches to the head
A bout often has two dazed opponents, who wonder why they are here.
A bout must hold one person who wonders why they spell they as, “they.”
A bout to explain allusions in my book = most posts
A bout between fools, began before you and I got begot, began this foolish game of life.
Do you dare enter a bout with me in a ring, where I am lord of all fools?

Do you dare Embrace the Freak?

A bout where I fight to give good blurb = Blurbs.

I hope to use this blog as an allusion bank; which, feeds hyperlinks that come direct from my book. The Category menu has some sense of order. I’m still figuring things out.

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