The Mother of Hurricanes

Guabancex (also known as Gua Ban Ceh) is the mother of Juracán(the personification of a hurricane) from which hurricanes get their name; this comes from Taino mythology. Guabancex was a daughter or a manifestation of Atabey, the fertility goddess

I likely descend from Timucuans, as does my main character, but Timucuan mythology is generally lost, so I may borrow from the Taino. My third novel may have the main character descended from a priestess and the goddess maybe called Abowo, a version of Atabey and the mother of hurricanes.

Atabey’s symbology is much like Heqet, the Egyptian fertility goddess who is symbolized as a frog. Heqet is a goddess of midwives, as is the Greek goddess, Baubo–who is my goddess of most interest. Heqet is considered the source of the Greek goddess, Hecate, who also links to Baubo. My fictional goddess will probably be triple formed like Hecate, but likely a triple headed totem pole. Baubo wore a face on her belly which is like a totem pole. I should divide my fictional  goddess into three manifestations; thus three names. Bowoa and Woboa may be the other names of Abowo, an each will govern a portion of a year. Abowo would represent–before hurricane  season, Bowoa would represent–during hurricane season, and Woboa would be after.

This post describes how I created a mother of hurricanes for my third novel, who also acts as fertility goddess. The third book will probably have my main character, doodling visions of her dream–the totem pole. A v-shaped face on top would represent Abowo(Atabey) and the fertility season, starting on Valentine’s Day, which I chose because my family of Native American farmers chose that day to plant, and the Romans celebrated the Lupercus, a wolfen fertility deity, in mid-February. The middle figure, on the fictional totem pole, is the round-faced mother of hurricanes and of course would represent hurricane season. The third face would be rectangular and represent the reaping season.

In creation my fictional mythology, I will mix Taino with what little is known about Timucuan mythology. The French Huguenot, Jacques LeMoyne, states the Florida natives used stag antlers in their celebration of the sun.

A hurricane deity was likely worshiped, by my ancestors, and birdman from the Southern Death Cult was likely worshiped. These two deities would be lovers. The Native American birdman is equivalent to Egypt’s Ra and Horus because all are sun deities represented by falcons. Owls will represent my mother of hurricanes because the Hontoon owl totem is one of the best artifacts recovered. I’m ignoring the fact that the owl totem was Mayacan rather than Timucuan because equating the mother of hurricanes to the owl symbolized Hecate is convenient. So a frog and an owl can represent two faces on the totem pole and I need another creature to symbolize the goddess;  which, leads me to a panther. Egypt’s cat deities, Bastet and Sekhmet. Bastet is wed to Ra and Sekhmet is married to Ptah, a dwarf god. If you study my blog–dwarfs and I link Ptah to the Cabeiri and the Karpoi.

Mythology is confusing, so the mother of hurricanes is Guabancex who is considered a manifestation of Atabey. Baubo can also be called a manifestation of Hecate. With great difficulty, I add my fictional mythology and I hope I write this in a understandable manner because I will need this post to keep track of my thinking.


Baubo, The Trickstarian Portal Goddess

Baubo, first and foremost, represents a portal into this world–the vulva. Portal are aspects of trickster deities, the rabbit is a mythological trickster due to the rabbit hole–the portal into another world; such as the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. In Greek mythology, Baubo jests with Demeter by pulling Iacchus through the portal, hidden underneath her skirt. The humor associated with tricksters doesn’t distinguish a deity as a deity–the portal is what makes a trickster a trickster. The Coyote’s den makes the coyote a Native American trickster deity. Fox’s, another type of trickster, use a foxhole to escape. In mythology of the Americas, ravens and crows transverse through metaphysical worlds; thereby, marking these birds as tricksters.

All tricksters have a liminal (boundary crossing) aspect. Baubo is the goddess of mirth, but mirth doesn’t make the trickster–the proverbial rabbit hole does the true trick.

Horseback in the US Cavalry

I use my ancestors as a history lesson of Florida history and beyond. My novels use a genetic memory drug to convey this history lesson and my third novel may use my dad’s uncle–he rode for the US Cavalry. Uncle Babe was my grandfather figure from my dad’s side of the family because my actual grandfather died the week he was born an Uncle Babe even lived much longer with my grandma than my granddad did.

When you create a fictional character, you should generate a background profile and many, if not most authors, use real people as the pattern from which they shape. I doubt my next novel will dig into the Cavalry experiences of my dad’s uncle, but the use to create a fictional background–is possible.

I have 4 photos from Uncle Babe’s time in the Cavalry and the image above was captured by my phone’s camera. Hopefully, I will have these photos digitally preserved by something other than phone, but the above image will have to suffices for now.

My uncle was stationed in Marfa, Texas and the Cavalry patrolled the trail which went up to Wyoming, during the 1920’s. After the Cavalry was depopulated, my uncle transferred into the Marines, from which he retired.

Composed in A Florida Orange Grove

Frederick Delius came to Florida to manage an Orange grove and left as an inspired composer. The English composer found inspiration from the African-American singers of spirituals. A character in  novel is the fictional descendent of Delius  A rumor that he had s child with a Black woman inspired my choice. My novel mixes myth , history, and trivia so most of my characters have  fictionally descend from real people.

The following list of his works, interest me,  but others can be found at

  • 1887: Florida Suite
  • 1890–92: (Opera) Irmelin
  • 1893–95: (Opera) The Magic Fountain
  • 1895–97: (Opera) Koanga
  • 1903: Appalachia: Variations on a Slave Song

Digresives–Unwelcome in Timucuan Territory


Many who call themselves Progressives are truly digressive holier than thou elitists. Brie Larsen took the role Marvel’s Captain Marvel when she could have declined and promoted the use of another ethnicity. She now wants to limit the number of White males who cover the upcoming movie; even, though I’m certain White males have been the predominantly paying audience for comic book films in the US. Most people would see me as a White male but my Native American heritage makes me the true native of Florida–the Seminoles helped wipe out my family’s tribe.

Jerry Seinfeld is famously observant and has noted how people who scream for tolerance are famously intolerant. If White males are to be rationed out– then a high powered White man of Jewish persuasion would limit the opportunities in my natural homeland. I like and respect Jerry Seinfeld, but I’m sure a keen observer such he would not be in favor of being rationed out any more than I do.

If you want a list of who I consider a Digressive– Chis Mathews the long time media  commentator for NBC would serve well as poster boy. A war-club to head would be to swift of death for a elitist worm like Mathews, but it was the ceremonial weapon of my ancestors and therefore should be considered if happenstance placed me anywhere near his. No, I’m not going to chase him; I just doubt I could contain my rage if I every had to listen in person to his hypocritical ass.

I don’t hate other ethnicity on principle but I’s sick of the hate directed at me as a true native of this land.

Liberal Hate

Liberals don’t appear to realize how hateful they are. I’m a registered Independent and I’m not very fond of Republicans, either. My family have the oldest roots set in Florida, the Seminole tribe of America is just another invader to Florida and we’ve seen invasion after invasion. Liberals poke hate and stereotype my family as Southerners, but take note my Native American ancestors were Southern because they were Floridians and I’ve got people coming from other  countries hating on me. A-holes of NBC I want  to lay the war-hammer down you because you throw hate at me  so I hunger to throw. Get off Timucuan territory or behave. Something of TV sent me to vent.

Alienated In My Ancestral Land

If you come from somewhere’s else you naturally should feel alienated, but someone as native to Florida as I am–shouldn’t be the one who feels alienated. The Seminoles are not native–I most likely am and the only reason I’m not one hundred percent sure is because there is a chance I descend from the Yamasee rather than the Timucua, both tribes were In the Spanish Mission system so either tribe or another such  tribe cold have spawned my ancestors Spanish name. I’ve considered making a biography–titled Alienated in my Ancestral Land, but I’m not sure if I’m long-winded enough to fill a full book.

Hispanic Heritage in Mainland US Begins With My Family

So it’s both sad and family that Hispanics have been racist toward me because I generally look like your average White guy. Some of those Spanish named places in St. Augustine come from my family. I’m not just part Spanish–I’m part Spanish Injian and the Seminoles are American Injian-there’s a difference like there is a a reason I prefer to spell  Indian as Injian–technically Indians are from India and the terms Native American or Amerindian doesn’t not the early tribes in Florida were linked with the Spanish not what we term as American.

The Mission At Alligator Vilage

Lake City (Florida) was a Seminole village  named Alpata Telophka which translate to Alligator Town an before that–a Timucuan village and one of the locations for a Spanish Mission operated when the Spanish ruled Florida. My Native American ancestor with a Spanish name lived in Alligator Town with one of the Osteen brothers. The Spanish name and her presence in Alligator Town makes it likely she was a product of the Spanish Missionary system and either a Timucuan or Yamasee because both tribes could be found in these Missions. Many Timucuans rebelled against the Spanish in 1656 and the Spanish Mission fully system collapsed in 1704. In all likelihood, descendants of my grandparents can claim ties to the Spanish and the Timucuans of this particular time period because my Spanish ancestors were documented as being here and  Spanish Injian (my preferred spelling) ancestor projects to being here even though the natives lost their contact to documentarians, as the Mission system fell apart. My novels were inspired by the fact my ancestors fell on opposite sides of enemy lines–many times; such as, Spanish Catholic and French Huguenot and this conflict between the Spanish and the Spanish Injians.

The World’s Oldest Hate Groups

I’ve always see a catch-22 in the worship of false gods and this is the reason I generally get past the ‘I don’t know stage’ of religious belief and forever trapped in the purgatory of an agnostic soul.  Pedophilia in the Catholic Church has made the news again and will continue to do so because of the bureaucratic style of governance deployed by that particular faction of religion. Protestants groups who branched off the Presbyterian movement (in 16th century Scotland) vote for their leaders and don’t have a large bureaucratic layer in which to protect loathsome pedophiles in such the way the Catholic Church does. Yes, pedophiles can be found in Protestant churches but system doesn’t off great ability to cover-up such actions. Religions are the oldest hate groups so I find it fair to throw a bit of hate back on certain issues

I without a doubt throw hate at the Catholic Church, but I attack their management style not their theistic belief. The Catholic Church is a hate group which never would have offered the  Protestants gave when establishing American rights. I’ve also come to hate White-elitist Liberal Jews because they are awfully ‘anti’ to Protestants. Israel is a Jewish state, but the Protestants never dip past the deist level when crafting America—yeah, they put in that ‘in God we trust ‘ line, but they didn’t force Christ down people’s throats so those of Jewish or Muslim belief can feel just as comfortable in saying, ‘in God we trust’. Jews in the America’s entertainment industry love to make up antisemitic characters but anti-Semites in America are an extreme minority Jews show a lot of anti-Protestant views but Protestants don’t reciprocate. The International fellowship of Christians and Jews run a barrage commercials asking Christians to help Jews in the Ukraine and Israel–would they be doing that in an antisemitic country? No; thus the antisemitic stereotyping is the true hate-speech and that comes from those White-elitist Liberal Jews in Hollywood. My Protestant relatives on my dad’s side of the family are not hateful of anybody and don’t deserve the stereotyping which often come with being Southern. My mom’s side of the family is more  complicated and the mixed race family in Peter Matthiessen’s trilogy which begins with Killing Mr. Watson is a must read, in understanding their attitudes.

The two large sects of Judaism were the hate groups to Jesus’s sect, the Essene’s  (I did a post–The Jewish Sect of Jesus) Christians led by the Catholic Church flipped the tables an went back at Judaism Protestants tried a more moderate approach, but they in turn are often attacked in the country they but and none serve on the fully Jewish-Catholic Supreme Court. and only the un-Protestant Episcopalians have serve in recent years. My novels revolve around the warring factions in my ancestry and how they came together in Florida. My blogging ability has been limited when I didn’t sign up for a new internet service after my modem died. I most likely will move in the coming year and I just settle with my cell phone limits. Yeah, I could be more active but it’s hard to be motivated when I don’t average much more than a dozen hits a day.