Who can be all for their particular race

Blacks can be all for their race, but Whites are called racist for doing the same thing. The civil unrest has little to no honest dialogue. both sides suck.

Race, in my case, is a tricky thing. I am from Florida’s most native family. Two of my great-great grandmothers had Spanish names, one was of Spanish ancestry but the other came from Native American ancestry. Does this make me Hispanic, though I’m more American than most anybody?

People have hated me on my perceived Whiteness, in my true homeland and that sucks. Liberal elitists like Seth Roget such just as bad as hardcore conservatives.

Stargirl and the excellent use of comic book lore

I had a comic with Stripesy and the Star-Spangled kid, but only found this one which mentions how the the Star Spangled Kid got the cosmic rod from Starman. The touches of lore, such as the car, impressed me. Someone should give the people who created the series a chance to produce a blockbuster film because they showed great potential.

Free to be a Bucs Fan Again

Jameis Winston came into the NFL with many flags for being an awful person and I am an avid boycotter of things I don’t like. For others, Tom Brady coming to the Bucs is the big story, but Winston leaving is the bigger story for me. Brady plays smart and Winston plays stupid, so there is another reason to follow the Bucs again.

My novels rarely use sports trivia, and my blog generally steers clear, but this latest news gives me reason to announce the end of my boycott. Winston has multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and I believe there is enough evidence to wish the worst for someone so privileged.

One other note to idiots–I was shocked to see bare shelves at Walmart and Publix. Only the elderly and people with compromised immunity have much reason to fret. The biggest danger is stupidity.

The Funniest Python Hunting Party

Pythons are an ecological menace to Florida, so let’s bring celebrities to fight the problem. Ozzy Osborne has already came and you can read about in this link –https://www.palmbeachpost.com/2017/12/21/the-prince-of-darkness-goes-on-a-python-hunt/

Celebrity-chef Gordon Ramsay regularly comes, but let’s invite a super funny group. Obviously a dwarf has to come because pythons can easily swallow Little People and there is humor in being bait. Peter Dinklage out-celebs most dwarfs, but I would choose Bridget Powers (Bridget the Midget) she’s more outrageous and she probably could use a boost. I would pair her with Carrot Top, the prop-comedienne, because he’s best suited for making the trap from which the bait sits.

The guys from ZZ Top look like swamp-pirates, so let’s grab them. Johnny Depp narrating the safari as Hunter Thompson–seems like a cool idea. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie could stage a comeback for My Simple Life because Tinkerbelle in a gator-skin bag seems apropos for such a safari. Justin Timberlake does some great comedy on Saturday Night Live, so I might ask him fora theme song. Having a wrestler along such as Hulk Hogan or The Rock might be good because pythons may be the wrestling kings. Crocodile Dundee may be a good fit, too. I’ll also add the comedienne Stephen Root to play Florida Man because he i sa Florida man.

In my next novel, I have a python hunter, so I’ve been thinking about the topic and considering other humorous stuff.

The International Cults of Isis and Serapis

Serapis is an underrated god, his cult spread across international borders. Apis, the sacred bull of Egyptians, represented Ptah powers of renewing life. At the time of a Pharaoh ‘s death a bull which symbolized Apis was sacrificed and Osiris takes ownership of Apis–this combination of Osiris and Apis was named Osorapis, the deity who the Greeks named Serapis. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, he searched for a deity in which would unite the Egyptians and and the Greeks; he failed, but his death brought about the sacrifice of the bull symbolizing Apis. Alexander’s adviser, Ptolemy I Soter, took control of Egypt and successively found a deity who could bring together Egyptians and Greeks–Serapis, who at the site of Alexandria, the locals worshiped Osorapis.

Greeks preferred gods of human form, so they favored Osiris over Apis and made the god in the image of the their Underworld deities, Hades and Pluto. Another god of more ancient roots may have played a role in the creation of Serapis because Serapsi which translates to ‘king of the deep,’ a title of Ea/Enki.

A serpent is another symbol of Serapis; which, brings to mind the Minoan culture’s worship of bulls and serpents. Healers and heralds hold serpent staffs, and Serapis is a healer; heralds travel between realms, and Serapis is a god of resurrection. Ningishzida, the Sumerian god of vegetation also wields a serpent staff, and is called the ‘the lord of the good tree, so one must wonder if this is Old Testament’s ‘tree of knowledge. Gnostics adopted Serapis, in their teachings, and one emperor caleed worshipers of Serapis–Christians. You may have heard the phrase, ‘All roads lead to Rome;’ you could also say all gods lead to Serapis. Name a god and you will often find a close link to Serapis, from the Persian Mithras to the Hindu Yama.

The two Egyptian deities links to great goddesses; Apis, the son of Hathor, and Osiris, the husband of Isis. Official recognition of Serapis by a Greek priest of the Eleusinian Mysteries and well-respected Egyptian priest let the deity’s cult thrive.

Serapis is partnered with Isis due to Osiris. Isis is much more renowned than Serapis, so she doesn’t need a write-up. Their cults were separate, but entwined. The cults even gained favor in the Roman Empire, in the Flavian era, and appeared on coins. Like Serapis, Isis links to many deities. When you think of major religions, you may not think of the cults of Isis and Serapis, but you probably should.

Analyzing Erotic-Romance

My fictional cult will dabble in erotic-romance; thus, I analyze. Erotic-Romance images are often tagged as female-friendly or softcore. On Goodreads, Erotic-Romance novels are found on the list of “Popular Smut Books.”  Most people know about the most famous example of Erotic-Romance, Fifty Shades of Grey, a BDSM themed book. Apparently, women favor, billionaires and various other alpha-males. Step-brothers are surprisingly another fave and breeding is another odd topic.

The images, above, come from a internet search of “popular-romance novels” using DuckDuckGo. Women. Feminists complain about unrealistic body images, but these book covers, aimed toward women, show high-standard images for men and women. Also of note, women write most of the novels in the Erotic-Romance genre.

I only need to sketch out scenarios of erotic romance because my fictional fertility cult makes movies in this genre. One sketch holds a great, but situational pickup line. The line demands a specific interaction between writers, so the line is unlikely to ever be used, but it is a certifiable bed-burner.

New Revenue Stream for Female Produced Porn

While watching the ‘Hot Girls Wanted” documentaries I thought up a new way for female porn-producers to generate a ton of money. Holly Randall , a pornographer and daughter of another pornographer, Suze Randall , noted the difficulty in making money in an era of abundant free porn. Female-friendly porn is often called Erotica and sets the line of acceptability. An erotica author or actress blends easily into society; whereas, those in male-targeted porn often struggle to move away from the porn industry. This line of acceptability marks where mainstream money can flow. My idea is achievable, just not by me. If a female porn-producer contacts me, we might make a deal, but my next novel is the most likely place where my idea comes to light.

My fictional fertility cult makes money in the Adult industry, so I had reason to put thought into the subject and the ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ series served as research. The stuff about cam girls was interesting, but I have no interest in cam-girls, beyond research, and would never spend money on them, no matter my wealth. There’s another thing, I noted, it sounds like Florida has surpassed California for the title of Adult Industry Capital of the US and possibly the world.

My Exclusive Photos of Halle Berry during the 1986 USO Tour

Zoom in and you can recognize her, but the hair doesn’t fit my typical imagery of Halle Berry. Miss USA/Miss Texas (Christy Fichtner) is on the left. Miss California (Kelly Parsons) is in the center. I’ve got three pics with Halle Berry. My hand tremors hinder my ability to digitize the photos with my iPhone. Both of the pageants in 1985 and 1986 were held in Florida, so they fall inline with the trivia of my novels. Neither of my first two books used this trivia, but I will consider some allusions in my third.

Techno Mystery

I have an idea for my next novel, but describing a device never built before and making it believably doable is tough. To make matter worse I need to describe how it was sabotaged and way to track down the saboteur. I’m sure I can make it believable to the average person because I know an easy way to describe it, but I would be amazed if the idea worked for real. People let you veer around from reality; for example Iron Man–he can be imagined as possible but in reality, he’s not.

People who have never tried to write a mystery probably don’t realize you come up with ways to solve it to easily or the very opposite and make the solution to unlikely. Tracking down the saboteur has two separate actions involved, the technical aspect and the person who switches out the original with a booby-trapped device. Resources to solve the case is limited. Now, how do I go about writing this mystery with such constraints? It would be interesting to hear how other authors solve such problems.

Things I’ve considered:

  1. Find who a specific part was sold to.
  2.  DNA, seems of unlikely use.
  3. Only consider local candidates as more likely. People throughout the world could make the technical changes and that leaves a large pool of prospects.

She-it by M Brace DeFreak

A classic piece of Southern Gothic literature. History and trivia twist into a humorous tale of survival. Gibsonton, Florida, the home of various circus folk, is home to a dwarf, like no other. Maenads, the madwomen of myth, exist and a guy, kidnapped by this gang of Femme Fatales, struggles to survive the tortures of his sexually deviant kidnappers.  The author dares to compare his magnum opus with Voltaire’s, Candide and James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake (though more readable). In the author’s’ first novel, Factions of a dWARf, readers discovered an eclectic group of women who form the Cabeiri cult and this follow up novel, the madcap adventures of the Cabeiri cult continue. When She-it yells embrace the freak, Kal finds he has no choice and neither do you.

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