The Seminoles are a Yamasee Mix and They Wiped Out the Spanish Tribes of Florida

The Yamasee tribe has a complicated history but they definitely wiped out the Spanish speaking tribes of Florida, under the name of Seminoles they applied some finishing touches. What initially complicates Yamasee history is they were once a Spanish speaking tribe known as the Guale. A Spanish mission in Georgia served and tormented the Guale.

Native American tribes practiced polygamy and the Catholic Church didn’t allow two wives which led to many problems but one of the first of note happed when the Guale chief wasn’t allowed a second wife so he wiped out the friars serving at the mission. Eventually the Guale tribe was split in two and the anti-Spanish faction became the Yamasee. Apparently some Guale went to Florida and joined with the Spanish speaking tribes of Florida. Ties between the factions made from the Guale may have remained and both may have been called the Yamasee but one group was very anti-Spanish and history notes the attacks on the tribes of Florida, such as the Timucua and the Ais. Wikipedia says the Yamasee wiped out the Ais but it should be noted they and the Seminoles are the reason some of the Timucua went with the Spanish to Cuba. My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name, Seminoles have English derived names to go with their tribal name, for this reason my ancestor was likely Timucuan. Without a doubt the Seminoles got their Florida lands and their casino money from violence to the Spanish speaking tribes of Florida. I’m an ex-nuke from the US Navy, does anyone think I can’t avenge my Timucuan ancestors if I do choose, and the Seminoles are definitely part Yamasee.

The Quackery of Rebirth Therapy

A scene from my novel, Factions of a dWARf, mocks rebirth therapy; in which, psychoanalysts have their patients re-experience birth. The TV series Monk had the title character remember the trauma of childbirth, for laughs. It’s difficult to to take such therapy seriously.

There is reason to begin at the beginning, though. My novels involve a genetic memory drug and it’s unpredictable what memories would come to the surface and what manner they would appear, but I began at the beginning and moved forward in time for simplicity, sake. If god exists, evolution is more credible as an origin story than Adam and Eve, so I began with the origin of life and moved forward.

Unnatural Population Explosions

For centuries, Florida has been invaded. Natural population growth allows the most people in a territory to have genes of the native population. Many in the US have Native American genes, but most do not. In Florida, it’s much less likely. My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name so I’m likely related to the Timucua or the other Spanish speaking natives, who were the true native tribes. It’s less likely that the Seminole tribe has indigenous genes, so there are few with native ancestry. If you’re not related to my family you are likely an invader.

Wikipedia says some of the Appalachee tribe still exists and they would be a tribe indigenous to Florida and have more rights to lands owned by the Seminole tribe. I’m sure my family has right to Seminole casino money, too.

The Deplorable Celebration of Obama on the Colbert Show

If Obama was Japanese he wouldn’t be showing his face, he would fall on his sword over Afghanistan. Obama decided to arm and train the Afghan military and we see how that turned out. Money which could used for building America went to the Taliban to enjoy. The news clip of Taliban soldiers at a amusement park shows what trillion s of dollars went for. A person should be hanging his head, not playing around for a TV audience less than a week after the debacle Biden made of the military exit.

Doctors are Terrorists

I developed a cataract due to taking quetiapine and I told the doctor and he still wanting to prescribe me the same stuff. Apparently he doesn’t see cataracts as a problem attained by quetiapine though I see it in the list of problems caused by quetiapine. He must want to make me completely blind, I’ve already lost one eye and surgery isn’t likely in the near future and with my luck with doctors the surgery will probably go horribly wrong.

Doctors have been a cause of direct and indirect terrorism throughout my life. The time I went in and was told my blood clot was a skin infection though I knew better provided as an example of the horrible doctors I’ve had. Of course, I had a blood clot and many more mistakes were made which could have killed me before finally getting the problem resolved. Everything about my treatment for social anxiety falls under the category of terrorism, I advise no one to seek treatment for tat condition. It’s no wonder this has become such a mess. Between doctors and politicians, what can go right?

A Legitimate Case for the Richest Lawsuit in History

We own Florida, the Seminoles are one of the richest Native American tribes in the country, but owe all their wealth to land which doesn’t belong to them. Spanish speaking tribes are the rightful heirs of Florida, which means the descendants of my Native American ancestor (who had Spanish name) own Florida, including the land which the Seminole casinos sit own. Any lawyers with guts who want to take own a landmark case should contact me through this site or by using the contact info from my novels. My tribe never signed a treaty so the size of this lawsuit is record breaking.

Being Jim, from The Office

I watched reruns of The Office which is somewhat painful because I had similar relationship with a receptionist at work. Nice guys finishing last is as real as an office romance, my advice is to be not so nice. Life isn’t as simple as TV, my dad had cancer and died during that period of flirtation.

Recently I began thinking of her again, though I’m not really into BDSM, thoughts of her have made me wonder if pleasure could be gotten from a gift of gag. In my second novel the main character has some of my pain. My first novel was actually written second has more BDSM with women in the submissive position and my painful relationship may have been subconsciously directing me.

Between social anxiety and my wounded heart may have left a few women feeling rejected by me and I’m sorry for the pain I may have caused. Complete strangers have remarked about my resemblance to Paul McCartney from the Beatles, so I guess I’m cute though I really didn’t feel very special, but girls got crazy over Paul, so a couple of girls who said they dreamed about me, may have.

My writing has come to a halt, but my unrequited love may have inspired a porn piece. If you’re curious, the death of my father sent me into a funk and the girl shut me out because I wasn’t much fun, I quit my job and haven’t left myself vulnerable to any other women.

Obama made the mess in Afghanistan

We had a lesson from the Russian failure in Afghanistan and the idiots idiots in Washington failed to make a plan which took heed from the Russian failure. Obama expanded the mission in Afghanistan and his idiocy created a money pit where we threw money which should have been used for the American people.

Killing Bin Laden was imperative, the idiot known a Junior had to den troops into Afghanistan, but an exit plan should have been drawn up. Trump and Biden were left with the problems created by the other two idiots and losing was guaranteed by the early mistakes.

I hate posting about something other than my books, so I will end this post by saying mountain gods are great and that is what we should have become. The military should have taken high ground. A sniping post on Afghanistan’s highest mountain would have bee invaluable—you idiots who planned this war in Afghanistan.

The Vicious Party Girls of Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greece version of Girls Gone Wild

Maenads follow Dionysus (Bacchus is the Roman Version) who many call the god of wine, so they certainly know how to party.

Mythology says these women tore men and other animals apart with their bare hands. Obviously this type of super strength is myth, but ancient cultures did have drugs which could cause crazy-ass strength. Viking berserkers used such a drug, so the Maenad myth may have an element of truth.

The cult in my novels are somewhat in the Maenad mold, no super strength, but dangerous mindset is all one needs to produce damage in the modern world. Sex is a tool, but members of my fictional cult take pleasure from their sexual exploits, too.

Baubo–The Musical

If you seek the goddess, take a peek

In ancient Greece, women sang obscene songs in tribute to Baubo. What songs in modern times may fit a musical? A song written from the female perspective seem most apt. Above is a Baubo figurine, and an illustration of what the figurine truly shows.

Cardi B sings “WAP.” a very dirty song sang by a female about the thing that Baubo represents. It’s an acronym for Wet ass pussy.

The song, Side to Side, by Ariana Grande and featuring American rapper Nicki Minaj is about riding so hard, a girl can’t walk straight the next day–wearing out Baubo’s sacred hole.

“My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” Khia, who wants something licked other than her neck and back.

“How Many Licks?,” Lil’ Kim, a rapper who raps a buttload about sex.

“Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl,” a1931 song by Bessie Smith uses the old hot dog euphemism.

“Flower,” by Liz Phair, if the flower isn’t pink–don’t lick it.

“Toyz,” Missy Elliott, probably not sung about in ancient Greece, but many grease them up these days.

“Sex With Me,” Rihanna, also sings about how her lady parts are as sweet as cake.