Doctors are Terrorists

I developed a cataract due to taking quetiapine and I told the doctor and he still wanting to prescribe me the same stuff. Apparently he doesn’t see cataracts as a problem attained by quetiapine though I see it in the list of problems caused by quetiapine. He must want to make me completely blind, I’ve already lost one eye and surgery isn’t likely in the near future and with my luck with doctors the surgery will probably go horribly wrong.

Doctors have been a cause of direct and indirect terrorism throughout my life. The time I went in and was told my blood clot was a skin infection though I knew better provided as an example of the horrible doctors I’ve had. Of course, I had a blood clot and many more mistakes were made which could have killed me before finally getting the problem resolved. Everything about my treatment for social anxiety falls under the category of terrorism, I advise no one to seek treatment for tat condition. It’s no wonder this has become such a mess. Between doctors and politicians, what can go right?

If you’re afraid of ghosts, be very afraid of mine

The ancestral ghosts of Florida belong to me, the Seminoles steal their bones. These ghosts have reason to fume over their land and their descendants. In my novel, the ghost of my fictional ancestor (based on a real ancestor of mine) is supposed to bring peace but doesn’t. If ghosts of Florida are real, they have reason to be angry.

Florida was a scantly populated place until the last century and now it’s overpopulated and liberals throw hate at the indigenous population which is my family. You can see one incident in my post called, Seeing Red. There have been other incidents and I’m fed up and my ancestral ghosts would be too.

Broken Tongue

Speech problems, as a child, caused social difficulties which still linger. I wish to understand the original problem, but can’t fully reconstruct the original problem. For certain, I didn’t handle the ‘s’ in words such as snake, smoke, and smile. People have laughed at my pronunciation of ‘oil’, but I suspect I just use the ‘ol’ as in ‘control’ rather than emphasizing the ‘oi.’

My mom said I was a quiet baby and was intelligible until age 5. Childhood apraxia of speech is my best guess at the original problem, but it is just a guess. The Native American side of the family seems to be the problem because my granddad and his sons failed to speak clearly, and granddad’s grandmother was Native American. I’ve always known about my grandmother’s Spanish ancestry, but I didn’t realize my Native American side had Spanish ties, until I learned my  great-great grandmother’s full name; and now I suspect she came from one of the original tribes of Florida–Seminoles are foreigners. With such an extremely unique heritage, it is nearly impossible to know whether my tribe had issues. Lookup the Timucua Language and you will see the term ‘language isoloate’ meaning it has no known connection to other languages.

The Timucua language has 14 consonants; while the English language has 24. Timucua uses fewer consonant clusters than other languages and ‘sn’ as in snake is a consonant cluster and the difference in vowel usage is even greater–the ‘oy’ as in boy, is not used in the Timucua language.  As natives, my family has always had to adapt to invaders, but there are struggles to adapt and speech may be a struggle inherent to my tribe. Tribes in northern North America have a note problem with stuttering, so my tribe may have different problem. I’ll never get answers to my questions because I’m uniquely native in a land where everyone not related to me–comes from somewhere else.

Bette Midler–Just Another White Elitist

The same week, Mariano Rivera makes the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, and speaks of his love and respect for Trump–Bette Midler says Trump must pay Blacks to be in photographs supporting him. Obviously, Rivera isn’t poor and in need of bribery; this the famed reliever must like Trump even though Rivera is a Hispanic with very brown skin. Midler doesn’t believe Blacks or Browns can make decisions with their head rather than their need for a bribe,

Trump and Rivera support Israel’s right to exist, so neither hate Jews. Midler is Jewish and considering her White/Jewish elitist behavior probably has uses WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) as a derogatory term for Protestants; even though, Protestant isn’t a religion (it’s a variously related group of religions) and though Protestants formed the foundation of the US and gave freedom of religion; which; allows Jews and other religions to be citizens. The reason Protestant favored freedom of religion is due in large part to the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre when Catholics killed non-Catholics in France–just another Holocaust.

I’ve seen White Elitist hate aimed at me (I’m part Native American and my ancestors can honestly be called the first Hispanics, in the continental US of A.) I’m more native to Florida than the average Jew in Israel is native to Israel. I understand why Jews want a haven, but a hatred toward American Protestants extremely despicable because American Protestants fought against Hitler and generally support the Jewish right to exist, something some religious countries fight against.

I would say Midler should go back to where she comes from, but she her ancestors took advantage of Protestant America’s belief in religious freedom. As one of the truest natives of Florida–I believe she should be stripped of cash to live in a poverty level lower than myself if she sets foot in my homeland. MY Native American ancestors never signed a treaty and we’ve been invaded and hated too many times.

From Conch to Launch

Native Americans  used shells for various purpose. Large shells such as whelks and conch were very popular. With 100% certainty, my Injun ancestor used these shells and would have used these shells for centuries more, if not for my Spanish and other European ancestors. Floridian and other Southeastern cultures lack much access to metals add it’s impossible to advance to the Bronze/Iron age without the availability of metal. Advancement comes from need and my ancestors had abundant seafood and hunting game, so they were highly content. The used fire to shape their  canoes and had materials to cover their basic needs, but my European bloodline rocketed Florida into the Space Age.

A main character in my third book will be a poet and, ‘From Conch to Launch’ will be the name of his poem. I love allusions and allusions turn poems into puzzles and the puzzle in this poem will hold the secret to a genetic memory drug. My Injun ancestors measured their age by lunar cycles, so a genetic memory drug would multiply the number of moons seen; thus, the Fountain of Youth may have come from mistranslation of Fountain of Many Moons. The fertility cult in novel wants to improve their genetic memory drug, so they want the secret recipe hidden inside the poem.

Documents show my Spanish ancestors were in Florida before the Pilgrims reach Plymouth Rock, and my Native American ancestors are likely the most Floridian of all; thus, I gave characters in my novels an ancestry which matches my own. ‘From Conch to Launch’ inspired my novels; though, I hadn’t came up with the phrase, yet. Two years ago, I coined the phrase, and more recently came up with the poem part. Most likely, I will write individual lines; rather than, compose a complete poem; which may be too daunting of a task. Individual lines will work for the novel because the cult will be examining individual lines. Creating the poem’s puzzle will be challenging, but hopefully it will be interesting.

Horseback in the US Cavalry

I use my ancestors as a history lesson of Florida history and beyond. My novels use a genetic memory drug to convey this history lesson and my third novel may use my dad’s uncle–he rode for the US Cavalry. Uncle Babe was my grandfather figure from my dad’s side of the family because my actual grandfather died the week he was born an Uncle Babe even lived much longer with my grandma than my granddad did.

When you create a fictional character, you should generate a background profile and many, if not most authors, use real people as the pattern from which they shape. I doubt my next novel will dig into the Cavalry experiences of my dad’s uncle, but the use to create a fictional background–is possible.

I have 4 photos from Uncle Babe’s time in the Cavalry and the image above was captured by my phone’s camera. Hopefully, I will have these photos digitally preserved by something other than phone, but the above image will have to suffices for now.

My uncle was stationed in Marfa, Texas and the Cavalry patrolled the trail which went up to Wyoming, during the 1920’s. After the Cavalry was depopulated, my uncle transferred into the Marines, from which he retired.

Where Freaks Have All The Fun

I decided to publish the novel. This is the new blurb:

Blurb: In 1565, the dwarf singer who came to Florida with Pedro Menendez and his conquistadors sired a daughter with a Native American witchy-woman. Four centuries later, ancestral ghosts unleashed by a genetic memory drug possess Alice, a dwarf member of a fertility cult. The ghosts wreak havoc on Alice’s personality, but the ghosts also help Al machine gun her way through rival cult factions and succeed her mother as the cult leader. You might be surprised by what genes a dwarf has, but you can’t be more surprised than the ghost of Commodus, the Emperor/Gladiator, or more bewildered than Tycho Brahe, the eccentric astronomer. The prostitute from the old Rollestown colony might consider the situation easy on the knees, but she doesn’t arrive until the third book of the series.

Amazon’s category selection came out different from what I expected and the keywords were difficult to choose, but the ebook is for sale. I added the following bio to Author Central:

Battles within ancestral factions inspired the original story. The author’s Spanish and Native American ancestors predate the introduction of the Seminole tribe; and the massacre at Matanzas involved a third branch of the family–the French Huguenots. An African-American woman also married into the family, so four rival factions play a role in this quirky family saga. Gibsonton (Florida) served as home to many carnivals and circus performers; thus, the hoochie-coochie girls and freaks filled the cast of characters–the author comes from a nearby community. This Navy veteran suffers from social anxiety and prefers anonymity; thus, the pen name.

The paperback section isn’t finished. Last minute changes to the blurb took up a bunch of time because I embedded keywords inside the description. I just hope I didn’t make too many mistakes.

In the Land of From Somewheres Else

Florida is ‘The  Land of From Somewheres Else because people keep invading my native land and not even the Seminoles can call this their native land because the most native Native Americans were allied with the Spanish. My Native American ancestor’s Spanish name hints she comes from a truly native tribe such as the Timucuans. Every time I go to the store, I’m surrounded by obvious invaders from another land, but I doubt any of them feels more alienated.