She-it by M Brace DeFreak

A classic piece of Southern Gothic literature. History and trivia twist into a humorous tale of survival. Gibsonton, Florida, the home of various circus folk, is home to a dwarf, like no other. Maenads, the madwomen of myth, exist and a guy, kidnapped by this gang of Femme Fatales, struggles to survive the tortures of his sexually deviant kidnappers.  The author dares to compare his magnum opus with Voltaire’s, Candide and James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake (though more readable). In the author’s’ first novel, Factions of a dWARf, readers discovered an eclectic group of women who form the Cabeiri cult and this follow up novel, the madcap adventures of the Cabeiri cult continue. When She-it yells embrace the freak, Kal finds he has no choice and neither do you.

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The First Guitar in the US

St. Augustine holds the moniker of ‘America’s Oldest City,’ but this statement lacks the specifics to make for actual truth. Pensacola was settled by the Spanish before Menendez founded St. Augustine and Fort Caroline in Duval County was settled by French Huguenots before St. Augustine and Puerto Rico’s status as an US territory muddles things up further. My Native American ancestors obviously came way before The Europeans, so St. Augustine is just the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin in the continental United States. Saying the first guitar in the US came from St. Augustine–is technically untrue for many reasons but let’s forget the specifics and just consider Florida the home of the first American guitar.

Wikipedia says, “In Spain, Portugal, and Italy the vihuela was in common use by the late 15th through to the late 16th centuries.” The vihuela branched off from lutes and these instruments branched off into violins, guitars, and other instruments. A vihuela looks like a guitar and being the father of the guitar–they fall in the guitar family. Florida was settled in this period of time in which the instrument was popular, so St. Augustine certainly had vihuela players amongst its colonists.

Good historical movies don’t come along very often, so a film depicting the early Florida history may never happen but I can hope. The next book I publish has the recipe for interesting movie because the history can be handed out in small doses due to my use of genetic memory–a much better and more historically true version of Assassin’s Creed. My novel is comedic which differs from Assassin’s Creed, but the video game movie uses the same–genetic memory devise.

Debbie Harry, Fluffer

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, made an appearance in Fluffer. From the picture, you can surmise the fluffer refers to a gay male. My novels often feature allusions, and my blog is a method of tracking these allusions. Debbie Harry was born in Florida, and Florida is a main theme of my novels. Legally, I can use titles in my novels, and I hope I edited out non-titles.  Call Me is one title which I use; which, comes from her time with Blondie.

Harry was adopted and left the state soon after, but it seems likely her parents had a connection to Florida. My heavy use of Johnny Depp occurs because he had a solid connection to Florida and his Huguenot heritage as fits because many of the French who tried too colonize Florida came, from Dieppe, the source of Depp’s name. Knowing Harry’s heritage could have given another useful coincidence. One site says her original surname, Tremble, may be a derivative  Turnbull, and Andrew Turnbull founded New Smyrna, of British Florida is mentioned in my novel, but he’s a villain, so she probably wouldn’t be proud of the connection. The name Turnbull actually means ‘turn bull’ such as in bullfighting and bull handling, in general. I may add a Harry mention, int the Turnbull chapter, if it looks easy enough to do.

John F. Kennedy and the Scorched Earth Policy

I hate both political parties, but the White elitists in the Dem-wit party tend to grind my nerves. Kennedy the man of Camelot, authorized Agent Orange in Vietnam, a chicken-shit move. Agent Orange falls under the Scorched Earth Policy which is now banned by the Geneva Convention in 1977. President Lincoln used it on his fellow Americans in the Civil War and for some idiotic reason is considered a great President. Yes, slavery needed to end, but President Polk was probably right and technology would have ended slavery and considering the North created the ghetto by having a war, a decade longer of slavery may have been worth it. President Madison also used it in the Patriot War which affected Florida. But back to Kennedy, let’s burn Camelot because the Kennedy family doesn’t deserve the praise. The patriarch of the family, Joe Kennedy, scorched earth his daughter Rose by giving her a lobotomy. Senator Ted Kennedy, the probable murderer. William Kennedy Smith who has multiple rape accusations. John F. Kennedy makes Clinton’s sexual exploits seem tame, the mafia probably had him tied around their little fingers due to his use of prostitutes. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what came to mind.

Only a dimwit would be proud of being a Democrat, considering the Kennedy family built the modern version of the party. I’m a registered Independent, and that’s my vote in every election.

Two Scientists and a Dwarf

The above title sort of rips off ‘Two and Hall Men,’ so ‘Tycho‘ would be my alternate title. This is a guaranteed hit series with adequate casting and good writers. Tycho Brahe, an eccentric astronomer, is one of the most interesting and funny guys in history and Johannes Kepler is a famous scientist/mathematician. The two worked together for a short time, but I would fudge facts and have them working together longer. Jepp is a dwarf who lived with Tycho Brahe, in the series, he would be a conman/psychic.

Netflix, Disney, or anyone else who wants a hit series–please give me a little credit and a small amount of money for this brilliant idea. Think of the Big Bang Theory of an alternate age. Tycho Brahe even adds some action hero to the story. He lost is nose in a sword fight and had a bronze one made to cover it up. People have done his biography, but it probably could use a modern version. Brahe is one of the genetic ghosts in my novel, ‘Faction’s of a dWARf.’ A dwarf possessed by Brahe is just a funny thing to imagine.

Peter Dinklage could probably get a movie done, if he pulled some strings. The facts would need a dab of artistic licence, but there are a lot of true facts to play with.

The image comes from Wikipedia, below are the credits

Eduard Ender (1822-1883)
Tycho Brahe
Medium painting
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The two-dimensional work of art depicted in this image is in the public domain in the United States and in those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 100 years. This photograph of the work is also in the public domain in the United States (see Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp.).

From Conch to Launch

Native Americans  used shells for various purpose. Large shells such as whelks and conch were very popular. With 100% certainty, my Injun ancestor used these shells and would have used these shells for centuries more, if not for my Spanish and other European ancestors. Floridian and other Southeastern cultures lack much access to metals add it’s impossible to advance to the Bronze/Iron age without the availability of metal. Advancement comes from need and my ancestors had abundant seafood and hunting game, so they were highly content. The used fire to shape their  canoes and had materials to cover their basic needs, but my European bloodline rocketed Florida into the Space Age.

A main character in my third book will be a poet and, ‘From Conch to Launch’ will be the name of his poem. I love allusions and allusions turn poems into puzzles and the puzzle in this poem will hold the secret to a genetic memory drug. My Injun ancestors measured their age by lunar cycles, so a genetic memory drug would multiply the number of moons seen; thus, the Fountain of Youth may have come from mistranslation of Fountain of Many Moons. The fertility cult in novel wants to improve their genetic memory drug, so they want the secret recipe hidden inside the poem.

Documents show my Spanish ancestors were in Florida before the Pilgrims reach Plymouth Rock, and my Native American ancestors are likely the most Floridian of all; thus, I gave characters in my novels an ancestry which matches my own. ‘From Conch to Launch’ inspired my novels; though, I hadn’t came up with the phrase, yet. Two years ago, I coined the phrase, and more recently came up with the poem part. Most likely, I will write individual lines; rather than, compose a complete poem; which may be too daunting of a task. Individual lines will work for the novel because the cult will be examining individual lines. Creating the poem’s puzzle will be challenging, but hopefully it will be interesting.

Who is the Cacica of my Tribe?

Cacica refers to the female leader of a Timucua village, according to Father Pareja who developed a written language for the Timucua.

Cacique is term for males and I most likely am one; since I’m most likely member of the tribe, in my village. Children of my great-great grandmother are the only ones eligible. My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name which hints, she spawned from the Spanish mission system which operated in Florida. I can’t say for sure which tribe, but the Timucua seems the most likely and the Apalachee come in second.

In 1824, only three men and their families lived in the abandoned village; the Osteen brothers and old man Edwards. My ancestor’s surname was Osteen, but her Spanish given names were names a Spanish Indian or a Black woman would likely have and family features rule favor Injuns. Seminoles such as Billy Powell (Osceola) American sounding names. The Osteen name came from one of the two brothers because she was a daughter or the name was adopted for some unknown reason. Only her the Spanish, in her given names offers proof of tribe. Granddad hated his grandmother and her ancestry due to claims of abuse. If he was Seminole, he would likely know it, but there is reason why he didn’t know which Spanish Indian tribe–the Seminoles wiped them out.

Experts say my tribe is extinct, but I believe my great-great grandmother and her decedents make up the tribe; thus, she would have inherited the title of Cacica. When she died, one of her children would have taken the leadership role. My great grandfather would have been eligible, but I doubt she him due to his drinking problem and the fact he dumped kids on her after his wife died. Who takes the title is in question because I haven’t tracked down my more distant family; I only know where my aunts, uncles, and my first cousins live. Timucua leadership passed down by the maternal and in honor of my great-great grandma, women should keep the role.

Hernando De Soto ran into a cacica, if I remember correctly and Wikipedia names another, in the quote below which notes the numbers baptized:

Pareja achieved some success with the Saturiwa; in 1602 he had 500 Christians within his custodio.[5] Nearly that number were confirmed during a visit in 1606 by Bishop Altamirano, including Cacica Maria and five of her subordinate caciques from the area.[6]

The quote and other info can be found at this link

Injuns or Injians or Amerindian?

Injuns was deemed offensive because it made fun of Native American pronunciation of ‘Indian,’ but Native Americans didn’t confuse themselves with Indians of India, so I suggest we use Injuns and just forgive the foul-ups. The Spanish Injuns of Florida differ from Native Americans of the US and ‘Spanish Native Americans of Florida’ is cumbersome.

I suggested we use the Injian with a ‘j’ in a prior post due to the derogatory nature of the corrupted spelling and pronunciation. My Native American ancestor came from Florida and had a Spanish name which  indicates she spawned the Spanish  Missionary system which operated in an earlier era of Florida. My grandfather and a younger version of me had speech  problems, so Injuns was our likely  pronunciation. I believe probably indicates my grandfather’s grandmother came from the Timucua tribe; which, the Seminoles helped wipe out. Great-great grandma could have been the last of Timucuans and thereby the chieftess of the tribe consisting of her descendants.

Seminoles had American names; Osceola was Billy Powell; thus illustrating why I prefer using Spanish Injuns for members of tribes in Spanish Florida. Search-engine coders could create the shift to Injuns and I implore them to–on behalf of my people.

Low Chaparral

The High Chaparral was TV series; in which, the White American married into a Spanish-American family, but few know Florida held a similar but gender reversed family–my family. Leif Erickson‘s character married the Hispanic beauty played by Linda Cristal.In my family a Hispanic male married a Southern belle. Native American problems occurred in the TV series and in real life and in my family’s case married into a Native American family. Florida is lowlands; hence, I named this post Low Chaparral. My ancestor is listed in the first chapter of books pertaining to cattleman history, in Florida and the US, in general.

St. Augustine is the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement within the borders of the continental United States and thus, the first with cattle and horses. I can’t help but wonder how many horses come from a bloodline which my family owned; probably a whole lot; the same can be said about Cracker cattle. My family single single-handedly kept the colony fed, at times of scarcity.

The actor, Leif Erickson, lived in Florida and died here. I may allude to him in my third novel, id I find a chance.

Composed in A Florida Orange Grove

Frederick Delius came to Florida to manage an Orange grove and left as an inspired composer. The English composer found inspiration from the African-American singers of spirituals. A character in  novel is the fictional descendent of Delius  A rumor that he had s child with a Black woman inspired my choice. My novel mixes myth , history, and trivia so most of my characters have  fictionally descend from real people.

The following list of his works, interest me,  but others can be found at

  • 1887: Florida Suite
  • 1890–92: (Opera) Irmelin
  • 1893–95: (Opera) The Magic Fountain
  • 1895–97: (Opera) Koanga
  • 1903: Appalachia: Variations on a Slave Song