A script idea for Peter Dinklage and Johnny Depp

Peter Dinklage would play a modern-day author and Johnny Depp would play a Huguenot ghost who recites his escape from the massacre at Matanzas and other perils. Dinklage would play another role–another ghost. A dwarf singer came with Pedro Menendez and this ghost will tell his own tale.

In my novel, Factions of a dWARf, a female dwarf is possessed due to a genetic memory drug. My third novel may use a dwarf author who recounts the stories of his ghosts. One element of my ideas is that the ghost of a normal sized man would be quite uncomfortable is a dwarf’s body. In the movie, The Train Agent, Dinklage played a character who was uncomfortable as a dwarf and the role I offer is similar. If the actors are interested in a movie based on real events, in the history of Florida, actors should give thought to my idea.


Thanksgiving in Spanish Florida?

St. Augustine, Florida, is the oldest US city and the oldest military outpost in the continental US (Puerto Rico is a US territory and was colonized earlier). In 1565, Pedro Menendez made friends with some tribes in Florida and the colony could have had feasts which included natives, but should a feast at a military outpost count as the first Thanksgiving. Technically, the French Huguenots were the first to make friends with the natives, but the colony was often at the point of starvation, so the act of feast is within doubt. The Spanish had committed many atrocities before any act of peace was broached, so you should consider that before giving Spanish Florida credit for establishing the first Thanksgiving. Read how the Spanish wiped out the Taino in Peurto Rico and ask whether even that territory deserves that award.

My Spanish family was here in Florida, before the Pilgrims, so the only thing that’s for sure is that Thanksgiving belongs to my family, in either case. I also have Huguenot ancestry, but I can’t truly claim one of those ancestors came to Florida, but there’s a slight chance. I also have Jamestown ancestors, so I’ve got that thanksgiving covered, too. I also have Native American ancestry, I’m doubly covered. Catholics seem to want a piece of Thanksgiving and want to claim Miles Standish, but I doubt he died Catholic and I’ sure he didn’t get a Catholic Last Rites. Reason for yourself whether Spanish Florida owns the first Thanksgiving, but a military outpost doesn’t get my vote. The Pilgrims consisted of families and Standish was the only soldier–and Thanksgiving is about families so I favour the Pilgrims; though, I had family in Spanish Florida, too.

The Spanish Injians of Florida

Seminoles are not native to Florida–I am, because my Native American ancestor most certainly comes from a Spanish-Injian tribe. Yes, I misspell, Indian, because Indians technically come from India and there is some annoyance that the American Indian have to go by the cumbersome title of Native American; though, Amerindian is that term often used. Personally, Injian, Indian, or Injun would be fine by me. The fact that I come from a rarer Native American tribe–mandates I note the Spanish affiliation. Osceola went by the Nane of Billy Powell–an American name; while mine is obviously Spanish. The Seminoles hated the Spanish, at the time of their introduction into Florida history. The Seminole Chief, Cowkeeper, sent his sons to kill my Spanish ancestors, but my ancestors were so cool–the sons refused to do it. My Native American ancestor’s tribe had no such luck, the Seminoles wiped out the tribes most native to Florida, my bloodline survived, but as far as I know–my family represents the oldest and truest tribe–a Spanish Injian tribe, such as the Timucuan. I could be Ais, Apalachee, or another tribe–but Timucuan tribe is the most likely. My grandad hated his Native American grandmother because she supposedly mistreated him and his siblings, so much history was lost. My great-granddad was a stereotypical drunken half-breed who died before I got a chance to learn more.

The engravings (such as the one above) based on Jacques le Moyne‘s drawings represents my family album. It is both sad and funny how I’m discriminated against in my own land. Send hate mails to Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor–people who most definitely discriminate. Until reparations are made, the Obama’s and Sotomayor are not allowed in Timucuan territory  My tribe never signed a peace treaty with the US. Amy trespass into Territory will be considered an act of war. The bone-stealing Seminoles who invaded my land and killed my Spanish Injian kin–receive casino money which rightfully belongs the true natives of Florida.

Flat Earth and Hateful Pilgrims

People preach stupidity. Look out upon an open sea or any large body of water you can see the curvature of the earth. The moon and sun are round, so the earth being round should not be a surprise. Why would anyone want to sustain the ruse of space travel and pictures from space? Idiots–the earth is round! Pilgrim bashing is another bobby of the stupid. I heard a commercial this morning–which offers a Pilgrim bashing segment. Yes, the Pilgrims dug up some hills/graves where natives buried corn, but they probably would have starved if they didn’t Would you dig up food or let your family starve–the Pilgrims consisted of families. I apparently descend from the Pilgrims’ true leader, John Robinson who scolded Miles Standish about quarreling with the natives.

I also descend from Spaniards who colonized St. Augustine before Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. My Spaniard ancestor pirated food to help the colony survive. There’s not much reason for me to be biased between bloodlines– the facts show my Pilgrim ancestors were less hostile–they were family oriented. The riches in other lands made Florida a less advantageous assignment for Spaniards and I doubt many Spanish women came to this untamed land. Even though I descend from America’s oldest Euro-American family=the early Spaniard colonists were soldiers–Conquistadors. Pedro Menedez made peace with some native tribes, but the French Huguenots were the first to find friends among the natives, early Spanish explorations only made enemies. Claiming my Spanish ancestors took part in the first Thanksgiving–seems a stretch but If a Spaniard did–it was my Spanish ancestors. I don’t believe people should kill people over religion and Catholics did a lot of that type killing and that’s the reason why I favor my Pilgrim ancestors=they were trying to escape the persecution and had no interest in quarreling with the natives. The epidemics had ravaged the land, long before the Pilgrims landed, so you can’t even hit them hard on that point.

I descend from three colonial groups because I also descend from Jamestown colonists. Add in my Native American ancestors and likely African=American ancestors and I have all the factions need for my book series. My Native American ancestors practiced some gruesome stuff–I can’t help but favor Christianity, even though I consider myself agnostic. Protestants gave us freedom of religion–Catholics wanted to keep people in the chains of their religion.


The second novel in my series-is fully gonzo. The first novel doesn’t dig as deep into history and my third novel may go a more traditional route. If I have one of the characters in my novel–write his own novel, I can use excerpts of the fictional novel. Placing a fictional element of you, the author, into the story is one element of gonzo and is technically the most important part. If you consider Hunter Thompson as the prototypical archetype then you must consider a psychotropic element qualifies as a secondary element. My second novel has the psychotropic aspect but I’m not sure the third novel will use such a style. Hunter began his career in Florida, so he fits my local theme. I’ve considered giving him a fictional illegitimate child and using this character a role in my third novel and if I let this character share the main character role–I may continue with the loopier style.

Historically covering the dwarf who came with Pedro Menendez–may be the way I go.

The Siamese Slaveholders

Chang and Eng Bunker don’t look like the plantation owners you see on TV and in the movies, but look it up–they ran a plantation. The twins married sisters and had twenty-two (possibly twenty-three) children between them. Alex Sink, former Chief Financial Officer of Florida, descends from Chang. So a pair of Thais join the ranks of slaveholders. I’ve already mentioned the wealthy African-American who owned many slaves an didn’t give freedom to her saves in her will. Of course, most Hispanics/Latinos descend from slaveholders. If a Southerner takes offense at the Elitist hate in the world–you may see why.

If I get motivated to work on my third novel–I’ll probably allude to the twins and their great-granddaughter.

The Underestimated Injun King

Alexander McGillivray (Hoboi-Hili-Miko; which, translates to Good Child King) was much more significant than other Native American leaders. American history-he unified the Creeks and his partnership with England thwarted Americans expansion. After his death, the Creeks split and battled each other.

My novels deal with rival factions and placing his bloodline into my story–remains a possibility. He may not look very Native American, but like me, he is.

Unwelcome in Timucuan Territory

Bigots and elitists are unwelcome in Timucuan territory. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the president who nominated her are two such individuals and the Secret Service best keep them out==my Spanish Injun tribe never signed a peace treaty and I’ve been unwelcomed in my native land, so consider an act of war for these elitist bigots to set foot in my ancestral land. I’m as native to Florida as a Peurto Rican is to Puerto Rico–so death to the elitist bigotry of Sotomayor and Obama.

Meet Hontoon

I call the owl totem, found on Hontoon Island, Hontoon. This image will look different than other images, you might find, because I enhance the grain and made him more symmetrical. Odds are my third book will dip into my Native American past and this seems a likely mention because Hontoon stands out from other artifacts. Odds are it means an owl clan inhabited the island, but it may have been used to scare off other tribes. Owls typically symbolize death in Native American mythology.