Little Keg of Dynamite

The pornstar most commonly called ‘Bridget the Midget’ was recently arrested for stabbing her boyfriend with a butter knife and a handful of other charges. A dwarf can wield much more dangerous of weapons and can do great harm, but a butter knife wouldn’t be a very dangerous weapon in her hands. She should have lesser charges drawn against her. Cheryl Murphy (her real name) seems brash in her interviews and a strong emotional response isn’t surprising. She was obviously still emotionally attached to the guy, though the guy might have moved on. This type of domestic disturbance happens often and the charges should be of similar nature, but realizing this wasn’t a deadly attack.

I write about a dangerously psychotic dwarf and people shouldn’t laugh about how dangerous a dwarf can be. A sharp knife or a gun can still be used to dangerous effect.

Digresives–Unwelcome in Timucuan Territory


Many who call themselves Progressives are truly digressive holier than thou elitists. Brie Larsen took the role Marvel’s Captain Marvel when she could have declined and promoted the use of another ethnicity. She now wants to limit the number of White males who cover the upcoming movie; even, though I’m certain White males have been the predominantly paying audience for comic book films in the US. Most people would see me as a White male but my Native American heritage makes me the true native of Florida–the Seminoles helped wipe out my family’s tribe.

Jerry Seinfeld is famously observant and has noted how people who scream for tolerance are famously intolerant. If White males are to be rationed out– then a high powered White man of Jewish persuasion would limit the opportunities in my natural homeland. I like and respect Jerry Seinfeld, but I’m sure a keen observer such he would not be in favor of being rationed out any more than I do.

If you want a list of who I consider a Digressive– Chis Mathews the long time media  commentator for NBC would serve well as poster boy. A war-club to head would be to swift of death for a elitist worm like Mathews, but it was the ceremonial weapon of my ancestors and therefore should be considered if happenstance placed me anywhere near his. No, I’m not going to chase him; I just doubt I could contain my rage if I every had to listen in person to his hypocritical ass.

I don’t hate other ethnicity on principle but I’s sick of the hate directed at me as a true native of this land.

Medical Schools–The Cheatingest Place On Earth

Who cares whether, ‘cheatingest,’ is a proper word–doctors more often hurt; rather than help, in my experience. I kill doctors in my novels as catharsis, If everyone performed with the competent dedication of most doctors–ridges would fall down–whups, I guess some other professions caught the whoopsies; WOW! spellcheck caught me misspelling whoopsies and that’s why computers need to replace most doctors. I didn’t realize, ‘whoopsies’, was an official word, but isn’t cool that it is.

Sorry for the rant, I don’t have anywhere else to place my anger.


Amy Boggs (former literary agent at the Donald Maas Literary Agency) is now ragging on a white author Keira Drake)–this is a woman who had a prestigious job which should have belonged to another ethnicity. If an agency markets books to non-Whites then other ethnicities should represent that marketing segment. My email got Boggs dismissed and has led to Kiana Nguyen becoming a member of the Donald Maas Agency. They may have reformed from their All White Liberal days when they hired Michael Curry (he doesn’t have a portrait) In the literary world, men have become the minority, this is one of the few agencies with a near 50-50 split.  Back to the point, Amy Boggs is the very portrait of a White Elitist who snubs other Whites for being racist. Amy Boggs apparently hasn’t written a book. It’s tough. I doubt Drake intentionally strayed from political correctness, but no real harm was done because the author based her Fantasy novel, on an aspect of real history. While Amy Boggs took the money and prestige from a member of another ethnic group. You can read Keira Drakes novel, The Continent, and see if she did anything too awfully wrong.

I still keep tabs on the thoroughly awful Amy Boggs

The Shotgun Shell For Doctors

Quack-shot is a type of bird-shot to shoot a lousy unethical doctor; which, is most Military and Veteran’s Administration doctors. Medical schools must be rife with cheating students; it is the only way to explain that 9 out of 10 doctors should be shot with quack-shot. My third novel will probably be filled with bodies. Doctors rank in the telemarketer circle of Dante’s Inferno.

The Popularity Of Hitting That Thing

Does a provocative dress provoke thoughts? Yes, and you see the linguistic relationship between the words (provoke and provocative). My title refers to Ariana Grande‘s offense to a guy saying he would like to “hit that”. Grande wears lingerie onstage and sings the song, “Love Me Harder”, so she obviously conforms to standards of sexual objectification and had little reason to be overly upset by a guy saying something “he would hit that” and the funny thing is–the statement is truthful. Sexy implies sex and I’m certain the guy was honest and Grande obviously sings songs; which, endorses such sexual lexicons.

The group, The Offspring Lyrics, sings the song, “Hit That” and such songs pass regularly through Pop music–Grande’s industry. I should write a song about how Grande’s tight g-string causes brain damage–she’s got her head up her ass if she doesn’t understand the hypocrisy in her outrage about such a phrase as, wanting to hit that” She plays the game–accept the rules

I came back to this topic because; The Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik and fashion designer, Donna Karan brought up the subject of provocative dress. Guys will make mistakes in etiquette, but there are limits to how much a woman should take. Grande should have brushed off the “hit that” comment, but Weinstein’s actions go too far (if true), but Hollywood is ripe with enablers; they let Bill Cosby get away with stuff, way too long.

Another story involves a Pussycat Doll (Kaya Jones) claiming the group was part of a prostitution ring. She had to know she pimped herself; the prostitution claim needs validation from other members. If true the founder would exemplify the type of members in my fictional cult. My novel brings an ancient fertility cult into the modern world.


Edith Bunker the wise fool

We have too many Bunker-heads and Meatheads, if you’ve seen the TV series, All In The Family, you understand the reference. The extremism in society presses the people, in the middle. I finally had a day without depression that allowed me to send out queries to literary agents, but that sent me into a world of extreme liberalism. Extreme conservatives drive me nuts, too, but I’m fed up with White Elitist meatheads.

I spent many years, in the manufacturing industry, and it is depressing to see no matter how hard you work—your job can get shipped overseas. I understand and sympathize with immigrants who want a chance, but I’ve been placed into the wringer myself and no one is more native to Florida than me unless they are related to me; even the Seminoles are foreign invaders compared to me. The liberals seem to want me displaced. Immigrants have somewhere else to go, I have no other affiliation with another country and I feel alienated.

I get attacked for being a White Native American in Florida and this dumb retarded nuke is struggling to control the anxiety and rage of today’s society. Almost all the literary agents I researched on twitter were extreme liberal meatheads. Get off my land, I’m native to Florida and you are not I’m sick of being attacked and I’m most likely much more dangerous than you. The point I make with the title was that Edith was in the middle and she defended one against the other. Archie and Meathead were often wrong in different ways.

I wrote this post a long time ago, and I just decided to post it.

Native Americans Against Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

As a representative of Florida’s most native tribe; I condemn Barrack Obama for placing the racist — Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court. Penalties should not be placed on natives, so the immigrant can prosper. Treat Puerto Ricans like Sotomayor treats a true native to Florida and see if they like it. Support for Obama and Sotomayor is supporting racism. The American Supreme Court is the Supreme Court of Injustice ass long as Sotomayor serves.

Slavery is alive and well in Africa

Obama’s African ancestors practiced slavery and more than likely were practicing after the American Civil War. One of the largest slaveholders in Florida was an African woman Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley who inherited her husband’s massive holdings and one thing of note, her husband patterned his life after African chieftain’s; which, is why he had multiple wives. The Spanish and Portuguese practiced slavery much longer than the British who primarily settled the US, but the hatred always gets aimed at the South; even though, New Jersey had more slaves than every Southern state; excluding South Carolina. Why not call Africans and people from Spanish colonies Nazis like you do Southerners. I’m Native American and I can’t help but have Southern ancestry because my ancestors were here before the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth Rock. Death to the racism of Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Chris Mathews of NBC and cut the heads of the network who puts someone like Chris Matthews on air. I venture into hyperbole when I’m angry, but the rage has to come out somehow–you lousy holier than thous.