The Goddess Who Gives Florida, Her Name

Catholics named Florida, but the name originates with Flora, the Roman goddess of spring and the flowers who decorate her season. Pagan gods are forever threaded into language, so Christianity and other religions can’t separate from more ancient days.  Juan Ponce de León named the land, he came to, La Florida because he landed in the season of Pascua Florida (“Flowery Easter”). The abundance of flora gave further reason for the name.

Flora has another tie to Florida–Flora Disney, Walt’s mother. This tidbit of trivia is alluded to in my second novel. I created a character named Flora Holder, an ancestor of the male main characters of my novels. The last name, Holder, comes from my ancestry, but I used Flora as a first name to commemorate the goddess. My Native American ancestry comes from the Holder side of my family, so I Flora Holder is my goddess.

Steampunk Bows and Arrows

Comic books created high-tech bows and arrows with characters such as Hawkeye and Green Arrow, but my idea for a Steampunk/Western mini-theme park got me thinking about how I could steampunk the Injuns. The feasibility of actual weapons is difficult to gauge, but there are a couple of feasible possibilities. A fireworks arrow would put on a show and that’s what my novel’s main character wants to do,

From Conch to Launch

Native Americans  used shells for various purpose. Large shells such as whelks and conch were very popular. With 100% certainty, my Injun ancestor used these shells and would have used these shells for centuries more, if not for my Spanish and other European ancestors. Floridian and other Southeastern cultures lack much access to metals add it’s impossible to advance to the Bronze/Iron age without the availability of metal. Advancement comes from need and my ancestors had abundant seafood and hunting game, so they were highly content. The used fire to shape their  canoes and had materials to cover their basic needs, but my European bloodline rocketed Florida into the Space Age.

A main character in my third book will be a poet and, ‘From Conch to Launch’ will be the name of his poem. I love allusions and allusions turn poems into puzzles and the puzzle in this poem will hold the secret to a genetic memory drug. My Injun ancestors measured their age by lunar cycles, so a genetic memory drug would multiply the number of moons seen; thus, the Fountain of Youth may have come from mistranslation of Fountain of Many Moons. The fertility cult in novel wants to improve their genetic memory drug, so they want the secret recipe hidden inside the poem.

Documents show my Spanish ancestors were in Florida before the Pilgrims reach Plymouth Rock, and my Native American ancestors are likely the most Floridian of all; thus, I gave characters in my novels an ancestry which matches my own. ‘From Conch to Launch’ inspired my novels; though, I hadn’t came up with the phrase, yet. Two years ago, I coined the phrase, and more recently came up with the poem part. Most likely, I will write individual lines; rather than, compose a complete poem; which may be too daunting of a task. Individual lines will work for the novel because the cult will be examining individual lines. Creating the poem’s puzzle will be challenging, but hopefully it will be interesting.

Who is the Cacica of my Tribe?

Cacica refers to the female leader of a Timucua village, according to Father Pareja who developed a written language for the Timucua.

Cacique is term for males and I most likely am one; since I’m most likely member of the tribe, in my village. Children of my great-great grandmother are the only ones eligible. My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name which hints, she spawned from the Spanish mission system which operated in Florida. I can’t say for sure which tribe, but the Timucua seems the most likely and the Apalachee come in second.

In 1824, only three men and their families lived in the abandoned village; the Osteen brothers and old man Edwards. My ancestor’s surname was Osteen, but her Spanish given names were names a Spanish Indian or a Black woman would likely have and family features rule favor Injuns. Seminoles such as Billy Powell (Osceola) American sounding names. The Osteen name came from one of the two brothers because she was a daughter or the name was adopted for some unknown reason. Only her the Spanish, in her given names offers proof of tribe. Granddad hated his grandmother and her ancestry due to claims of abuse. If he was Seminole, he would likely know it, but there is reason why he didn’t know which Spanish Indian tribe–the Seminoles wiped them out.

Experts say my tribe is extinct, but I believe my great-great grandmother and her decedents make up the tribe; thus, she would have inherited the title of Cacica. When she died, one of her children would have taken the leadership role. My great grandfather would have been eligible, but I doubt she him due to his drinking problem and the fact he dumped kids on her after his wife died. Who takes the title is in question because I haven’t tracked down my more distant family; I only know where my aunts, uncles, and my first cousins live. Timucua leadership passed down by the maternal and in honor of my great-great grandma, women should keep the role.

Hernando De Soto ran into a cacica, if I remember correctly and Wikipedia names another, in the quote below which notes the numbers baptized:

Pareja achieved some success with the Saturiwa; in 1602 he had 500 Christians within his custodio.[5] Nearly that number were confirmed during a visit in 1606 by Bishop Altamirano, including Cacica Maria and five of her subordinate caciques from the area.[6]

The quote and other info can be found at this link

Injuns or Injians or Amerindian?

Injuns was deemed offensive because it made fun of Native American pronunciation of ‘Indian,’ but Native Americans didn’t confuse themselves with Indians of India, so I suggest we use Injuns and just forgive the foul-ups. The Spanish Injuns of Florida differ from Native Americans of the US and ‘Spanish Native Americans of Florida’ is cumbersome.

I suggested we use the Injian with a ‘j’ in a prior post due to the derogatory nature of the corrupted spelling and pronunciation. My Native American ancestor came from Florida and had a Spanish name which  indicates she spawned the Spanish  Missionary system which operated in an earlier era of Florida. My grandfather and a younger version of me had speech  problems, so Injuns was our likely  pronunciation. I believe probably indicates my grandfather’s grandmother came from the Timucua tribe; which, the Seminoles helped wipe out. Great-great grandma could have been the last of Timucuans and thereby the chieftess of the tribe consisting of her descendants.

Seminoles had American names; Osceola was Billy Powell; thus illustrating why I prefer using Spanish Injuns for members of tribes in Spanish Florida. Search-engine coders could create the shift to Injuns and I implore them to–on behalf of my people.

Liberal Hate

Liberals don’t appear to realize how hateful they are. I’m a registered Independent and I’m not very fond of Republicans, either. My family have the oldest roots set in Florida, the Seminole tribe of America is just another invader to Florida and we’ve seen invasion after invasion. Liberals poke hate and stereotype my family as Southerners, but take note my Native American ancestors were Southern because they were Floridians and I’ve got people coming from other  countries hating on me. A-holes of NBC I want  to lay the war-hammer down you because you throw hate at me  so I hunger to throw. Get off Timucuan territory or behave. Something of TV sent me to vent.

Alienated In My Ancestral Land

If you come from somewhere’s else you naturally should feel alienated, but someone as native to Florida as I am–shouldn’t be the one who feels alienated. The Seminoles are not native–I most likely am and the only reason I’m not one hundred percent sure is because there is a chance I descend from the Yamasee rather than the Timucua, both tribes were In the Spanish Mission system so either tribe or another such  tribe cold have spawned my ancestors Spanish name. I’ve considered making a biography–titled Alienated in my Ancestral Land, but I’m not sure if I’m long-winded enough to fill a full book.

Hispanic Heritage in Mainland US Begins With My Family

So it’s both sad and family that Hispanics have been racist toward me because I generally look like your average White guy. Some of those Spanish named places in St. Augustine come from my family. I’m not just part Spanish–I’m part Spanish Injian and the Seminoles are American Injian-there’s a difference like there is a a reason I prefer to spell  Indian as Injian–technically Indians are from India and the terms Native American or Amerindian doesn’t not the early tribes in Florida were linked with the Spanish not what we term as American.

The Mission At Alligator Vilage

Lake City (Florida) was a Seminole village  named Alpata Telophka which translates to Alligator Town and before Seminole occupation–a Timucuan village and one of the locations for a Spanish Mission operated when the Spanish ruled Florida. My Native American ancestor with a Spanish name lived in Alligator Town with one of the Osteen brothers. The Spanish name and her presence in Alligator Town makes it likely she was a product of the Spanish Missionary system and either a Timucuan or Yamasee because both tribes could be found in these Missions. Many Timucuans rebelled against the Spanish in 1656 and the Spanish Mission fully system collapsed in 1704. In all likelihood, descendants of my grandparents can claim ties to the Spanish and the Timucuans of this particular time period because my Spanish ancestors were documented as being here and  Spanish Injian (my preferred spelling) ancestor projects to being here even though the natives lost their contact to documentarians, as the Mission system fell apart. My novels were inspired by the fact my ancestors fell on opposite sides of enemy lines–many times; such as, Spanish Catholic and French Huguenot and this conflict between the Spanish and the Spanish Injians.

The Spanish Injians of Florida

Seminoles are not native to Florida–I am, because my Native American ancestor most likely comes from a Spanish-Injian tribe. Yes, I misspell, Indian, because Indians technically come from India and there is some annoyance that the American Indian have to go by the cumbersome title of Native American; though, Amerindian is that term often used. Personally, Injian, Indian, or Injun would be fine by me. The fact that I come from a rarer Native American tribe–mandates I note the Spanish affiliation. Osceola went by the Name of Billy Powell–an American name; while mine is obviously Spanish. The Seminoles hated the Spanish, at the time of their introduction into Florida history. The Seminole Chief, Cowkeeper, sent his sons to kill my Spanish ancestors, but my ancestors were so cool–the sons refused to do it. My Native American ancestor’s tribe had no such luck, the Seminoles wiped out the tribes most native to Florida, my bloodline survived, but as far as I know–my family represents the oldest and truest tribe–a Spanish Injian tribe, such as the Timucuan. I could be Ais, Apalachee, or another tribe–but Timucuan tribe is the most likely. My grandad hated his Native American grandmother because she supposedly mistreated him and his siblings, so much history was lost. My great-granddad was a stereotypical drunken half-breed who died before I got a chance to learn more.

The engravings (such as the one above) based on Jacques le Moyne‘s drawings represents my family album. It is both sad and funny how I’m discriminated against in my own land. Send hate mails to Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor–people who most definitely discriminate. Until reparations are made, the Obama’s and Sotomayor are not allowed in Timucuan territory  My tribe never signed a peace treaty with the US. Army trespass into Territory will be considered an act of war. The bone-stealing Seminoles who invaded my land and killed my Spanish Injian kin–receive casino money which rightfully belongs the true natives of Florida.