She-it by M Brace DeFreak

A classic piece of Southern Gothic literature. History and trivia twist into a humorous tale of survival. Gibsonton, Florida, the home of various circus folk, is home to a dwarf, like no other. Maenads, the madwomen of myth, exist and a guy, kidnapped by this gang of Femme Fatales, struggles to survive the tortures of his sexually deviant kidnappers.  The author dares to compare his magnum opus with Voltaire’s, Candide and James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake (though more readable). In the author’s’ first novel, Factions of a dWARf, readers discovered an eclectic group of women who form the Cabeiri cult and this follow up novel, the madcap adventures of the Cabeiri cult continue. When She-it yells embrace the freak, Kal finds he has no choice and neither do you.

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Analyzing the Gadfly

I mythology, Hera becomes a gadfly to pester Io after the latter metamorphosed into a cow. In my novel, Ionia is patterned after Io. Flo represents the gadfly because the gadfly symbolizes menstruation (flow). A social gadfly annoys people and women generally own this archetype because women use social pressure more often then men. Men physically bully women more often socially bully others. Queen Bees, as portrayed in the Movie, “Mean Girls’, rely on peer pressure: while, a social gadfly is the stereotypical nag. Men nag, too, but they tend towards less verbal means to aggravate.

The Goddess of Seeds

If you’ve ever eaten a pomegranate  you know they have bunches of seeds and the pomegranate is a symbol of Persephone. Demeter the mother of Persephone would also fit. Maize/corn goddesses in the America fall into this category for the same reason. Chicomecōātl for the  Aztecs. Cherokees have Selu. Iyatiku is the corn goddess of the Keresan Puebloes. Flowers, fruits, and various types of vegetation come from seeds, but I doubt any would rank higher than the types above,

Debbie Harry, Fluffer

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, made an appearance in Fluffer. From the picture, you can surmise the fluffer refers to a gay male. My novels often feature allusions, and my blog is a method of tracking these allusions. Debbie Harry was born in Florida, and Florida is a main theme of my novels. Legally, I can use titles in my novels, and I hope I edited out non-titles.  Call Me is one title which I use; which, comes from her time with Blondie.

Harry was adopted and left the state soon after, but it seems likely her parents had a connection to Florida. My heavy use of Johnny Depp occurs because he had a solid connection to Florida and his Huguenot heritage as fits because many of the French who tried too colonize Florida came, from Dieppe, the source of Depp’s name. Knowing Harry’s heritage could have given another useful coincidence. One site says her original surname, Tremble, may be a derivative  Turnbull, and Andrew Turnbull founded New Smyrna, of British Florida is mentioned in my novel, but he’s a villain, so she probably wouldn’t be proud of the connection. The name Turnbull actually means ‘turn bull’ such as in bullfighting and bull handling, in general. I may add a Harry mention, int the Turnbull chapter, if it looks easy enough to do.

Imperfect Gods

Most of the Greek gods of Mount Olympus looked like Greek gods, except Hephaestus and possibly Dionysus. In one myth, Hera threw baby Hephaestus off the mountain and left the god crippled. One theory, about the blacksmith god, says the god’s ailment reflects the afflictions dealt to bronze age blacksmith’s who used arsenic. Hephaestus also has some ties to Ptah, the Egyptian god, who is considered a dwarf. Egyptians had the popular dwarf god, Bes, and his lesser known other half, Beset.

The Norse gods often sacrifice a body part, but the loss often comes with significant gain. Odin loses an eye, but the loss gave him the ability to see all. Tyr, the Norse god of war and justice, sacrifices his arm when he binds Fenrir. Heimdall,the guardian, has only one ear.

There are several drunken gods and this is why I said he may not look like a Greek god, he likely staggers. Enki, the Sumerian god of creation, drank too much and Inanna seduced him. Obatala, an African deity who was brought to Latin America, is another drunken creator god, and his drunkenness led to people being born with deformities; which, led him to be the protector of those afflicted with deformity.

Attis, Uranus, Adonis, Dionysus, Set, Osiris, and most likely others lose their testicles or their penis; which, probably is metaphorical for seeding the earth.

Hiruko, a Japanese god of fishermen and one of the 7 gods of luck, is another dwarf.

Wikipedia says Xolotl was the Aztec god of fire and lightning. He was also god of twins, monsters, misfortune, sickness, and deformities. Xolotl is a dog, and I’m not going to list all the animal-styled deities, but he seem appropriate because of his link to monstrosities.

Here’s a quote from Wikipedia about another god of deformity, who may or may not be deformed: In Māori mythology, Punga is a supernatural being, the ancestor of sharks, lizards, rays, and all deformed, ugly things. All ugly and strange animals are Punga’s children. Hence the saying Te aitanga a Punga (the offspring of Punga) used to describe an ugly person.

Yoruba’s Lord of the Earth is said to be a leper who walks on crutches, but heals all, even impoverishment.

Papa Legba, from Haitian Vodou, like many tricksters sometimes limps.

Hawaii has 2 hunchbacks Kane-Hekili, spirit of the thunder and Ke-ō-ahi-kama-kaua, the spirit of lava fountains.

Southwestern Native Americans also have a hunchbacked deity–Kokopeli, the fertility deity, who plays the flute.

Tezcatlipoca used his foot as bait and Cipactli ( a monstrous crocodile) ate it.

Various deities related to the Cabeiri are dwarfs and Norse have many dwarves.

Sedna, the Inuit sea-goddess, lost her fingers which became seals and whales.

Priapus has a monstrous penis, so he may fit on this list.

I’m sure there are more, but that’s all for now.

The Karpoi– The Seeds of Creation

Language is flexible, so fruit doesn’t always mean a ‘sweet treat to eat.’ One phrase(an idiom), fruits of labor means rewards we receive for work done. Translate fruit into Greek and you arrive a karpos. Our vocabulary often comes from the gods, the word chlorophyll comes from the Chloris, the Greek goddess and karpos came from the Karpoi, Greek deities who brought forth the fruit of the earth which may or may-not be actual fruit. Minerals such as iron are fruit of the earth. The Kabeiroi(the Cabeiri) are craftsmen deities(iron-workers) who shape the fruits of the earth. the similarity between Karpoi and Kabeiroi comes from flexible vocabulary. Mythical Little People often slip in and create mischief or objects then slip back out without being seen. Santa’s elves are creator deities.

Mythology is a confusing mess, so it’s fitting that the most ancient of myths contains a foundation decree, known as the Mes–a mess without an ‘s’. The cult, in my novels, is the Cabeiri and a dwarf is their leader. The Cabeiri of Greece are similar to the Phoenician Patakoi, who are related to the Egyptian Ptah–and all fall into the category of mythical Little People.

Cowford and Bosporus

Bosporus is where Io from Greek mythology crossed after she was transformed into a cow; thus, Bosporus is the Cowford (cow passage) of Istanbul. Jacksonville, Florida, was once named Cowford because this was where cattlemen crossed the St. Johns River. I make allusions in my novels and in the second book this allusion makes an appearance. People may not be able to figure out what I’m alluding to, so I wrote this post. In the tale, Zeus hides Io from Hera by transforming the girl into a cow, but Hera knows and sends Argus, a giant with 100 eyes to keep Zeus from making a booty-call, so Zeus sends Hermes to distract the watchful giant, but Hera sees all and sends a gadfly to pester Io; thus, Io runs away and crosses Bosporus and arrives at Mt. Caucasus where Prometheus is chained up; the Titan tells her she will be transformed back and give birth to greatest of all heroes; in the end Zeus finally gets his booty-call and Io gives birth to Hercules.

Argus, who was slain by Hermes, is not forgotten; Hera commemorates his 100 eyes through the peacock’s tail.

Strippers in Florida Fiction and Non-Fiction

Florida probably holds the most strip clubs and certainly the most books featuring strippers. Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen is the most famous of these books, Florida Roadkill by Tim Dorsey probably ranks second. Garden of Last days by Andre Dubus III has probably comes in third. Naked in Garden Hills by Harry Crews began the trend. Troika by Adam Pelzman is a modern love story. The Miracle Strip by Nancy Bartholomew is the first book in a mystery series featuring a Florida stripper. Sunshine State by Sarah Gerard is a non-fiction collection of essays; in which, the first features a stripper, if I’m not mistaken. Strip City by Lily Burana is a autobiography.

Factions of a Dwarf by M. Brace DeFreak is my book about a female dwarf and a fertility cult which operates an adult entertainment network. A genetic memory drug is prime element; through which, the reader can explore Florida history and trivia. A dwarf, who came with the Pedro Menendez and his conquistadors, inspired my use of a dwarf; and the fact that many circus performers settled in Gibsonton, Florida. Florida is indirectly named after Flora, the Roman goddess–thus the fertility cult seemed fitting. Ghosts conjured by drug provides much of the humor.

Bette Midler–Just Another White Elitist

The same week, Mariano Rivera makes the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, and speaks of his love and respect for Trump–Bette Midler says Trump must pay Blacks to be in photographs supporting him. Obviously, Rivera isn’t poor and in need of bribery; this the famed reliever must like Trump even though Rivera is a Hispanic with very brown skin. Midler doesn’t believe Blacks or Browns can make decisions with their head rather than their need for a bribe,

Trump and Rivera support Israel’s right to exist, so neither hate Jews. Midler is Jewish and considering her White/Jewish elitist behavior probably has uses WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) as a derogatory term for Protestants; even though, Protestant isn’t a religion (it’s a variously related group of religions) and though Protestants formed the foundation of the US and gave freedom of religion; which; allows Jews and other religions to be citizens. The reason Protestant favored freedom of religion is due in large part to the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre when Catholics killed non-Catholics in France–just another Holocaust.

I’ve seen White Elitist hate aimed at me (I’m part Native American and my ancestors can honestly be called the first Hispanics, in the continental US of A.) I’m more native to Florida than the average Jew in Israel is native to Israel. I understand why Jews want a haven, but a hatred toward American Protestants extremely despicable because American Protestants fought against Hitler and generally support the Jewish right to exist, something some religious countries fight against.

I would say Midler should go back to where she comes from, but she her ancestors took advantage of Protestant America’s belief in religious freedom. As one of the truest natives of Florida–I believe she should be stripped of cash to live in a poverty level lower than myself if she sets foot in my homeland. MY Native American ancestors never signed a treaty and we’ve been invaded and hated too many times.