Sex and the Fertility Cult

Sex is what my fictional cult members do and sex how everyone gets here. My cult sues sex for profit and power, but the reason fertility cults existed for centuries is due to the importance of the sex act.

The groping issue in the news makes me wonder where the line exists, now. Single people should be sexually playful if they wish they wish to find a mate.Accusations should factor in marital status when deciding where the line rests. It’s no surprise that most of the sexual harassers came from the liberal media.


Restoring the spirit of the withering vine

A  description of fertility rites, in Wikipedia, caught my eye because restoring the spirit of the withering vine sounds extremely euphemistic and sums up the purpose of a fertility cult, rather well. I’m assuming Bacchus, in the image above, awaits the second round of fun.

Image from Wikimedia with the following credits:

Artist Caesar Boetius van Everdingen (c. 1616/17 – 1678)
Born in Alkmaar. Dead in Alkmaar.
Details of artist on Google Art Project
Title Bacchus on a Throne − Nymphs Offering Bacchus Wine and Fruit wikidata:Q28839242
Object type Painting
Date 1658/after 1670
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions Height: 1,620 mm (63.78 in). Width: 1,800 mm (70.87 in).
Current location
Museum Kunstpalast Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q461277
Accession number Inv. no. M 25
Object history Acquired 1934 with funds from Stiftung Gustav Poensgen 1884 and Stiftung Dr. Franz Schoenfeld 1911
Notes More info at museum site
Source/Photographer gQHsoEHQC5RzWQ at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level

Fertility cults are about merging

My book trailer features the dwarf who came with Pedro Menendez and a prostitute who came to the Rollestown colony; this slide implies a baby born from these two lineages is born. The dwarf was real and the history books say prostitutes helped colonize Rollestown, but I write about a fictional fertility cult and the rest of the story is bent to my will.

The “R” in the image above comes from Wikimedia and it has the following credits.

English: Letter from an erotic alphabet by Joseph Apoux published ca. 1880. This is the only male homosexual act, or approach to one, in the alphabet series (apparently following the “It’s not gay if it’s a three-way” principle). The woman is holding a whip.
Date circa 1880
Source Self-scanned
Author Joseph Apoux (1846-1910)



Gibsonton, Florida, became home to freaks and other circus folk and some refer to it as Gibtown, but I refer to it as GebTown because the Egyptian god had a lame leg. Such a leg isn’t particularly freaky for a human, but it’s freaky for a god. Most lame-legged gods fall under the label of Trickster, but Geb doesn’t fit that archetype – his son falls in that category, though.

My fire-breathing dwarf will probably act as the main character, in my next novel, but I need a new guy to victimize. Jedidiah Nutter is the character I plan to create and associate with Geb. The Nutter name comes from my ancestry and seems apt to use considering the name of Geb’s wife – Nutt.

My depression has hobbled my editing efforts, so I’m thinking ahead to the third book, in hopes that a creative spark will energize me. The Nutters are associated with witches so I may make Jedidiah a male parody of the Scarlet Woman – a sacred whore worshiped by witches.

Jedidiah will probably have a friend with ties to the University of Miami because the ibis acts as mascot for the Hurricanes. The is a sacred bird, in Egyptian mythology, and is associated with Thoth. I may make Jedidiah a birdwatching fanatic; thus, making him somewhat geeky to some. Jeb will probably attend USF, the home of the Bulls, and bulls happen to be associated with Geb, along with Geese, Snakes, Barley. If I have him work at a Wawa convenience store, I’ll garner a goose link, barley associates with beer. If he transfers from Florida A&M or Florida Southern – he’ll have a snake link.

Image credit from Wikipedia

Description Caption of picture in book reads: “The God Seb supporting Nut on Heaven”
Date 1904
Source The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. II, colour plate facing page 96
Author E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1937)

Before You Plow The Fields, You Must Plow The Woman

Sage advice from the Farmer’s Almanac? No, but earlier sages may have advised such a thing. I write about a fertility cult and the thought about timing a baby around the planting season came to mind. My granddad was a farmer and he had many kids and in a farming family—everyone works. More kids more workers. A woman can shell peas, in the latter months of a pregnancy, but what about other stages of the farming cycle.

The rites of the Greco-Roman Mysteries involved fertility and may of these female only affairs may have expounded upon women going home and getting laid— a preaching of proper planting etiquette. When should you plow?

The Geeky Libertine

My main character is a tech geek and values instilled by a fertility cult has made her Libertine. Her journal reflects these attributes with its title:

dWARf’s log     Whoredate XX-XXX

The world’s oldest religion gives honor to the what we often call the world’s oldest profession—in fertility cults, whores are sacred.

The journal name appears at the beginning of my novel. I hear cries of misogyny as soon as I typed the word, whore, but the title of the journal reflects the very essence of the main character and the cult— she’s a tech geek, in a cult of sacred whores. I had slim hopes for an agent in this era of feminist battle cries and the whole process of researching literary agents left me depressed. I considered dropping the journal’s name, but I find it truthful to my main character’s character.

I also want the negative connotation of the word ‘whore’ to seep into my main character’s opinion of her mother’s lesbian lover. Homosexuality is anti-fertility even though fertility cults often feature castration and transsexuality—this provides conflict. The third novel, in this series, should resolve this conflict. Vane, the fore mentioned lesbian lover appears in the first journal entry and it is obvious that my main character dislikes her.

My pen name, M Brace DeFreak, has a mixed meaning. Deviation from the norms is natural, but there is a reason for the norm. A freak is a deviation from the norm and they will always exist, so everyone must accept this fact. The freak also has to come to some form of acceptance about the norm. Balance can be a difficult thing when order nor chaos represent the common good. So embrace the freak, but don’t embrace the freak to hard.

Playboy comes back to salute Baubo


I assume Playboy follows my blog and brought back nude pictorials to salute my suggested Playboy Bunny of the Year— Baubo. Many famous and powerful people appear to follow my blog, Stephen Hawking apparently saw my Bikini Good, Bikini Bad post and repeated my assessment, in his book. Higgs is a bad Bikini—busom good, boson bad. The Pope reiterated my posts about the of Vatican bureaucracy. It’s possible that I unintentionally started the Ellen and Portia baby rumor. Who knew I held so much swag?

Unavoidable Sex and Violence

When I decided to switch from a trickster cult to a fertility cult, it came with reason and it also came with sex. Florida’s name stems from the etymological roots of Flora, the Roman fertility goddess and novel is rooted in Florida history. There’s no denying, Florida’s shape puts the penis in the word, peninsula, so sex is a side effect.

History is violent ant comes as a side effect, too. I can by-step the sex and violence, on occasion, but being truthful to what a fertility cult is—means doing what the Maenads do and the Maenads excel in sex and violence. During the Dionysian ritual, they ripped Pentheus, the King of Thebes, apart. The ritual drink, that the Maenads drink, sends the women into a frenzy and the frenzy can be sexual or violent.

The Devil in Mister Hearst


Citizen Kane is modeled on William Randolph Hearst and isn’t a flattering portrait. Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer introduced Yellow Journalism to American news. The fact that the most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize, is named after a Yellow Journalist—is kind of funny. It shows how legit our news sources became after the Hearst-Pulitzer era.

Many people in this era don’t realize how powerful Hearst was and how brainwashing of that era affects this era—and yes, it was brainwashing. My novel is about factions and Hearst represents the Hollywood faction. Hollywood and Hearst had a ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ relationship. Good reviews can be bought. Politicians can also be bought and Yellow Journalism can and did sway American politics.

My cult goes to Hollywood and his lover, the actress Marion Davies will probably have a role in my fictional cult. The main character of my has a book backdoor fetish, so she will take a backdoor to media domination.

The image by B. M. Clinedinst comes from Wikimedia.

Modeling my Fictional Empire on the Disney Empire

My fictional empire will begin differently than Disney, but my main character will venture into many of the same enterprises. Wikipedia shows a list of Disney holdings (I cut out the extraneous stuff); which, gives me ideas about how to design an empire. I’m at the halfway point in the novel and my character made her first three movies and started a Rock N’ Roll band. She designed a product line, several chapters back, but she’s branching out. I may give comical odes to less likely ventures.