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Bit Pieces of Narration

Silent_film intertitle

Silent movies used text placed on cards for narration purpose; they call this text an intertitle because it basically acts as a title for a scene. In Talkies, they call an interjection by a narrator – a voice over. I’m in the process of studying these narration techniques, for my own purpose.

When I’m not mired in deep depression, I experiment with how I will handle my scene breaks. I used the “ghost over the shoulder perspective” when writing; it’s a first person perspective without digging deep into the main character’s thoughts and relies more on dialogue; rather than, narration. My scene breaks may share characteristics of the silent film intertitle or a voice over and will offer clarifying pieces of narration.

Leda on the Flying Trapeze


Imagine Lead being swept off her feet by a trapeze artist; whereupon the sexual hijinks, begin. My main character runs an adult empire with a circus theme. I imagine she would stage a Leda routine.

I found this image of Leda on Wikipedia page for Björk’s Vespertine album – she used real, as in not fake, sex on the video for Pagan Poetry. Fertility is a theme in my mythology based novel, so her pagan tribute fits right in. Leda is a name for one of my character and her daughters play a huge role, but I bastardize their names.

I often describe the cult in my novel as a Carny cult; thus the trapeze fits my circus theme. Björk earned an allusion in my other novel, due to her imaginative hairstyles.

Image credits:

Artist: Tony Robert-Fleury (1837–1911)

Description: Français : Léda

Inscriptions: Signature bottom left: T. Robert-Fleury


Redemption For A Dwarf

My third novel will probably feature redemption. The main character has done some bad things and being a dwarf prompted elements of payback. You can blame the ghosts for some of her actions, but you should notice when size matters.

The time frame will be somewhat difficult to manage and that’s a reason why I used underage characters in the first novel. I still need to puzzle out the rest of the story, but considering how depressed I become when editing – I need to dip my head back into the creation process. Changes to the original novel need to occur; now, that I’ve done the prequel and I may need to set things up for the third novel.

Depression may play role in my character’s mood swings, I can’t make her too good, too fast, because her volatile nature will probably be needed to liven up scenes in the novel. She’ll need to show some regret and depression will follow. Rage may derive from actions, she’s forced to take to response to actions by the antagonist.

“Redemption For A Dwarf” is my working title, but I may go in another direction.

Hand away your White privilege and your job and harass the White members of your family to do the same

That term “White privilege”  cost one literary agent her job and my complaint appears to have knocked out another. Not every White person is or feels privileged, many have troubles but White elitists love to kick other Whites into the gutter and homeless shelter. Do you want your race or sexual orientation to get you a book deal or a job – or do you just want fair treatment?

The agent showed an obvious hatred for White straight men, so I guy with a family to support was out of luck. We live in the slice off the penis of your baby boy era, or just kill him if he’s not gay, I guess.

I know I’m part Native American and officially fit the mestizo description, but I’ve never used my mixed heritage to get a job, but I’ve certainly been bumped out because a recent immigrant used affirmative action. Personally, I believe the affirmative action should have been limited to people of US slave ancestry and Native Americans, but for some odd reason they give people not native to this land more rights than a native and I can rightly call other Native Americans in Florida – foreigners. I’m without a doubt more native than a Seminole.

Obama made a supreme racist a Supreme Court Justice; I’m talking about Sonia Sotomayor. My tribe never signed a treaty, so the Secret Service is protecting an enemy of the State if these racists set foot in Florida.

I apparently shut up another longtime White elitist by suggesting she hand over her White privilege and her job. She rarely went a day without blogging, but my comment seemed to shut her up. Funny thing is, I originally supported her, but I grew to hate her White elitist ass and you can thank these White elitists for my non-support of Democrats who I at one time favored. I’ve been harassed for being White while trying to buy groceries at Walmart and minding my own business — is that a privilege? It’s hard to imagine anyone getting worse medical treatment than me– is that a privilege? I could go on and on. My Spanish ancestor got harassed by the British governor, the Seminoles helped wipe out my Native American tribe and of course, my Injun ancestors got screwed — my turn.

My ancestor, the pirate

Officially, he was a privateer; however, he did unlawfully ransack a  for the purpose of helping the colony of St. Augustine survive. His ship even helped start a war, but another privateer had ownership at that particular time. The funny thing is I have a Robin Hood type pirate in my ancestry and another who was arrested for freeing a slave; according, to court records, so another ancestor pulled a Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.type of escapade.

There’s a possibility that I descend from a woman convicted of being a witch – I definitely a Nutter and but it’s difficult to tell whether you run into a cousin with the same name. Depending on whether descend from the first of second wife of one guy – who directly influenced all the rights and freedoms in the US. So it’s somewhat funny that I’ve had my constitutional rights trampled on, betrayed by my own country,, spit on for being White even though I’m not really just White. Considering how far Florida is from the Bering Strait, my Native American ancestors probably entered North America before other tribes and I’m certainly more native to this land than a Seminole –damn foreigners.

Symbol of the falling leaf


Many characters, in my novel, link to a goddess and have a symbol linked to them; others derive from Florida trivia and I have to create a special symbol – this is one such case. I sort of hate wasting this symbol, on this particular character, because I’m rather fond of the symbol and the character is somewhat limited.

I ran into another bout of depression and lost a few days of focus. Hopefully, I’ll finish within the next month.

Obviously Character Driven


Word clouds should show what your novel centers around.My series revolves around a drug and a cult, so both novels prominently feature those words. It’s a female cult and I prefer one syllable words; hence; the word girl. Dwarfs play a major role. Multiple cult members have issues with their mothers; thus, you see ‘mom’.

Names make up the rest of the list. Other names would follow not far behind. If I continue my present strategy of introducing characters at the scene break, the names will total higher. Other than this addition and mustering up the focus to survive a top to bottom edit; I’m pretty much done. I’m not surprised that my novel ended up being character driven, but the number of characters surprised me. Monster doesn’t talk a lot, but she ended up with several mentions. The use of mothers developed; while in the process of writing, but it started with three notable mothers then another took shape.

The Three Fingers of Fate

3Fingers of Fate

If I keep following this path – my scene breaks will feature the symbol of the characters in the upcoming scene and an introductory note. The three fingers of fate replace the Dis as symbols for the crones, my earlier post cited the Norse deities. The Greek deities of fate, The Moirai, come as a set of three; hence, the three fingers.

I highlight three separate fingers of a Hamsa (a hand symbol) to differentiate the three fates. Each finger includes a symbol; which, were done with a font size of 8. The image is 50 pixels high size and that’s twice as high as I would prefer, but I may stick with this size.

The reasons for this type of scene break include, better clarity for who’s in the upcoming scene and introduce their symbol.  Everyone would be tattooed with their symbol, but there’s meaning to the symbols, as well.

The symbol on ring finger uses a hyphen to symbolize a ring and the blind ancient one. The middle finger is a slash and the character’s name is fittingly – Hatchet. The index finger uses an exclamation point because it has a semblance to a paintbrush and the character is an artist.

Zinka’s Symbol


Zinka is the Mata Hari dwarf character, in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Cat’s Cradle, and I borrowed her name; she’s main character’s mother and surprisingly she’s still a Mata Hari dwarf and seduces a guy named Newt. I say surprisingly because I only borrowed the name, the other similarities are a coincidence.

Mothers often pull the strings, in the development of most children, so the string game we call the cat’s cradle is an apt symbol for the mother.

Many of my characters have an easy symbolic match, but I’m having difficulty with some. I would prefer images which hold distinguishable characteristics when reduced to an extremely small size; this one may work, but I haven’t performed a test.

Mata Hari used seduction techniques, in her role as a spy, and I can aptly describe my fictional cult as a Mata Hari cult.

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