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The Book Trailer For Factions of a dWARf


This is

an unpolished booked trailer for my upcoming novel.


The Shotgun Shell For Doctors

Quack-shot is a type of bird-shot to shoot a lousy unethical doctor; which, is most Military and Veteran’s Administration doctors. Medical schools must be rife with cheating students; it is the only way to explain that 9 out of 10 doctors should be shot with quack-shot. My third novel will probably be filled with bodies. Doctors rank in the telemarketer circle of Dante’s Inferno.

The Popularity Of Hitting That Thing

Does a provocative dress provoke thoughts? Yes, and you see the linguistic relationship between the words (provoke and provocative). My title refers to Ariana Grande‘s offense to a guy saying he would like to “hit that”. Grande wears lingerie onstage and sings the song, “Love Me Harder”, so she obviously conforms to standards of sexual objectification and had little reason to be overly upset by a guy saying something “he would hit that” and the funny thing is–the statement is truthful. Sexy implies sex and I’m certain the guy was honest and Grande obviously sings songs; which, endorses such sexual lexicons.

The group, The Offspring Lyrics, sings the song, “Hit That” and such songs pass regularly through Pop music–Grande’s industry. I should write a song about how Grande’s tight g-string causes brain damage–she’s got her head up her ass if she doesn’t understand the hypocrisy in her outrage about such a phrase as, wanting to hit that” She plays the game–accept the rules

I came back to this topic because; The Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik and fashion designer, Donna Karan brought up the subject of provocative dress. Guys will make mistakes in etiquette, but there are limits to how much a woman should take. Grande should have brushed off the “hit that” comment, but Weinstein’s actions go too far (if true), but Hollywood is ripe with enablers; they let Bill Cosby get away with stuff, way too long.

Another story involves a Pussycat Doll (Kaya Jones) claiming the group was part of a prostitution ring. She had to know she pimped herself; the prostitution claim needs validation from other members. If true the founder would exemplify the type of members in my fictional cult. My novel brings an ancient fertility cult into the modern world.


The Best Book No One Will Ever Read

Optimism isn’t my forte. I’m to the point where I must ask. Am I editing or stalling? A few people may read my novel, but I lack the marketing clout to be noticed. A dwarf would have better luck because dwarfs have a role in the series.

Several apps indicate great readability statistics and I’m certain my storyline is interesting, but I likely need further editing because I often omit words and I doubt I caught every instance.

My Dwarf Would Kill The Doctors

In book three of my series, my dwarf acts as protector and would kill the doctors who harm her child, as doctors have done to me. My main character will probably go on a killing spree, early in the novel and doctors are a likely target. Nine out of ten doctors are incompetent or unethical and my dwarf won’t put up with either.

Statistical Stack Up – Me vs Ulysses

I overuse three modals (Can, Will, and May). but statistically, I stack up well against James Joyce. An earlier sample had me worried, but the sample was extremely small, larger samples eased my mind. If I had my druthers, I would reduce my use of these three modals, but I’ve already reduced my use of the word, ‘will’, and reducing farther would be difficult and I began an attempt to reduce my use of the word, ‘can’ and that didn’t go so well.

My nominalization use has already been reduced by turning a couple of pronouns into nouns and I probably should consider attacking other pronouns, but this task is extremely boring and statistics show I’m in a comfortable range. Lower numbers are better but I’m not sure a reduction is worth the trouble.

The statistics on the left come from the Expresso app; which, I originally reviewed poorly because it highlighted weak verbs; which, I didn’t consider weak and I do a much better job than Joyce, in my 5,oo0 word samples.

Our use of extremely short sentences show the biggest statical difference but my percentage looks good and Joyce’s looks high. I’m running out of editing techniques and motivation. Professional editing seems economically pointless. I saw early profit, a professional edit would be likely, but the difficulty in reaching an audience seems daunting.

Pondering Poison

My main character shows an interest in plants, in the latter half of my novel and I blatantly tell the reader that these books signal her true interest–poison. I may rewrite the paragraph and obey the commandment of ‘show don’t tell’ but for now, it’s an outright–tell.

I’ve read about William Bartram’s travels through Florida, but don’t remember if he noted any poisons, but I mention this book to show interest in Florida’s flora. Bartram was a 18th-century botanist, so he had reason to note which plants are poisonous.

The books help introduce the decor of my main character’s office. I’m adding pertinent information in scenic descriptions to my novel, so it’s not a simple office–it’s a lair.

Flesh-Eating Maenads

Maenads were the orgiastic followers of Dionysus. The wild women tore various forms of wildlife apart and one unlucky man (Pentheus). Plausibility exists within this myth because crazy people can show crazy amounts of strength and cannibalistic tendencies. Wine by itself does not provoke this effect, but a combination of factors may do the trick.

My novel entails a drug frenzy, but never strictly follows this myth. I may consider Maenad-like characters for the next book. Donna Tartt uses Maenad mythology in her novel, The Secret History, but I’m surprised by the lack of use in film. Wikipedia lists a few films on their page for The Bacchae.

Images from Wikimedia:
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Date: 27 March 2006
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Author: Phil Williams
Camera location: 50° 21′ 38.61″ N, 4° 44′ 34.61″ W
Description: Pentheus being torn by maenads. Roman fresco from the northern wall of the triclinium in the Casa dei Vettii (VI 15,1) in Pompeii.
Deutsch: Pentheus wird von Mänaden zerrissen. Römisches Fresko von der Nordwand des Tricliniums in der Casa dei Vettii (VI 15,1) in Pompeji.
Date 13 March 2009
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Author WolfgangRieger

The Freakish Desire To Freak

Many people desire a deviation from the norm and my fictional fertility cult relies on such people. I use the SuicideGirls logo because they also represent such people. Tattoos and piercings are commonplace, nowadays, but some take these practices to further extreme. Tattooed ladies were sideshow novelties, but the SuicideGirls prove some things never change.

If genetic splicing allows people to have tails, many women will grow a tail because women love accessories. Men will have tails, too, but I wager women will have more.

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