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18th Century Hookers Don’t Look Much like Hookers


The image above comes, A Harlot’s Progress [via Wikipedia], a series of engravings (1732) by the English artist William Hogarth. I added color and added definition, but nothing short of a complete makeover would make the younger woman into a prostitute and the older, a brothel madam. If I continue working on a book trailer, I need to show an 18th-century hooker. I have options nad I suspect I will use an image other than the one above.

Depression and the lack of blips

Where are the blips of happiness? Without the reward center in your brain guiding your aim — you’re lost. I could use a bloop but I’ll settle for a blip. You should be happy when you finish writing a book, but I just feel lost each time I finish and I didn’t recover by starting the novel.My book trailer ideas haven’t panned out; nothing wows me. The blah won’t make way a bit of a blip; just, desert rock dry. Depression makes me  awfully error prone; it’s amazing how many mistakes I made in writing this little post but the depression has left me with nothing better to do

Misdirection in the Age of Chrusaders

Yes, we are in the age of Crusaders and once again the Crusades resemble the Monty Python Flying Circus.  When I researched for a literary agent, I found a bunch of far-left liberal CrusaderS. I hate both political parties, but the widespread attacks on Trump leave me little reason to chime in when I disagree with him, but Obama got away with murder and it shows how liberally biased the media is and completely biased. It’s safe to say I disagree with Trump on most environmental issues, but I understand how he takes a completely business perspective to most things. Personally, I would prefer a President who didn’t take the cold-blooded business approach, but it sure doesn’t mean I thought very highly of Obama’s approach, either.

My novels use a bit of misdirection and I’m certain many if not Crusaders will start galloping of, in Monty Python style. Would I prefer readers to see my main character, in my second novel as misogynistic — yes, because I purposely misdirect. The main character, in the first book of the series, is a female dwarf who on occasion abuses women and many will certainly look past the character and blame the author. Shouldn’t an author keep a character true to character, I sure think so. My dwarf is a big Ball of history and history is muddy and bloody, so she should be too.

As someone who worked in the manufacturing industry, I’ve been hurt by the poor business practices of the Clinton and Obama administrations. My main character is in the manufacturing business and even though I’m not interested in exploring deep into that topic, I may use it to partly explain the financial woes of the empire she built. Blind eye agents may not see the balancing act needed to properly run a fair economy and may dismiss my issues as they ramble off on their crusades, but I don’t consider literary agents as very good judges of literature if they one note their political agenda.

Latest Blurb

In 1565, a dwarf conquistador sired a daughter with a native woman. Four centuries later, ancestral ghosts unleashed by a genetic memory drug possess Alice, a dwarf member of a fertility cult. The ghosts wreak havoc on Alice’s personality, but they also help her machine gun through rival cult factions and succeed her mother as the cult leader. You might be surprised by what genes a dwarf has, but you can’t be more surprised the Emperor/Gladiator Commodus or more bewildered than Tycho Brahe. The prostitute from the old Rollestown colony might a consider the situation easy on the knees, but she doesn’t arrive until the third book of the series.

This blurb is a bit long, but it covers more. I can’t motivate myself to release the books yet. It will just get lost in the jungle of books. My attempts at making a book trailer have been too uninspiring. What I need is a female dwarf who loves the character and wants to sell it. Any extremely short actress can apply. Anyone under 4’10” falls under the dwarf label, but two or three inches shouldn’t matter for a good actress and a tall supporting cast.

The Dwarf and a Big Bad Dog

I’m working on a book trailer and if I follow the story told in my blurb, I should start with a dwarf conquistador/ Wikimedia show multiple dwarf and dog pictures, bit I kind of like this one by Jan Fyt. This probably isn’t the dwarf that went with Pedro Menendez to St. Augustine, but it’s a picture from the same era and that’s a mighty impressive dog. Lego makes a conquistador figurine and I’ve considered going the toy route, for the video.

My other option, for the book trailer. is to focus on the contemporary world and the cult operating in it. Barbie has a James Bond collection and that set would fit my Mata Hari cult, fairly well. Getting a consistent look will be tough with portraits; the toys may give me better control, but portraits are more impressive if I can find some with a similar style. I’ve already done some trial and error work, with emphasis on the error. This will take a while.

I call the daughter of the conquistador dwarf, Dog-woman, and considering the number of dwarf and dog pictures, the name seems apt.

Image comes from Wikimedia

Artist Jan Fyt (1611–1661) Link back to Creator infobox template wikidata:Q624802
Title German: Großer Hund, Zwerg und Knabe
Date 1652
Medium color on canvas
Dimensions 138 × 203.5 cm (54.3 × 80.1 in)
Current location
Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q4890
Accession number Gal.-Nr. 1211
Other versions

The Cursed Descendants of Atreus

The Dune series began by Frank Herbert continues by his son, but that’s not the only familial pass down — the curse on the House of Atreus passes along, too. Are we all marked with the mark of Cain or does humanity suffer from a curse brought upon by another murder — the curse brought about by Tantalus when he chopped up his son, Pelops, and served him to the gods (Abraham, from the Old Testament, almost did the same thing, but that story came out different). I don’t know why the curse rides upon the Atreus name and not his grandfather. Tantalus, but I do know Frank Herbert built his House Atreides.upon the foundation set by the House of Atreus.

Romeo and Juliet obviously suffer from this same curse, but the curse also resides outside of fiction. I base my novels upon the love-hate wedding dance of my ancestors the massacre of the Huguenots by Catholics and the Native American wars in Florida — involve ancestors from each group. My ancestry is unique, in regards to Florida, but everyone descends ancestral feuds and the curse that apparently starts the fire.

The Limpkin of Geb


The limpkin limbs, and so does Geb (the lame-legged Egyptian god); thus, the limpkin and the God are kin. Mythology and Florida play a large role in my novels; the limpkin enjoys the sunny climes of Florida. Limpkins are a New World bird so you won’t find this bird on the ‘official symbol of Geb’ list, but I stand by my ‘limp’ link. My third novel will feature a guy linked to Geb, so I’ll probably consider using the limpkin, somewhere.

Description: Limpkin
Aramus guarauna From anglophon wikipedia
Date    15 July 2006 (original upload date)
Source    No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims).
Author    No machine-readable author provided. Svtiste~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims).

The Theoretical Survival of a Witch Cult

It’s somewhat funny how shamans may date back to the Stone Age; while, pagans, and witches disappeared with the rise of Christianity and Islam. I suspect most consider shamans as generally male and witches as generally female; which, may play a role in the surmised death of witch cults and paganism, but you also have to consider the religious ties of shamanism — does a shaman need to believe in God or just the power of mushrooms and other hallucinogens found in nature?

I’ve written two unpublished novels about a fictional witch/fertility cult and I theorize such a cult could survive. Wikipedia has an article called the Witch-Cult Hypothesis and skepticism surrounding the survival of such a cult, but take note how Jewish Mysticism (the Kabbalah) survived; thus another form of mysticism survived. Isn’t there a similarity between mysticism and witchery? Is a witch much different from an alchemist or a shaman? Do the pheromones found in perfume differ much from a love potion from a theoretical witch? Theoretically, perfumery was an ideal place for witchcraft.

The term crypto-pagan would apply to pagans hiding among Christians, Muslims, or even Atheists. Such people would have needed to hide for over 5,000 years. In the 16th century, interest in mystic arts began to arise and the invention of the printing press broke the Vatican hold over religious view in the Christian world. I theorize Gnostic Christians could have hidden within Inquisitional Catholicism and bring with them many pagan concepts. Catholic saints often share aspects of pagan deities and many pagan symbols became part of the Church.


The Star-Crossed Starry Night


Nut is the starry night, as shown; her father Shu (center) separates her from the lame-legged earth god, Geb (the green dude near the bottom). My next novel will feature a Geb-like character and I’ll probably play around with the star-crossed theme. I don’t write romance novels, but I may add a Rom-Com element to my story. My series is based on the rival factions in my own ancestry and the many Romeo-Juliet relationships that led to my birth.

The image came from Wikimedia, (credits below) but I modified it to show Nut as a starry night.

Description: Caption of picture in book reads: “The God Seb supporting Nut on Heaven”. Date 1904
Source The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. II, colour plate facing page 96
Author E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1937)

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