You may feel ill at ease as you drop in on your kin from days of yore. We use a DNA link from the year, two double-o-seven, to hitch a ride into such past lives. Turn around and let me tie your straight jacket bonds. It will feel like you have twelve monkeys in your head when you get your first drug dose. Altered states of mind cause mood and fist swings. The kook coat keeps both of us safe. We have no choice, but to use this pit-t faced dude’s DNA. We have worse choices, but none better. They used people not kin to him in the early days and guinea pigs went straight to the Chattahoochee rubber rooms. Time for your first shot. Say bye to this world; time to greet the door of lost lore. Bash your head, three times, on this door, and sanity you will have no more.soosoo12

The text above the image serves as both prologue and epilogue. It has some unfortunate faults. It might mislead people to brush off my work into the wrong genre. Talking to ancestors is nothing new; it is an old practice seen in many primitive cultures. If this is science fiction; it is the oldest form. Altered States uses genetic memory in a different way than I do, but it was an easy allusion to incorporate. I use it as a method of time travel to explore history. My book is oriented around Florida history and this piece only has a couple of links. I like the duality in the Pit-t allusion, but it spin things away from the orbit around Florida. I tolerate these faults for the reasons laid out below.

You should see the allusions from the image in my writing. In hindsight, history is nuts. My inclusion of the movie 12 Monkeys as an allusion stems from the mental image of the time traveling character (Bruce Willis) getting wrapped up in a straight jacket. I don’t consider my work  science fiction but the genre has some influence. Frank Herbert’s “Dune” has great influence because he used genetic memories, just as I do. In his novels,a female cult passed along memories by taking a genetic memory drug (Spice). I guess you can call them the Spice Girls. My female cult does much the same thing. In both our main characters take the drug that normally drives men insane. It just leaves my character and most likely the reader slightly disoriented.

The 007 allusions stem from my use of Ian Fleming’s gimmicks. My, “Me Soo Soo Horny,” post explains the cross connect between the Bond franchise and Full Metal Jacket. Killing for god is complete insanity fit for a full metal straight jacket, so I amended Kubrick’s title. The “Me So Horny” line entered my writing, in chapter one, due to wishful stereotype The “penis brain” of man does enjoy the simplicity and many of my laughs come at the expense of penis brained males. The newest wave of feminists may enjoy my writing; those with older mind-set will probably have a hissy fit. Some older feminist theory sounds castrating, so I take a few pokes at this group; since, I rather not part ways with my male junk. The use of castration in mythology does serve purpose in my tale. Florida has links to Flora, the fertility goddess of Rome. Fertility rituals often involved castration, so some feminists muse and amuse me.

James Joyce’s novel, Finnegan’s Wake, is the most allusion filled novel, according to Wikipedia. I think I will give Joyce a run for his money. He didn’t make much from his work; I’m sure my novel will share this fate.