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Goldman_ speech ledtoMckinlydeath

My last post noted a problem in a Capitalistic society, but the pursuit of a Socialistic dream has often turned to nightmare. Emma Goldman is classified as Anarchist, but she can also categorize into socialism. Goldman wasn’t happy with the politics of any country and often wound up in jail. I may use her as part of a conspiracy event in my novel.

The Spanish–American  War may act a centerpiece for the conspiracy. Goldman will act as one faction; William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer will also play roles. I’m not positive that I will continue with this conspiracy idea, but Goldman would make a great member of my fictional cult.

Nukes For Peace


Give me my Peace prize; I have a plan to solve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.  We either nuke the region, in dispute, or turn it into a wildlife preserve; depending on compliance after a ten-year notice of evacuation. I call my plan the “Peace Frog or the End” approach. The Doors created both songs (in my plan’s name), “The End” and “Peace Frog.” A frog is a symbol of nature and “The End” is a symbol of “The End.”

I can’t say this will end the insanity, but the region has been a thorn in the world’s side, for far too long. If they can’t work to get along then nobody gets to play in the West bank and the Gaza Strip. I doubt the United Nations or the any other government will enforce my plan., but I doubt anyone will come up with anything else that will work.

Even a freak must have some acceptance of the norm


My pen name, M. Brace DeFreak (Embrace the Freak), implies the so-called normal people must accept people who deviate from the norm. But the reverse is also true, the freaks must have some understanding of the so-called norms.. The recent suicide of the transgender teen has caused some to demand change, but social change moves at a snail’s pace. Some quick movements can tip a canoe. Balance is not stagnant, but balance hates extremes in  sway.

I used this image on my post named, Monkey Girl Will You Marry This Lizard Brain Boy to poke fun at the male brain. The “Lizard Brain” reference, in my reality, alludes to the Lizard king himself – Jim Morrison of the Doors and the penis brain of most of us men. Yes, Alligator boy in the photo also factors into the post’s title but I am not being mean or apathetic. I suspect many, who worked the Freak shows, accepted their reality and had some acceptance of the visitors to the show.

I suspect Monkey Girl got a giggle when she raised a few tent poles (euphemism alert to those who can’t recognize). Some Feminists bark irrationally about sexual objection, but as super-lesbo, Camille Paglia says, “Turning people into sex objects is one of the specialties of our species.” Why do I call Paglia, super-lesbo? Because her quote shows she’s so gay, she’s a guy. Males need sexual or medical arousal to get an erection to erect those things we call – babies. Did Monkey Girl give men erections? __YES! Men are Lizard brained and the penis, in reality, is more poke-e than picky.

Body image issues come from the fashion industry and straight guys have less sway, in feminine fashion than gay guys and straight women. I made a post about the varied the body types in the porn industry’ I made a post called “”Porn for the better body image,” to illustrate this point. Hugh Grant further proved men are more poke-e than picky when he picked up a prostitute (Divine Brown), while married to the reigning Sexiest Woman (Elizabeth Hurley), at the time.

The image I used also shows women drive the body image issues. Most if not all straight men will accept the woman’s choice on pubic hair styling. Our lizard brains make us more  poke-e than picky.

I used the circus names of Percilla and Emmitt Bejano to poke brains harder, I do not mean disrespect. The main point of this post is acceptance. Does a more superficially attractive woman get more penile salutes than a woman off the normal radar of standard beauty? Yes. But I still bet Monkey Girl got salutes, too. I just hope they Percilla and Emmitt had a wonderful life.

Joanna Krupa is featured in the PETA ad. I have no problem with PETA using sexual objectification to poke brains, both men and women respond to sexual objectification; it is truly natural. I do believe they overstep, at times.

I also aim this posts at activists. We need activists to protest extreme activism? Social change needs to move slow for a reason. You need to have SOME ACCEPTANCE.

I don’t know if this post could have stopped the transgender teen, Leelah Alcorn, from committing suicide, but I hope my message of acceptance (by both sides) helps someone. I have good intent, but good intent often goes astray.

Stripping For Treesus


Jesus has some similarity to the fertility gods of old. The Pilgrims wondered in what ways the master manipulators changed the story. Muslims saw the same thing. Emperor Constantine tried to bring the pagan religions into the fold of the first Christians and changed much about the original model that people called Jesus Christ. Before the printing press, Popes could change the bible as they chose. Martin Luther said enough is enough and the first bedrock bibles came into existence to mirror stability of the Muslim Quran. Those who read Joseph Campbell, the researcher of the man’s myths, must see my point. Did Constantine and the Popes shape Jesus into the fertility deity mold or did they scrape away nature?

I see the good in nature and those who believe in Genesis must see God saw his creation as good? Could man understand things like element, molecules, and evolution? No most men are idiots and those idiots think of God as a magic man rather than a superior intellect. In this post, I’m more concerned with the divine stripper in early fertility myths. Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Venus, and others make up the divine stripper archetype. Salome means “Peace,” but she gets cast in the vile vixen role. Mary Magdalene takes the divine stripper role when Jesus cleanses her of “seven demons” which parallels the seven veils of Ishtar – Inanna – Astarte.

I show you three striptease artists of Florida film. Gypsy Rose Lee had a role in Wind Across The Everglades. You can see by the poster that the film makes use of archetypes. Demi Moore starred in Striptease, based on Carl Hiaasen’s novel by the same name. Doris Wishman starred a striptease artist in, Blaze Starr Goes Nudist. Sexy is a superpower that can be used for the common good. I gave Paris Hilton in that Golden Ass of hers, in my last post, for other than crass reasons. Yes, she used her head to make money; can’t she use some sexy for another cause.

Hiaasen often if not always features sexy women in a nature cause. I hack my way between Hiaasen, Neil Gaiman, Tim Dorsey, and James Joyce. I’m a hack, but I’m trying not to be.


Tits For Cash Or Cause


Rational versus irrational feminism. Tits do talk. PETA knows this and so do these protesters. Both men and women react to tits. The protesters on the right come from FEMEN.ORG. Breasts also make money; the movie combo on the left depicts a grab for cash. One part of the male mind just smiles because it gets to see something which gets hidden. American feminists often post some irrational things to the male mind. I can understand the business decision to expose yourself and this method of protest, but some feminists backtrack into feminism past and  complain about sexual objectification. I wish more feminists will realize the mixed messages from people calling themselves feminists.

Pussy Riot (Russia), Amina Tyler (Tunisia) and other women have gotten arrested for their activism. I understand their tits better than American tits. The latter often say, “look but don’t look.” Some will bash for use of words like tits. Does it really matter what word I use? Please have mercy on this poor male mind. Women often confuse the heck out of me. If you hate me for calling some of you irrational, so be it. I’m sure some understand.

The exploitation films made in Florida enter the equation of my own project. Many of the same women appear in these various films. Allison Louise Downe from the Goldilocks and the Three Bares will feature in a future post.