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Untitled-Woman with Peacock Martha Dewing Woodward-horz

Flagler created an art colony at St. Augustine, but like Flagler, art went south–and Martha Dewing Woodward beat him there. Woodward created the Blue Dome Fraternity, in the Catskill mountains; the Blue Dome meant under the sky, but sky-clad, as in nude, also applies. After a fire, she headed to Miami and founded the University of Miami’s art department.

I’m surprised no one has made a movie about her; a more lesbian version of Sirens. Hey, Portia and Ellen, if you take my idea—treat me right. Portia de Rossi, co-starred in Sirens; they could cameo the cast. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia cold play Woodward and her lover Louise Johnson.

I’m more involved with my own secret society. My main character is at the University of Miami doing research on the secret society and I need to decide about who links to who. Woodward makes a great leader for my most southern branch. I probably should consider Da Vinci coding Woodward’s artwork, but I doubt I have high enough definition or the eye to do the job. Symbolically. the Untitled – Woman with Peacock, works.

Forgot the credits – the two pictures come from Woodward’s page on Wikipedia which also states – used with permission of author, Alfred Frankel. I probably blew the legal stuff.

Destino of Narcissus


Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí started the short film project, Destino, but others had to finish it. I wish the two had collaborated on a larger project based on Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus because I think such a work may say, better what I’m trying to say. I see many religions and the anti-religion of Atheism as the worship of Narcissus. Yes, I am saying Atheists worship the same deity as those they hate most. Believers too often sound like knowers, just like Atheists. I originally titled my book, Matanzas Blooms, because of the massacre at Matanzas here in Florida. I saw my ancestors on both sides of the blade. I’m sure my Native American ancestors were there, also, and they had their own tribal stuff going on. I see it as fighting over who has the best god, but in reality they have the same god – Narcissus. And all your ancestors did the same stupid stuff as mine. Will we ever learn?

Dali’s painting is about nature and love, or the lack there of. I see the dog, as a dog of war, eating up the remains of a battlefield. Dali did a wonderful job but some Disney animation could add more layers to the tale. I want to walk into the picture explore Dali’s artistic talent, but I rather just visit. I rather not live there.


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Loving The Ass


A crude comedy and a romantic love story rolled into a classic. I think Canova captures Cupid and Psyche love story within the ass’s tale with the sculpture on the right. Note the beauty but also consider how the wings can allude to an ass’s ears. Her arms may form a heart, but I can see how ass’s muzzle can nuzzle above Cupids’ arm and Psyche’s breasts. It may come from my tendency toward double entendre or the artist, like Apuleius, put it there.

Even before I started weaving The Golden Ass into my novel; I had many of the same aspects. We both use metamorphoses and use fertility cults. Apuleius uses cults of Isis and Osiris; while, I make note that the names change but the roles stay the same in fertility cults. The female role often stars a mistress-goddess; which, no one dares to name. Apuleius and I also use hapless heroes and frame story technique.

The Cupid and Psyche tale falls under the term mise en abyme. Las Meninas by Velázquez, uses the visual form of this term. I use Velázquez in my first chapter for a reason; I also use mise en abyme. If my brain can can come up with a tale similar to the Cupid and Psyche tale; I might refine my use and improve on one of my weaker chapters. Don’t hold your breath; I’ve strained my brain past its limit already.

Clodion’s Cupid and Psyche (center) shows the little guys sometimes called the Putti. One of my first posts shows my thoughts.

Word to Steel


Or word to wood, Gustave Doré’ did both. Engravers brought art to the masses; they sent art to the printing press. Words do have limits illustrations can even feed the illiterate. Doré’ imprinted Camelot onto minds; he put to picture, King Author and Merlin (Bottom two illustrations adorn Lord Tennyson’s  Idylls of the King). Poe’s poem, The Raven, can stand on its own (Top two illustrations) but Doré’ sent many fantasy and Sci Fi fans to the moon with his Grim Reaper. Doré’ should get a shout out at Comic-Con because most of their world had not been invented yet.

An Ugly Paradox

Цифровая репродукция находится в интернет-музее

Smiles are attractive. They smile in your face, the back stabbers. Smiles = an ugly lie. The two outer pics, depict the trial of Phyrne. Did she display the truth? I had no time or desire to preach this message in my last post, still don’t. Too complex. A look at the Wikipedia page for Phyrne helps (also source for Phyrne images). You may see:

Truth = Beauty = Ugly = Lie

The O’Jay’s may agree. You may also note shades of pride and shame in the images of Phyrne. Poet may prefer the lesson John Keats gives in, Ode on a Grecian Urn.

PuzEls, ILLusions & AllusiOns; OhMy


Add a missing piece or many – What hope have ye. I missed a piece of puzzle in a piece of my puzzle, in my last post. I’m more hack than master, but they call me nuke waste for a reason. Once in a while a brain cell glows within the dim chaotic mess in my head. I had to use some free to use and modify images, but I painted a close match to how I see my novel. The main illusion comes from Wikipedia. Not perfect, but I’m prouder than normal. If I can make Florida appear, somewhere here; I might find kismet, again. Did kismet appear in Depp’s quote on Wikipedia? I scare myself. So, freaky. I don’t care if anybody gets it; I try and I do. Freaking Apocalyptic. Simple, but effective. I like it; don’t give a lick who else does. Thanks Pedro, I had to cheat. I’m no master, but a master gave me an idea.

Stuck in Style


How to fix? = Me no know = Do I want to?

I used a site which compares your writing to famous authors. I got Lewis Carroll. It makes sense because he writes nonsense at a children’s level. Most readers prefer less than a 6th grade reading level and I worked to get there. My allusions; which, I refuse to give up will look like Literary Nonsense to those without a key. White Rabbit makes sense.

Why write Florida version of the Irish, Finnegan’s Wake = I’m nuts

Good news = I’m not alone = Someone has worked on a Rock Opera.

You see Joseph Campbell wrote about it. I have read Campbell/Robinson’s book and others, but I can’t read the real thing. Few have read it.

I didn’t plan to write this style book. I didn’t plan to use Freaks, but read about Gibsonton and you will see why a person writing about Florida might consider using them. I planned to use Tricksters, but research showed why a Fertility Cult made sense. Disney’s Fantasia links to the Rite of Spring = Fertility of Flora = Walt Disney’s mother and Flora = Florida.

Do we control the material or does it control us? I envy people who stick to humor, poetry, or art. My book uses them all and my blog tracks my book. I’m stuck. I feel sorry when people follow my stuff and it appears to go off topic. I’m always on topic = my book. I compare modern history to the past, so trivia mixes with history. Florida history stems much from Eurasian and African history, so I jump from place to place and time to time. My nonsense makes sense.

The Spells Cast by Veils


Medea, the enchantress wears veils. The night goddess, Nyx, dawns her sheerest veil at dawn. Many dance in 7 veils. Maya, the Hindu goddess of illusion makes her magic with them. Even males have veils, see the magic in mushrooms. Do you see how often Illusion makers wear veils? Do you know the where to find the final veil?  I allude to the apocalypse. Allusions share much with illusions, both confound. Many great poets and writers throw them like daggers. James Joyce takes your head off in Ulysses. Wilde prefers metaphor, only Salome’s John loses his head. Many Cats like to play get wasted with Old Possum in The Waste Land.

My images often show a veiled statement. I’m a pig and I love a Circe in sheer veil. On the far left, you see statue of Medea erected in Batumi, Georgia. Gaston Bussière’s Dance of the seven veils (center). Phallus indusiatus stands proud like Priapus in hunt for Lotis.