Baubo–The Musical

If you seek the goddess, take a peek

In ancient Greece, women sang obscene songs in tribute to Baubo. What songs in modern times may fit a musical? A song written from the female perspective seem most apt. Above is a Baubo figurine, and an illustration of what the figurine truly shows.

Cardi B sings “WAP.” a very dirty song sang by a female about the thing that Baubo represents. It’s an acronym for Wet ass pussy.

The song, Side to Side, by Ariana Grande and featuring American rapper Nicki Minaj is about riding so hard, a girl can’t walk straight the next day–wearing out Baubo’s sacred hole.

“My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” Khia, who wants something licked other than her neck and back.

“How Many Licks?,” Lil’ Kim, a rapper who raps a buttload about sex.

“Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl,” a1931 song by Bessie Smith uses the old hot dog euphemism.

“Flower,” by Liz Phair, if the flower isn’t pink–don’t lick it.

“Toyz,” Missy Elliott, probably not sung about in ancient Greece, but many grease them up these days.

“Sex With Me,” Rihanna, also sings about how her lady parts are as sweet as cake.

A Full View of Baubo

An under the skirt look at Baubo

The original figurine (left), appears to show a headdress; but as you can better see, the figurine actually displays a skirt (right) and the headdress is actually covering for the breasts. In Greek mythology, Baubo lifted her skirt to amuse Demeter and the during rituals involving the Eleusinian Mysteries;, women would lift their skirts and sing obscene songs. Possibly, something similar to “Me So Horny” by 2 Live Crew. Baubo is considered the same as Iambe,from which we get–Iambic poetry.

The Holy Hole of Baubo

When it comes to Baubo, it’s all about the hole

The figurine above has bothered me because it doesn’t emphasize the hole, but I believe there may be an indirect reference to the hole. What looks like hair—is really a skirt and I believe it’s in the image of a pregnant woman—which is where the indirect reference to the hole comes in.

Imagine lying on the floor with a pregnant woman before you. What might you se above the skirt? Boobies would be my guess. The figurines headdress may be boobs. Painting a face on pregnant woman’s belly seems an appropriate jest, but that headdress may be another joke.

Baubo is linguistically similar to the biblical city of Babel, which means gateway to god. The natural gateway to this world is through the hole which rests between a woman’s legs, which may be referred to as Baubo’s gateway into this world. I’ve called Baubo, a portal goddess for this very reason. Yes, Baubo is a humorous deity, but her true purpose serves creation. Human creation.

I wrote the first book in the series, after the second and I failed to see the importance o Baubo, at first, so the second book in the series doesn’t use her, which is unfortunate. Maybe my humor can draw a smile from such a goddess, though.

Baubo, The Trickstarian Portal Goddess

Baubo, first and foremost, represents a portal into this world–the vulva. Portals are aspects of trickster deities, the rabbit is a mythological trickster due to the rabbit hole–the portal into another world; such as the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. In Greek mythology, Baubo jests with Demeter by pulling Iacchus through the portal, hidden underneath her skirt. The humor associated with tricksters doesn’t distinguish a deity as a deity–the portal is what makes a trickster a trickster. The Coyote’s den makes the coyote a Native American trickster deity. Fox’s, another type of trickster, use a foxhole to escape. In mythology of the Americas, ravens and crows transverse through metaphysical worlds; thereby, marking these birds as tricksters.

All tricksters have a liminal (boundary crossing) aspect. Baubo is the goddess of mirth, but mirth doesn’t make the trickster–the proverbial rabbit hole does the true trick.

The Caribbean Baubo

The Caribbean natives, the Tainos, worshiped a fertility deity known as Atabey. This deity shares a couple of attributes with Baubo, though the deities differ. Baubo corresponds to the vulva and Atabey shares the exposure. Theoretically, my Native American ancestors may be kin to the Taino because the Florida natives likely had links with Taino in Cuba. My novel features Baubo-loving fertility cult and I may use Atabey in the next book. It can’t be proven, but the Florida natives may have worshiped a similar deity of Atabey.

The image comes from Wikipedia and has the following credits:

Description English: Reproduction of petroglyph of Atabey, found in the Ceremonial park of Caguana. Puerto Rico.
Date 12 December 2011
Source Own work
Author Tainosyciboneyes

If an ancient fertility cult operated in the contemporary world

My fictional fertility cult worships Baubo; a deity associated with Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece, During the procession to Eleusis, people shouted obscenities in honor to Baubo/Iambe. Baubo cracked dirty jokes and made an obscene gesture to cheer up Demeter after Hades stole Persephone away. From this information, you can assume a contemporary cult would sexually extroverted. My cult intertwines with the adult entertainment industry, and I consider this a likely occurrence.

I often call my cult a Mata Hari cult, because they will use their sexuality for espionage and to manipulate events. The image above features Mata Hari, in her veils of exotic dance.

Description: Mata Hari, Paris, Museum Guimet
Date 13 March 1905

Baubo Beset by Bes

The image above is Beset a female-demon form of Bes, an Egyptian deity. I suspect Baubo and Beset are related. Baubo and Bes are both comedic guardians of children, as are the Cabeiri. In my third novel, my main character acts as a caretaker to a little girl, but I’m not sure why anyone would want to do the girl any harm — I need to figure out that particular motive. My main character’s rival faction is gunning for financial property, but it has nothing to do with the girl. Maybe I’ll be more motivated to write after I figure out his next motive.

Image for Wikipedia with the following credits:

English: Sudan National Museum: Female Demon Beset
Date 27 December 2016, 11:12:08
Source Own work
Author Clemens Schmillen

Understanding My Mind Map

Someone showed an obvious interest in my use of mythology, but I’m not sure if my work is understood. Florida = Fertility + Freaks is an equation to understand the foundation. Johnny Depp and his ancestry links to Florida; and you the same way you can’t  link all Depp’s movies together without the the use of Depp himself; you can’t solve my mind map without using Florida as a key piece. Baubo isn’t mentioned on my original mind map because the map only covered allusions in the second novel in the series which is the first book I wrote. Baubo is sort of a Fertility-Freak and I decided to place her atop my cult’s pantheon because I find her more interesting than Flora, the Roman Fertility goddess etymologically linked to Florida. I’ll probably make a post more about Baubo’s place in my mythology map, in the next couple of days, but it partially concerns the Egyptian concept of Ba.

Playboy comes back to salute Baubo


I assume Playboy follows my blog and brought back nude pictorials to salute my suggested Playboy Bunny of the Year— Baubo. Many famous and powerful people appear to follow my blog, Stephen Hawking apparently saw my Bikini Good, Bikini Bad post and repeated my assessment, in his book. Higgs is a bad Bikini—busom good, boson bad. The Pope reiterated my posts about the of Vatican bureaucracy. It’s possible that I unintentionally started the Ellen and Portia baby rumor. Who knew I held so much swag?

Bubo and Baubo


Bubo is a species of owl, but if you look up the etymology of bubo, you see it associates with the groin, as does Baubo. Owls and Baubo have murky connections to Hecate. Baubo is associate with the act of mooning (as in lifting up skirt of dropping your pants to show your backside) and owl associate with the moon, too.

I pondered the headdress of Baubo and none of the editorials I’ve seen resemble the horned ears of a Bubo, but it may be a fitting headdress.

Image from Wikimedia with the following credits:

Description: Bubo virginianus Wildlife Park Homossassa Springs State Park Homossassa Springs, Florida

Date 20 January 2008, 01:49

Source Great Horned Owl Uploaded by berichard

Author Riverbanks Outdoor Store from New Port Richey, FL, United States