My Family Goes Back Farther

I am to Florida as a Puerto Rican is to Puerto Rico, but Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor penalizes us for having too much White blood and she was appointed by Obama who along with his foreign father was privileged enough attend Harvard. If the US is so biased against that African heritage–why did Obama’s father choose to come here. None in my family had significant help in attending a college, It’s odd how both Sotomayor and I come from mestizo bloodlines but I’m supposed to be discriminated against because I’m generally a White guy with a Southern accent; yet, my Native American ancestor is from a tribe more native than the Seminoles; they steal my ancestors’ bones.

Former literary agent, Amy Boggs, also discriminated against White, straight males until my email made her a former agent. I can’t prove I’ve been blackballed by literary agencies due to my stand against bigotry against me, but it’s certainly a possibility–literary agencies do not like being criticised, but I don’t care for abusive racism aimed against me and I have several personal incidents where those of another complexion harassing me, in my homeland.

White (genderist) Feminists seem like Boggs and the View from the Drawbridge lady spat hate at straight White guys. Boggs deserved to lose her job because she didn’t believe fair treatment should be applied to all and Barbara what’s her face should lose her job as a Seattle drawbridge operator because she showed no apology for her bigotry. There are many White Feminist elitists with this same attitude toward discrimination and they should all be the White people to lose their job for bigotry reasons.

Dream State by Diane Roberts mentions how rich White elitist from the North discriminated against White natives such as my family (though they have Native American roots), My novels feature different time periods in Florida history an I noticed how the cover above depicts the time periods within the lettering which is cool but I’m not sure if I should do something similar.

Any lawyers who want to sue Obama and Sotomayor for me–feel free to contact me.

She’s a Beauty


Fee Waybill, lead singer for The Tubes, acts as carnival barker in the She’s a Beauty music video. The boy, now a girl, Alexis Arquette (formerly Robert) ages as he, now she, rides through a sideshow filled with scantily clad women. Beauty consumes the consumers; the multibillion dollar advertising makes positive proof. Deviation from the norm of blandness — a freak — also freaks out marketing charts. Do some freaks crave attention? Priscilla, like many freaks, draws eyes without conscious desire. Money for looks beats giving them away for free.

Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love shows us a look at freak fetish; it feature an underground strip club where a girl with a tail can sell her tail. I have forgotten how much the conjoined twins for each Dick and John, but they made rare coin. I may have found the book after researching for books on cults; she uses a freak cult like I do. My history research drove me to make a freak cult, but I’m sure Dunn has a subconscious influence effect on my writing.

I prefer invisibility and have empathy for those labeled as freaks, with no desire for eyes. One syllable words like “freak and “girl” find their way into my work for simple reasons; I prefer simplicity, but my mind sees complexity. I find all humans and their language odd; my word choice reflects the oddity. Yes, I see myself as a normal alien on an odd planet.


Scheme to Theme


Note to self: Find your prime point before your book leaves its prime. Theme = Foundation.

Florida = Theme Park = Nature or life itself

Karen Russell almost sums up her, Swamplandia!, theme to this: …ghosts of the past, and their doomed, miraculous visions of the future, that they keep missing one another in the present. I think the three dots caused her a problem. Most people leave Swamplandia frustrated because Russell did not sum up quick. Florida/Nature/Life paralleled to a theme park turns her story into a two character book and rids her of a disjointed character. A simple theme helps shape character arc and your overall plot. An author’s style may not match a reader, but a poor foundation never matches an author. Russell’s Magic realism limits her readership to fans of the style. Sometime you don’t need a third piece. The undertones of the cover go with the Silver Springs photo, but the Gatorland photo looks ill fit. It just works as contrast in the literary realm. Some people need different types of editors. I screw up in other ways.



Alice Nutter — Witch? Doubts on both counts, but possible. The witch part depends on what makes a witch. Many today adopt the witch label. Does brewing up old recipes make someone a witch? The crime came from the overreaction. The Church of England resembled the Catholic Church in patriarchal  bureaucracy. Some systems resist change. The Lancashire witch trials show justice in inaction.

Salem citizens admitted their wrong, but Popes and Kings stay away from such admission. Some Americans learned a lesson, some will never learn. We may have even gone backward in more recent years.

Gaiman and Pratchett did a good job with Good Omens. They have both done better work and I’m sure the team writing helps and hurts in different ways.

The Crews Way to Twist Screws


Harry Crews uses shock. Lightning served great purpose to primitive man; it started fires and fire can be very good. Some may start fires with these books. Crews doesn’t shy away from much and will offend the book burning type. He wrote one book about a guy eating a car to make a case against, what he saw as, an irrational love for cars.

The outer two books look at religion and the snakes you find. You often seen snakes in religion. In Feast of Snakes, Crews shows the practice in extreme. Snakes symbolize intertwining bodies; male anatomy; life reborn. in their shedding skin; and eternity, in the circle form shown on the cover. The Gospel Singer shows a devil in angel form. A charlatan who preys on people in their search for hope.

The Hawk is Dying comes in book and movie form. Falconry, an old practice, and when you favor Free Bird; it hurts a little.

Celebration takes place at a trailer park for retired persons. A young woman sparks some old fires. Naked in Garden Hills takes place in my neck of the woods, Bone Valley. I made a short post on phosphate and it shows a book about the importance. Crews writes about her rape of land.

One Cover Doesn’t Reflect the Subject


Nature and gods may fit the first two, but the town got together and shot the dude in the third. Change the image or the title, or both. Change Shadow Country to, “Perspectives,” and put a man with a gull flying over his head then add some guns aimed their way. The pacifist in Peter Matthiessen may have said no, but I can’t believe he had set convictions. Bad marketing and a deceptive image hurt the book I love. Take the cover move it to another subject and I like it, but not on this book.

Known for nature writing, Matthiessen keeps some nature and adds humans to the equation. You see various perspectives about what happened; he leaves the reader a choice in what to believe. It may fit unsolved mystery fans the best even though we know many facts about the case. Some things stay in the shadows; hence, the name. I can fit the image and name in after reading the book, but still I disagree. I do agree with the historical facts and figures because I researched much the same material. I see many kin of my kin in the book and mixed race family mirrors my family, but I have even more variety.

Poet to Novelist to Screenwriter


Dorothy Porter appears to have made the jump. I haven’t read the the book nor have I seen the movie, but I know the difficulty in the leap. James Dickey, the poet, made the Leap with Deliverance; I have read and watched both works. I am allusion crazy and I realize people can’t always follow allusions without help. I found The Monkey’s Mask while trying to depict the use of the mask in my book. My mask does make a monkey of my main character, if you apply the cliché. We both appear to use BDSM, but mine is closer to how the housewife wanted to make Edward Scissorhands a sex toy. I write with humor, but Porter must fit the erotic thriller genre. My Related posts: The Dickey Experience and Hapless Heroes