A Realistic Celebrity Cult is Unrealistic

Take for example the sex cult, NXIVM, which the two lead actresses from the TV series, Smallville, took part. Kristin Kreuk was an A-list celebrity and she got her costar, Alison Mack, involved in the cult. Kreuk left but Alison Mack became second in command in the BDSM-friendly cult. Mack was the lead lesbian and teamed up with the cult leader to brand their followers. Sounds unreal, but it’s true.

My fiction involves a cult and it may be to realistic considering how crazy celebrity cults seem to get. Scientology branched off of the cult known as Thelema when Scientology’s founder stole from Jack Parsons, a true rocket scientist.

The Gossip Game

Rebecca KennisonGermanySingelfingenGossips-h

Mythology has a name game. Cultures steal from one another and the name may or may not transfer. You don’t just have the problem of different languages and dialects, but you also have the problem caused by the gossip game. I’m sure many have played the game where words get passed along through a chain of people and you find out how the words may get muddled. The Greek Pheme and the Roman Fama may be victims of their on powers of corruption. The goddesses may translate best to fame, but gossip often acted as the bugle. Pheme turned into a morpheme of morpheme by way of linguistic terminology. Ain’t ’linguistics fun. And “ain’t” ain’t improper in linguistics.

Trivia also relates to fame and it comes from another goddess. Like it or not, trivial stuff makes news. We might deem Paris Hilton as Shallow-throat, but she got a shot of money without doing a true money shot. I wonder how many bucks, though her resulting fame, she got for performing a common practice.

I use trivial trivia in my book because it does reflect society.

Gossips of Sindelfingen, Germany from Rebecca Kennison by way of Wikimedia.

Sculpture of Pheme/Fama on the roof of the Dresden University of Visual Arts. It was sculpted by Robert Henze, it stands on the Brühl’s Terrace. (also from Wikimedia)

The Wheel of Depp


What are the odds? Two women with past relationships with Johnny Depp have posed as target girls in knife throwing acts. Vanessa Paradis, Depp’s baby momma, played a target girl in Girl on the Bridge. Kate Moss posed on the “wheel of death,” for the photographer team of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, in the April 2006 issue of W magazine. Destiny and Kismet indeed, Mr. Depp. I wanted an interesting image to Fortuna and her wheel of fate. The artistic representation of Fortuna’s wheel seemed surprisingly thin, so I searched for Death’s wheel and I had a better spin. Depp represents Florida and I can justify (to myself) the use of these ladies in my allusions. I still need to add the allusions, but I have some ideas.


She’s a Beauty


Fee Waybill, lead singer for The Tubes, acts as carnival barker in the She’s a Beauty music video. The boy, now a girl, Alexis Arquette (formerly Robert) ages as he, now she, rides through a sideshow filled with scantily clad women. Beauty consumes the consumers; the multibillion dollar advertising makes positive proof. Deviation from the norm of blandness — a freak — also freaks out marketing charts. Do some freaks crave attention? Priscilla, like many freaks, draws eyes without conscious desire. Money for looks beats giving them away for free.

Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love shows us a look at freak fetish; it feature an underground strip club where a girl with a tail can sell her tail. I have forgotten how much the conjoined twins for each Dick and John, but they made rare coin. I may have found the book after researching for books on cults; she uses a freak cult like I do. My history research drove me to make a freak cult, but I’m sure Dunn has a subconscious influence effect on my writing.

I prefer invisibility and have empathy for those labeled as freaks, with no desire for eyes. One syllable words like “freak and “girl” find their way into my work for simple reasons; I prefer simplicity, but my mind sees complexity. I find all humans and their language odd; my word choice reflects the oddity. Yes, I see myself as a normal alien on an odd planet.


If you, C-K-E-Y Britney


Is Spears headying James, as in Joyce? Old news, but this odd couple twisted their way into my stuff. The former Mouseketeer spears Joyce’s pun, but a gang behind Spears did the thrusting; three Swedes pop from behind the pop machine. An Indian-American, not an an American Indian, also put in a few licks (see the writers on the If You Seek Amy page). I get intertextual with sirens, just like Joyce; I got very intertextual with xTina, my other siren and Mouseketeer. It was no oops… I did it again, when I did again to Britney. Allusions fall under the broader class of intertextuality and I love to allusion. I’ve posted Britney; tomorrow, I may have Joyce do some lotus eating on Christina, the Aguilera species of Diva. This is James Joyce week for me.


Wiccans, Wobots, and Beer


(The almost true story of a computer god) Like all men, John Atanasoff dreamed of Wobots. He had to give it a brain. A barmaid served him a beer; he saw, 1+1, the ideal pair. A binary max, the first electronic computer bore fruit in his mind. Coors took credit when they gave him an award, but the barmaid played the muse. Phosphorus is the fire of life and it gave fire to Atanasoff; he had to get away from the fire and brimstone. You see, Atanasoff grew up in the Phosphate Capital of the World; he grew up in Mulberry. Not Opie’s home town; closer to brother Clint‘s neck of the woods.
The monument built for Atanasoff stands in Sofia, Bulgaria; his father came from the Yambol province.

The Rosicrucian (top right) vision of Sofia; it bears likeness to the Wicca version of she who is Wisdom incarnate. Ada Lovelace (top left) served wisdom to the computer god, Charles Babbage. Like Inanna to Enki. She, too, served a beer. Hedy Lamarr, the frequency hopper, had a hand in Wi-FI. Did she serve a beer? Of course. What did Inanna serve Enki to steal the Mes? Beer.

Lovelace and Hedy have deep history, here in Florida. But watch out for when Hooters serves Hecate’s beer. Until then, hoist a beer to Enki, the Geyser God, give hail to the Lizard King , and be wary woe-bots — may await to arise.

Designing Wobots


In Star Trek, Harry Mudd (rhymes with Fudd) made many wobots and one woe-bot (bottom pics). Jokes at bottom, setup up top. I hint about Designing Women using a Florida theme. Two cast members (top left) fit; it takes Annie Potts out of the equation. Plus, the new Star Trek might see fit to cast Annie as Woe-bot wife. I see Jean Smart as Overkill. My choice, Delta Burke (top right); she also comes in plus size if you prefer. The former Miss Florida and obvious “sex object” had a role in the feminist movie, A Bunny’s Tale. In the movie, Kristie Alley plays Gloria Steinem during her time as a Playboy Bunny. Steinem is the feminist who coined the term,“sex object.”  Women may see the mixed message sent in sex object status. I’m sure straight guys do. Kristie Alley also plays a hot Vulcan (not Hephaestus) in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; this Scientologist also comes a plus size version.

Wobots show cleavage; Woe-bots show cleavers. Insert your choice in Leave it to Beaver jokes. You have to watch out for crazy eye. Giving your wobot, guided missile eye for your guided missile may work well if you get the cleavage – cleaver programming right. Comic book guys know Metal Men may come in Iron, Lead, and Tin; but wobots need some Platinum. Add some rose nectar for a touch of Serenity and if you don’t know about another Lenore. Still a high risk for woe-bot; even Big Bang brain like Kripke can’t figure out feminist wabbits.

One note of interest to me; Gloria Steinmen’s buddy: Florynce “Flo” Kennedy.

It Gives Good Tail

MANATEE_FUGAnd I mean the Manatee. It did the ooze.  You know the butt up – butt down undulation move that starlets do; like a Candace Parker, go to move. You may have seen the Fox do it at the movies. Miss Jones did it all through, Entrapment, looking like 007 bait. I know why horned seamen dreamed in mermaid, about manatee tail. I’m joking and I’m not. Any PETA girl, named Fox, wanting me to show them how much I love a manatee; drop me a line. I might take me some hook, line and sinker. I don’t joke about Candace, Last I knew her husband was one big dude.

Conan had a Horny Manatee and 13 Miami authors combined to make Naked Came the Manatee. Conan may have it backward.

Don’t Kill Johnny Depp


Replace kill with Wonderful Life and figure it out. Depp comes from Dieppe like the French dudes on the right. In Florida, we have place called Matanzas; it means massacre. Many men from Dieppe died there. Depp comes from Huguenot stock and they died in many places because they didn’t conform to Big Religion. Many died at the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre due to men with white crosses. My kin may have tried to kill Depp’s kin, but I also have Huguenot blood and we might be kin. I wrote my book because I saw my kin trying to kill my kin. Everyone has enemy ancestors in their blood. Face facts and don’t kill for god. If god can create; god can destroy without puny humans. (Big Duh!)

A Squint Eye Look At Squint Eye


I’m sure others have looked at Renee Zellweger and wondered what is wrong with her. All these people come from Sami ancestry. Genetics comes down to whether your ancestor went right or left. They went north. Generations in snowy areas can lead to squint eyes and/or polar bear, white skin.  Catholic means universal, but shamans are universal. Renee’s great-granddad may have had the shaman’s drum seen in the lower right. Kutkh (Raven Spirit) myth flew from Siberia to the Americas, just like the bird. Native Americans have many genetic and cultural links to fishers in the arctic. The first Japanese came from a similar tribe. Genes are tricky like the raven. I don’t have a link to Sami genes unless it come from my Native American blood. I just need to do some explaining about things in my book. Natives in Florida, Mayans, Huns and many others flattened their heads (cranial deformation) to get squint eye. Beauty and normality are in the eye of the beholder.