Possible Cover for Factions of a dWARf


WAR—  stands out and the rest of the tittle hides in the background which is good in the fact it proclaims, WAR, is a literary element of the novel. The problem– people may call the novel, WAR, rather than by its proper name Factions of a Dwarf.

The devilish stripper is posed as fish bait and, in the novel, jailbait is the bait for blackmail. The image also has the look of a circus performer hanging from a rope, which partly captures my Carny theme. My mythology element doesn’t stand out, but the image could pass for a nymph or a demon.

The other cover, I made, features Baubo, but this cover captures more literary elements— such as a Feminist war. I’ll wait out the month to see if any agents show an interest. Decisions about formatting still await.

From One Freak Show To Another


The Billboard Music Awards are on, so I want to pay homage to their history. Their origins are closely tied to Freak Shows. When I stumbled onto an article about a gathering of circus folk, in Gibsonton, I didn’t realize it was the origin of what became Billboard Music. They started charting the top playing records in jukeboxes and grew from there. They should do a commemoration show to their Freak Show origin. It is possible to do it tastefully and instructively.

I suspect my novel will have a mention of the magazine and the images come from Wikimedia.

File:Billboard01 FirstIssue.jpg

DescriptionBillboard01 FirstIssue.jpg en:Billboard first issue 1894 Date 1894 Source the actual magazine Author Billboard Magazine

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File:Billboard03 1896.jpg

DescriptionBillboard03 1896.jpg en:Billboard xmas 1896 Date xmas 1896 Source the actual magazine Author Billboard Magazine

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Toulouse Circus and Cabaret


Toulouse-Lautrec featured the circus and the cabaret, in his art; the two share many features. Poor Toulouse, he was an ill-fit dwarf. Some people can handle being a dwarf, some can’t. Lautrec handled his dwarfism by being an alcoholic.

I’ve decided to make a fictional cabaret; named, Lautrec. It will have a circus theme and will probably be in Palm Beach. Of course, the club will be very exclusive and my fictional secret society will own it. My fictional cult is circus-cabaret themed, so Lautrec fits right in.

Even Our College Has A Circus

fsu circus

For a long time, Florida had a clown college and a collegiate circus; we lost the clown college, but FSU still has a circus. Florida State was a female only college, but in 1947 they started allowing men. Someone must have heard, ‘Send in the clowns,’ because they started the circus in the same year.

My fictional cult is female only and has a connection to the circus, so FSU is a great place for my cult to thrive.

Cows Taught Man to Jump


Ranching requires acrobatics. Other animals gave man a few lessons, but bulls created an art form. Horses came next, the Cossacks, Gurians, and other tribes along the Eurasian steppes became the horse masters; their acrobatics came about for warfare reasons. Eventually these skills became circus and the rodeo related.

Ranching, in the US, began in Spanish Florida. The circus took a bit longer to reach us, but Florida probably is the circus capital of US. Moscow is probably the circus capital of the world and for that reason I have been researching Russian ties to Florida. The Spanish seem to keep their acrobatics tied to the bull. Florida still has ties to the bull, but the full circus act came when Ringling set up shop in Sarasota.

My first writing revolves around Florida, so I write about cows, the circus, and such. Spain played a big roll in Florida and Russia–not so much, but there is a connection. The two images above come from the Wikipedia page on bull leaping. The top one is a fresco found at a temple in Knosis; the bottom is ‘The Speed and Daring of Juanito Apiñani in the Ring of Madrid’ by Francisco de Goya.

A Freak No More

Stevens Wagner

Tattoos have become commonplace; the freak may have to go without. Side shows acted as peep shows; the freaks in a circus often went by different obscenity laws. Maud Stevens Wagner became the Tattooed Lady to add another element to her contortionist act. Men have always had an appreciation for flexible women. The freak by choice is different than the natural-born freak. The freaks by choice may have only had a choice about their exterior; they may have had freak brain. Someone with natural-born differences in their physical appearance may have been all normal on the inside. Tattoos are symbols and you can see how they became a symbol for freaks. I felt my book needed a tattooed lady for the symbology; I just had to use a combination of elements to keep her closer to the freak world than the norm. Sometimes one element doesn’t do; you need many.


Slather on the Slitherer


Snakes take the crown from the Bulls at the Religious Stakes. I write about religious roots and snakes have a larger fan base; if you count the haters as a type of fan. I wrote about Minoan bull-leaping, but the Minoans also had the snake goddess seen on the far right. Snakes deserve another scene in my book. The cattle culture plays a large role in my writing, but snakes need a larger role.

Circus acts use snakes for the same reason as religions; the Circus of Fear gives good title to the reason why both use snakes. Priests from the Inquisition would have burned Britney Spears at he snake for promoting rival religious beliefs. Pagans and Gnostics had higher opinions about snakes. Fear places a part in the snake’s charm, but Britney’s sexing of the snake shows the other reason for their appeal.