Why The Prostitute Came To Rollestown

My book trailer focuses on the backstory of my fictional fertility cult. I often describe my cult as a Mata Hari cult; they play cards with their feminine wiles; they play for high stakes, but the game occasionally backfires. This painting by Wouter Crabeth II happened to tell the story I envisioned – a prostitute, listed on the Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies, who needs to escape to the colonies.

Denys Rolle built the colony of Rollestown, in what is now Palatka, Florida. Other colonists didn’t care for the fold Rolle brought to farm the land. They say he brought prostitutes, so I adopted them into my fictional fertility cult.

Image from Wikimedia with the following credits:

Artist: Wouter Crabeth II (circa 1594/1595–1644) Link back to Creator infobox template wikidata:Q759831
Title Card players. wikidata:Q22084423
Date second quarter of 17th century
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions 134.7 × 169 cm (53 × 66.5 in)
Current location
National Museum in Warsaw (MNW) Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q153306
2nd floor
Accession number M.Ob.531 (129589)
Object history 1948: purchased by National Museum in Warsaw (MNW) from Tadeusz Kijewski
Inscriptions Signature: W. Crabeth f.
Jan Białostocki, Michał Walicki (1955). Malarstwo europejskie w zbiorach polskich, 1300-1800. PIW, p. 501
Source/Photographer pl.pinterest.com

18th Century Hookers Don’t Look Much like Hookers


The image above comes, A Harlot’s Progress [via Wikipedia], a series of engravings (1732) by the English artist William Hogarth. I added color and added definition, but nothing short of a complete makeover would make the younger woman into a prostitute and the older, a brothel madam. If I continue working on a book trailer, I need to show an 18th-century hooker. I have options nad I suspect I will use an image other than the one above.

The Courtesan Cult


Courtesans fit better as fertility cult members than the notorious lesbians from my last post. The women above had the credentials and stigma of pornstars in today’s world. Lola Montez (bottom left) worked as a courtesan, in the same time period, Sarah Bernhardt’s mother worked as a lower class prostitute. Sarah Bernhardt (bottom right) also worked as a high-class courtesan and reached similar fame, as Montez.

Countess Valtesse dela Bigne (top left) gave courtesan training to Liane de Pougy (top right), who went on to share the stage with Sarah Bernhardt. Women in the arts often had scandalous histories because religion mandated that good girls become wives and mothers. Women who prefer career to housewife and mother, owe these celebrity bed jumpers for their choice.

I’m making a fictional fertility cult and Liane de Pougy’s bisexuality creates a link with famous lesbians, from my last post. Pougy and Natalie Clifford Barney spent time as lovers.

Lewinsky Versus the Prostitute


I doubt many people favor doctors getting their credentials through sexual favor. The sex act doesn’t trouble me as long as it is consensual and safe but trading sex for promotion does happen. Mainstreaming gay males worries me a bit for the same reason. Men probably still lead the sex addict race, so males will probably cause more sex trouble in the workplace. I guess, I prefer an honest whore (with apologies to honest prostitutes).

I don’t know if Lewinsky garnered favors for sexual favors, but  it still seems better if Clinton went for a security checked prostitute. Business needs to separate from pleasure. Our medical system is so bad, the pharmaceutical industry must use sex to sell.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey (right) was the woman known as the Washington Madame; she grew up in Florida and died here. I use her as part of my courtesan trivia. Hookers have a long history in Washington; I wonder if many shared a similar fate. Officially Palfrey’s death was a suicide but of course there are murder rumors which are conceivably true.

I use a Dante’ hellish technique to depict what I think of sexual business favors, in one of my chapters. I believe a legalized version of Palfrey may be better than a Lewinsky relationship. Both pics came from Wikipedia.

Sexual Analysis in Writing


Writers are people readers. Movement has meaning. Every head tilt and eye wink has meaning in fiction writing. Movement is more casual in the real world but you still see a lot of performance art.

Sex workers analyze and do performance art regularly. My time in the Navy made me familiar with strip clubs. I often found myself in analysis battle. Women have seduction moves. I consider Paris Hilton a “neck girl” because she often elongates her neck in poses. Many women have a talent for guiding eyes to where they want them to go. Yoga probably gained popularity due to the time women hold their seductive stances. My guess is that most women prefer the seduction game more the sex itself.

I use the Belle De Jour book because she played several roles in the sex analysis game; researcher, blogger, and call girl.. Brooke Magnanti (her real name) fits my Florida and fertility themes, but I haven’t found a place to allude to her in my novel. An observer role probably will work best. I’ve done historical courtesan research to find candidates for my fertility cult. Modern day courtesans, with Florida connections, fit a trivia role.

I used the movie from which Magnanti took her name, in my previous version of this post. I changed it to this book cover of “The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl.”

Popes Versus Prostitutes


Prostitutes in ancient Greece tried to offer their services in exchange for acts performed on boys. Whether its was more business rather concern, I can not say, but it appears more they may have had more concern than our present day Roman Catholics. In a way you say support our local pedophiles by attending a Roman catholic Church. All you have to do is sit at home and they will have to reform. You don’t vote in and out your leaders like many other religions, so you need to boycott in order to hold your leaders accountable. I saw what looked like free advertisement and public relations on a political news show and these recent posts stem partly from the obvious farce. Do our politicians renounce their faith to get action? No. Like I said the political news media gives a free endorsement. People should never refer to politicians as prostitutes because it as insult to the latter.

My research on fertility rites has ventured me into courtesan research. It sounds like in ancient times the wives had to keep pure and got missionary sex. Boys got bent over a pedestal, but were forbidden to play the flute. Prostitutes did the flute playing, and like I said, volunteered to bend over. The Vatican just wants to play shell games with priests and diddle some bits. No Roman Catholic will get my vote after this lack of action by our politicians. The UN report about the Vatican stall job also got me thinking on these issues.

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Does Enchantress = Witch?


Inquisitors put Veronica Franco on trial to answer the question. Beauty does have power and many often abuse power. Inquisitors abused theirs and they blamed Franco for their own mess; they blame her for the plague. The plague came from dead bodies and Inquisitors made the dead bodies, not a witch, nor a god, just religious zeal. Rats feeding off of rotting bodies and fleas feeding of the rats caused the plague. Religious parasites do much harm. God may be good, but the religious tend to get very bad. Not far away on France, many white crosses had stains of blood.

The 1st Mata Hari?


In my last post, Cardinal Richelieu pimped out his puppet Cinq Mars to puppeteer King Louis XIII of France. I left out Marion Delorme because I have doubts about the truth; sleeping with the beheader takes a stone-cold heart. If Cinq Mars and Marion Delorme did have a relationship and the latter slept with the man who had Mars beheaded; then scorn, money, and/or power had to enter the equation. Love turned to hate may have sent Marion Delorme from Cinq Mars bed to Cardinal Richelieu’s. A money motive may make sense; if she did have a cold heart. Maybe she feared Cardinal Richelieu more; he did win the power play with King Louie. Someone needs to adapt Victor Hugo’s, Marion Delorme; or Alfred de Vigny, Cinq Mars, to a modern audience.

Power Brokers and Backstreet Pokers


The Cardinal pimped out a kid to the King, so he could puppeteer the King through said kid. As an adult, the kid loses his head in trying to get back at the Cardinal. A saintly Courtesan, who the Cardinal tries to bed, paves the way for French Enlightenment.

France invented the Soap Opera. After the death of his father,  Cinq-Mars went under the (wink-wink) wing of the Cardinal’s friend. Seven  years later at the age of nineteen (too old for the true pedophile), Cardinal Richelieu pimped the teen out to King Louis XIII of France. The king preferred the grimace of BDSM over pedophilia. I take this quote about the beheading of Cinq-Mars from Wikipedia:

“Je voudrais bien voir la grimace qu’il fait à cette heure sur cet échafaud” (I would like to see the grimace he is now making on that scaffol

Anne “Ninon” de l’Enclos, after leaving a nunnery education, made her living playing hostess in literary salons. Artists and poets need a muse; Ninon knew how to muse. Salons have mixed reputation in history because the free love often practiced, often lead to donations for services. Ninon also gave back. In her early thirties, Ninon helped out the young and struggling Molière; she helped educate her accountant’s son (Voltaire) and named him in her will. Cardinal Richelieu once offered fifty thousand crowns for a night with Ninon; she took his gold, but sent over someone else to play with the Cardinal.