Porn and the Towers of Faith


Pornstar Harry Reems lost his life to alcohol and Christian preacher saved him; another preacher crumbled that faith.Reems starred in the Christian based porn epic, Devil in Miss Jones. The plot borrows from Dante Alighieri’s depiction of hell and it probably proved porn is the best medium by which to depict Dante’s vision. Back to Reems and the two preachers; the first preacher cared about souls and the second cared about the collection plate. Atheists love to focus on the televangelists pleading for money through fifty-five minutes of an hour-long show, but the symbol of Christ has saved various types of abusers from spiraling down even further.

Ron Jeremy and the XXXchurch is another interesting story which harkens when Protestant women helped “fallen angels” (prostitutes) start a new life.

The “towers of faith” play a part in the scene I am creating. Faith in doctors is another tower of faith; and in my case, the tower has crumbled. I’m not sure if a bad experiences with psychiatrists helped build the Church of Scientology but they do offer a look at twin towers of differing faith. The Fort Hood shooter makes Tom Cruise’s rant about psychiatry look awfully sane. Roman Catholicism and Islamism cries of heresy make the Space Ghost religion look saner, as well. I’m sorry if my limited research about Scientology  caused me to see it as a Space Ghost religion, but the communication about the belief system seems vague.

I used Anais Nin, in a previous post, because her tale involves several towers of trust. Sexual relations with two trust figures, her father and her Freudian psychiatrist, makes Nin’s story fit my analogy.

Putting sex in my Tower of Pride seems logical because of the nature of my main character. Narcissism has many sex related elements.

Reems was Jewish before conversion to Christianity; he was also an US Marine. He filmed the sex scenes for Deep Throat in Florida. Gerard Damiano, director and producer of both porn movies mentioned, had a long history in Florida and died here; which, fits my regional theme.

Doomed to Purgatory


Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle’s main character found himself trapped in Purgatory, in their first novel of the series (Inferno). The main character, Allen Carpenter is an agnostic science fiction writer, somewhat similar to me. Purgatory does seem like a fitting place because I sit in the middle of most issues. Politically, I’m an Independent. As a writer, I often find myself in Purgatory. I thank or blame the Muses for my ideas or the lack thereof. I’m stuck in the middle of this chapter in rewrite, but I have a beginning and an end. The Muses seem to rule Purgatory.

When I began writing my novel; I did a search to find works similar to my original idea. Niven and Pournelle borrowed from Dante’s Inferno and the theology of C S Lewis‘s The Great Divorce. I probably should read Lewis’s book because it apparently uses similar concepts.My posts to my blog fall off when I’m in a deep funk. Waiting for the Muse is frustrating, but I have no other choice.

Milking the Beasts


I use three female beasts in my first chapter because Dante used three in the divine comedy. I don’t use Dante’s beasts or even those pictured, but do use elements from Dante and these pictures. I make a point about highlighting “Milk.” Tricksters play a big part in mythology, folklore, and my novel. Uncle Remus (left image) gives us a collection of trickster tales. Romulus, Remus, and the she-wolf gave us Rome.

Alice Walker said Joel Chandler Harris (author of the Uncle Remus tales) stole African heritage. I wish we had Zora Neale Hurston’s opinion because of her anthropology and folklorist background. I’m betting Hurston would side with Julius Lester, a black folklorist and .Ralph Ellison, who both  endorse the Uncle Remus tales, according to Wikipedia. I’m not sure what Walker’s relationship is with her daughter, but I will also bet Rebecca Walker well see my reasoning.

I consider myself an equal opportunity misanthrope these days, but I can see myself mooring with Hurston if   Emily Dickinson has her fill of suitors. I much prefer Rebecca Walker’s version of feminism over her mother’s, but if I think I may prefer crawling into the coffin with Zora, if she will have me. Zora might have her fill of suitors, too. I need a list of authors to do in the afterlife. Even Christina Rossetti’s brother (Gabriele Rossetti), seemed to have a thing for her and have you read Goblin Market; talk about Super Freak‎, Rick James probably has her on turnstile.

Note to self: Consider a Christina Rossetti allusion. Big bonus –she’s part Vampyre; for real.

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Descent Into Lit


The writer’s journey may mirror the hero’s. I have mirrored Dante; I descended into a type of hell. A writer needs to study technique, but realize most techniques deal with generalities. Vogler’s plot structure matches up well with Freytag’s Pyramid and most can see their logic. They both plot tension. Do you limit yourself to one climax? I hope not. Many people choose books on the blurb you use to sum up your book; others go for the first page, others a random page, and a few go straight to the end. Multiple peaks give you better odds. A quick and early hit may not act as the climax, but a slow straight line needs a famous name or master craftsmanship to entice the reader. I use Dante in many ways; I doubt people can agree on his climax. I went for 6 to 9; it sounds like a recipe for a pair of climaxes. Sorry, when you write about a fertility cult your mind starts thinking in buns and puns. I colored up another Gustave Dore woodcut to go with the Gustav Freytag diagram.

What in Hell


The underworld sure did change. Orpheus sees flowers when he descends. Dante saw fire and ice. Hell went by another name during the days of Orpheus, but Dis apparently changed meaning. “Dis,” meant rich and Dis Pater (rich father) ruled the Roman underworld then Christ came along and froze his accounts. When  winter comes to Rome, spring goes to the Land Down Under though the Dire Straits. Heavenly hell wins Allusion Island in Myth versus Reality.

First pic from Wikimedia: Orpheus in the underworld by Henryk Siemiradzki. I colored up Gustave Dore’s picture of Satan in his icy hell, found here: