The Dis of Destiny


The Norse spirits, The  Dis cross between the characteristics of Valkyrie’s and The Fates. I loosely followed the Hero’s Journey when I wrote this recent novel and the Dis take the role of mentor by offering historical information, about the cult, to my main character.

Unfortunately, I didn’t detail the three women enough for anyone to recognize them as the Dis, but that’s partly because few are acquainted with their myth and even those who know the most about them – know very little. To most people, they will appear more like three witches in the woods, swamp witches, or just three elderly ladies.

The Mickey Mouse Illuminati Society

Mickey Mouse head and ears

Do I believe there is a Musketeer Illuminati Society? Not really. I probably just find coincide in my research. Florida is a theme in my novel and many superstars graduated from, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club ( the 1989–1995 revival featured: Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and  another NSYNC member Joshua Scott “J.C./JC” Chasez .

I don’t know if Spears or Timberlake are related to the original Florida people with those names, but the fictional conspiracy theory is somewhat humorous and I can use all the humor I can get to improve my mood.

The mind map I made features the world of DIS, as in:

Flora is another coincidence. I play with:

I try to focus on my novels and this blog for my novel, but my rage has burst out several times this week. Not may people look at my blog, but I apologize somewhat for the rage—if doctors and our leaders came close to doing a competent I wouldn’t be bursting. Researching, such things, keeps my mind off the bad stuff and this is just a fictional conspiracy theory. Even though it seems many blamed Disney for the bad reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Who knows what games rich people play, I just know the VA has me totally flustered.

Image came from Wikimediaa

What in Hell


The underworld sure did change. Orpheus sees flowers when he descends. Dante saw fire and ice. Hell went by another name during the days of Orpheus, but Dis apparently changed meaning. “Dis,” meant rich and Dis Pater (rich father) ruled the Roman underworld then Christ came along and froze his accounts. When  winter comes to Rome, spring goes to the Land Down Under though the Dire Straits. Heavenly hell wins Allusion Island in Myth versus Reality.

First pic from Wikimedia: Orpheus in the underworld by Henryk Siemiradzki. I colored up Gustave Dore’s picture of Satan in his icy hell, found here:


Making Babies


What makes an iconic scene? Let’s take the Ghost scene in baby steps. The top of the vase in Demi Moore’s hand has semblance to a good size penis. Spread leg give more hint, but one last thing can be seen after the skin and the eye contact – the symbol of creation – the potters wheel.

Why, the naked blacksmith? Hephaestus made the first woman, Pandora, according to myth. Did Hephaestus hammer Pandora from an unknown nymph mother? Well, he was a blacksmith. Maybe, you can take MC Hammer’s Hammertime as a loving act of creation; maybe, you can’t. I use it to make a point about how the Egyptian god, Ptah, split into both Hephaestus and Pluto (The Greek chthonic fertility god  known as Dis Pater to the Romans. Ptah was a craftsman god, he also was a god of the underground. Dis Pater means “rich father,” as in riches of earth. He is the father of the buds of may, from my last post. I think Flora represents the nurse, not the mother. She fits in as a character on  the Parabiago plate, as seen on one of my first ever posts. I think gods and goddesses act like categories, Flora subs for one of the lovers when they wanted to fill the flower category. Flora is a subcategory of Proserpina (Persephone – Korē).

The Blacksmith gif comes from Wikimedia and Eadweard Muybridge. If you want to riddle out how Kismet brings Flora and the Dis of Disney; you can read about him and think about the the dis, Flora, and kismet tags on my blog.