The Quackery of Rebirth Therapy

A scene from my novel, Factions of a dWARf, mocks rebirth therapy; in which, psychoanalysts have their patients re-experience birth. The TV series Monk had the title character remember the trauma of childbirth, for laughs. It’s difficult to to take such therapy seriously.

There is reason to begin at the beginning, though. My novels involve a genetic memory drug and it’s unpredictable what memories would come to the surface and what manner they would appear, but I began at the beginning and moved forward in time for simplicity, sake. If god exists, evolution is more credible as an origin story than Adam and Eve, so I began with the origin of life and moved forward.

Doctors are Terrorists

I developed a cataract due to taking quetiapine and I told the doctor and he still wanting to prescribe me the same stuff. Apparently he doesn’t see cataracts as a problem attained by quetiapine though I see it in the list of problems caused by quetiapine. He must want to make me completely blind, I’ve already lost one eye and surgery isn’t likely in the near future and with my luck with doctors the surgery will probably go horribly wrong.

Doctors have been a cause of direct and indirect terrorism throughout my life. The time I went in and was told my blood clot was a skin infection though I knew better provided as an example of the horrible doctors I’ve had. Of course, I had a blood clot and many more mistakes were made which could have killed me before finally getting the problem resolved. Everything about my treatment for social anxiety falls under the category of terrorism, I advise no one to seek treatment for tat condition. It’s no wonder this has become such a mess. Between doctors and politicians, what can go right?

Medical Schools–The Cheatingest Place On Earth

Who cares whether, ‘cheatingest,’ is a proper word–doctors more often hurt; rather than help, in my experience. I kill doctors in my novels as catharsis, If everyone performed with the competent dedication of most doctors–ridges would fall down–whups, I guess some other professions caught the whoopsies; WOW! spellcheck caught me misspelling whoopsies and that’s why computers need to replace most doctors. I didn’t realize, ‘whoopsies’, was an official word, but isn’t cool that it is.

Sorry for the rant, I don’t have anywhere else to place my anger.

Check the biopsy sample size

Is the title of my post that difficult to understand? I know what the internet says is a proper sample size and I’m claiming I didn’t’ get it. When everything goes wrong during a medical appointment–you get mistrustful. What does a Patient Advocate stand for? The doctor’s defense attorney? No. Bring back the Old West rules, so I can take care of these dishonorable miscreants.

I repeat, from an earlier post, hang all the treasonous doctors and politicians—Freaking monsters.

Hang All The Doctors and Politicians For Treason


I’m still fuming. Put Bush and Obama side by side; I’m not partisan. Only a true moron would not realize the only thing the military can do is make a point. Attacking a suspected country after 9/11 was justifiable, but you need to realize you have a limited time frame that you do such an attack—the Bush idiocity.

Moron number two—Obama should have known some history and  realize Russia’s problem with Afghanistan and if the Soviets couldn’t wipe them out; then we were sure to have major and costly problems, so his moves in that region were moronic. Obama admitted his screw up on Libya, so I won’t pack on to how stupid he is.

When a Vet comes home he should keep his gun and take it with him when he goes to the doctor. I grew up believing doctors were the most honorable of people, but now that I’m grown up, I know they are just another monster. Like I said—Bring your guns home.

That was the most disturbing image that I had on file, it isn’t singling out a particular political party. I consider both parties a stupid and evil as the people who hung Elephant Mary; doctors fit the same classification. I never wanted to put up this picture, but it sprung into my mind. Let everyone burn. Once Nuke Waste–always Nuke Waste.

President Failure

My doctor would have had me on two incompatible medications if I hadn’t caught it. Computers can be programmed to catch such stuff, but our completely incompetent medical system needs untrained people like me to catch medical errors. One of the President’s big goals was to fix the medical system, but he can’t even fix the VA; which, is fully under his control. Fire 75% of government workers because they are apparently they can’t even fix simple stuff. Sorry, I hated doing this quick post; these are sort of off topic but it is an about the author post.

The time I went in and told them I had a blood clot and got antibiotics for a skin infection–is a more laughable story. Eventually, I had surgery due to the blood clot. At least the surgeon apologized when the hospital screwed up and didn’t put me on coumadin like they were supposed, too. I can go on and on about our horrible medical system; which, the overpaid university Presidents have helped create. I vote Independent–Bush and Obama are in the same category to me–bad.

Bad Doctors of America

One bad experience came when telling a doctor I had a blood clot; he gave me antibiotics for a skin infection, so I had to find another doctor to give me the obvious right answer. I developed varicose veins while in the military and it wasn’t to difficult to figure out it was a blood clot,but somehow some hot shot doctor managed to blow it.
I was told I was anemic by the VA, but I kept trying to explain that my recent donation of blood caused the problem. More than one said blood donation could not be the problem. I haven’t tested anemic since.
I have experience just as bad or worse,but rather not post them.
My medical care in the Navy was bad, so is the VA, but I can’t say commercial medicine is any better. Maybe all the good doctors are in Africa. When troops go to help with Ebola they may want to stay because I doubt they will get much help here. Maybe shamans and witch doctors are better than these things with degrees. Maybe I’m the only one with one bad experience after anther.

Maybe most doctors are deaf and I struggle not to be dumb (as in mute, but I also have turn my brain off to survive in this world). They make you feel out lawyer legalese and want medical records, but seem to never read these records. I asked my last doctor if he read my medical records, he said he rather hear from the patient. I  keep telling then to highlight one thing on my medical record, do they listen — N O.

I try not to sway from my book, but my bad mood got the better of me.  I need a “poster child” doctor to throw into this chapter. I haven’t found a suitable one, yet.