Exotica of Isis


Isis has a talent for wrapping her arms and legs around things. A fertility goddess can twist around an animal goddess like Artemis-Diana or search for the penis of Osiris to screw it back on. The Herculaneum fresco on the bottom left shows a smorgasbord of women – Nubians, Blondes, and Redheads and I bet an Asian woman or two had a place in the ritual. A cult has much use for the exotic because the exotic is interesting. Cults want to mystify so, I’m sure they imported many rare beauties from other lands. Slaves saw Isis as the goddess who gave them riches in the afterlife.

The Roman temple of Isis in Pompeii has a theatre and it shows scenes of Io (mythology), Argos, and Hermes ( they have a role in one of my favorite chapters, in my book). Metamorphoses, Music, and Mystery held a place in all mystery cults, but the main theme of all mystery cults is life and death. Isis, the Cabeiri, Orpheus, and other deities of mystery cults represented salvation before Jesus came along and stole the scene. The bottom right image is an illustration by Jean de Bosschère for The Golden Ass and the Isis provides salvation for the hapless hero who turned into a donkey (also has a role in my book).

The theater played a role in mystery cults and my last few posts have tried to emphasize this fact. Isis had so much power she moved from Egypt to Greece and then to Rome. She’s preceded by the myths of Ishtar, Astarte, and the first divine striptease artist – Inanna. Feel free to go visit your local stripper to worship and tithe.


Respect the Dwarf


The dwarf stands tall in history and myth. Seneb shown with his wife (top left) five you and idea about how much respect the dwarf got in Egypt. Wrocław’s dwarfs (top right) acted as a symbol for an underground protest called the Orange Alternative movement, you can find many spread out through Wrocław, Poland. Several cultures in the Americas saw a connection between dwarfs and gods; the bottom picture shows Olmec respect. The dwarf often acts as an earth and fertility deity; hence, their role in my book’s fertility cult. I joke about the human race and I treat the dwarf with the same respect that I do the rest of humanity. I often feel bad about it because a dwarf may stand taller than the rest of humanity due to the alternative perspective.

The top pics come from the Wikipedia links above. And the bottom pic is at this Link.


My Bad


My bad writing skills do not allow me to use these relevant Florida artifacts. My description of the mask does not pass snuff. The Key Marco Cat fits well with the wives of my central god, Ptah, but any more than a passing reference does not work. My Ptah cult in Memphis, Florida ranges near Key Marco, but I doubt the natives a true Egypt to Florida connection will be made. Talent can spin words to make a fit; nothing I came up with worked. Raven the myth and the bird crossed the Sarah Palin gulf, but I doubt the cat myth did. I considered the use of Egyptian and Native American, but I still didn’t fully buy into the theory after I rote it. The path I eventually took gives me more leeway, so my writing can bumble about.

Hint With Genus, Nymphaea


Flower shopping gets me down. I need ulterior motive to give me a rise, so here comes Nymphaea. Make sure it comes with an eye catching name tag; I might even spring for glow in the dark. Wikipedia page has a good note about symbolism for the Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Egyptian water lily or sacred blue lily):

The flower is very frequently depicted in Egyptian art. It has been depicted in numerous stone carvings and paintings, including the walls of the famous temple of Karnak. It is frequently depicted in connection with “party scenes”, dancing or in significant spiritual / magical rites such as the rite of passage into the afterlife. [2] Nymphaea caerulea was considered extremely significant in Egyptian mythology, since it was said to rise and fall with the sun. Consequently, due to its colourings, it was identified, in some beliefs, as having been the original container, in a similar manner to an egg, of Atum, and in similar beliefs Ra, both solar deities. As such, its properties form the origin of the lotus variant of the Ogdoad cosmogeny. It was the symbol of the Egyptian deity Nefertem.[3]

The F-Words + P


Papa parts – padre’s peninsula – father’s fertility – Dis Pater means rich father and his phallus makes Prosperina (Kore / Persephone) bountiful.

Vase: Pluto (Dis Pater) holds his horn of cornucopia. Dionysus, the phallus god, is also known for his grapes and wine. A satyr holds up drunken Hephaestus and his hammer, Eros plays with his goose down below. See a few euphemisms? You often hear about the triple goddess, but pa plays many roles, too.

King Tut’s Pectoral: Ptah, seated on the right, divides into the Greek gods Hephaestus and Pluto (Dis Pater). Creation always has a link to the underworld and nature’s art spills onto the earthly plane. Ptah gives creativity to the king and Sekhmet, the lioness gives power. Osiris becomes Dionysus and the symbol of male fertility; he shows up in euphemistic forms. Apis the bull acts as one aspect of Ptah and often call him a dwarf.

The Prajapati in the last image share similar name plus show the power of creativity and fertility. You see an Apis like bull. Dwarfs and bulls often change places. They say the dwarf symbolizes ignorance, but it may have did a polar opposite switch. Hinduism makes calculus look easy. The caste associated with the Prajapati also may have links to Egypt’s Pottery Wheel god.

The Great Gods? She’s a cow.


Yes, the beautiful Isis is a cow. Associate a woman with a cow these days and a spiked hell may find where the sun don’t shine. Some people make fun of the Hindu respect for the cow, but many cultures did the Holy Cow thing. Hera was the cow eyed goddess. Osiris was of one of the many gods that lost his wiener. Ptah has his and some depictions have him well endowed. The many cat videos and pics prove many still worship Bast. Horus may be a bird brain, but birds without a doubt look down on us humans. Bes looks made for kid TV and he did entertain kids in the early Egypt.