No Virgins For Vulcan O


Vulcan (Hephaestus) had a rough love life. Most volcano gods get much more respect. The Greeks preferred pretty boys, but much of their mythology came from less vanity driven origins. Alexander the Great gets credit for turning the bull god, Apis, into Serapis because he wanted to unite religions under a handsome human face. He also shunned another aspect of Apis – the dwarf craftsman known as Ptah. People do not shed their gods, so easily but images do change over time. Ptah split into another craft god known as Hephaestus in Greece and Vulcan in Rome. His underworld aspects went to Plouton (which turned into Hades) and Dis Pater. Wonderful visions of the underworld also fell into the hellish versions we often see now. Ptah most likely had links to the geyser god, Enki. Volcano gods ejaculate lava rather than sweet water spit from loins of geyser gods. The image from my last post has a geyser layered over top of Christina Aguilera’s (Your Body) album cover; differs greatly from this volcanic splooge.

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Get The Gist


I call Enki, the geyser god, for a reason. When I read the Sumerian myth, something like this popped into my head. I use Christina’ Aguilera’s album cover because of the veils and her link to Disney. The goddess, Inanna (also known as Astarte and Ishtar) danced the dance of the seven veils much earlier than Salome. I write about a fertility cult active in modern-day Florida with ties to these ancient myths. Images like this help simplify mythic symbolism.

I layered an image of Yellowstone’s Beehive Geyser on top of Aguilera’s, Your Body, album cover. The idea popped into my head and was super easy to do. Just a crop and a flip. We don’t have geysers, but we do have springs; they just don’t give good enough gist.


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He Who Authored The First Word

Manneken Pis inBrusselsBelgiumJerome Duquesnoy1619AuthorMyrabella

Sorry ladies, the lads have the pen. Many myths say a word beget the world. Enki means Lord(En) Earth(Ki), but you should think of him as Jack Of, the Geyser god) because he ejaculated everywhere and everything. The word, craft, cut, carve, core, and many other C or K dominated words probably descend from the same place as the Ki in Enki. Khnum the Egyptian craft god, often has a ram or crocodile head, most likely descends from the same Ki. Ptah another pottery god has different origin (I did a post on the P, ph, and f words). Manneken Pis (left image), note the P in pis, piss and pee has something in common with Ptah – he’s a little dude. Figurines often show Ptah standing on two crocodiles, one probably doubles as Khnum’s crocodile head; the other may be Sobek. Ptah joins Upper and Lower Egypt at his temple in Memphis (more crocodile symbology).

Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium was sculpted by Jerome Duquesnoy and comes by way of Wikimedia from an author known as Myrabella.

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The MeS of Mythology


Inanna, the naughty stripper, stole the MeS from Enki and religion has been a mess ever since. I mix Metis and Demeter to make DeMetis, so I can combine concepts. Hindus say Saraswati’s wisdom helped create the universe and Metis is Deep Thought (Vāc is the vacuumous Deep Throat; sorry but I’m writing about a fertility cult which means sex. Graceful Saraswati rides her swan, during the Swan Song of Autumn, to bring wisdom to the awkward stork and the bundle of joy(?); and the songbirds start to sing. Pollinators have their orgy and humans give their thanks to Flora, during the orgy of the Floralia.

Tiamat is a creatix and you can say the Ouroboros represents her. Snakes shed their skin like Inanna sheds clothes; both are born again in new birthday suits. Strippers go skinny dipping at the Floralia and the larks they look. My more complex diagram is still a bit messy, Inanna probably goes before Flora.

Juno or Hera represents the threat of drought; she is the bad mother. Case in point, what does she do to poor Hephaestus? Hera just plain hates kids; she sends Python after the twins, Artemis and Apollo; she sends more snakes after Heracles. Tiamat = good snake and Python = bad snake. Hera’s peacock shows the beauty that summer can bring and is the Hindu snake killer. Summer can bring the good or the bad.

No, Karma is not a goddess; but Karme is the Cretan demi-goddess of the harvest. Karma is a reap what you sow theology and you reap at harvest time in Autumn. I don’t know if there is a true link between Karme and Karma, but mythology is a mess. Why not try to give a half way clean picture? I’m writing fiction; I just want a clean set of allusions. Funny thing is the MeS are rules of order.

Tongue Fishing in the Conch Republic


Add the clam shell goddess, Aphrodite, to the conch dwelling Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, and you may see a seafood eating theme. Some theories don’t hold their water, but some like women do. Womb = Water bearer and is where little babies swim. Males like the geyser god Enki claim to act a water givers and try to take their acclaim; thus, the fight a fight over the the ma in “marine,” between ma and man. Linguistic origins almost always get won by man, but ma held on. The conch like the womb also acted as a water bearer.

Look at Vishnu and his fishy birth canal look. Vishnu holds the Panchajanya; which, represents life and Vishnu uses it as his trumpet. I’m not going into the complex myths of Hindus; I just know what smells fishy. Did dudes in the past do some tongue fishing to go along with their spear fishing? I’m guessing, YES.

The Ashtamangala (3rd image) shows a conch in the upper right corner. It shows how the conch ranks up there with the sacred lotus and why Hindus blow the conch in many ceremonies.

The 1st image comes from the Aztecs. Native American loved their shells. In Florida, they used shells for most everything. They used a conch built hammer; they used a whelk for their ceremonial Black Drink; they used them as jewelry; they built shell mounds for multiple reasons; they used them as wampum as most everybody knows.

I hate the drive down to the Florida Keys, also known as the Conch Republic, but I know tongue fishing is a popular pastime down there. I have thought about going down for Fantasy Fest; it sounds like a good tongue fishing season.

Wiccans, Wobots, and Beer


(The almost true story of a computer god) Like all men, John Atanasoff dreamed of Wobots. He had to give it a brain. A barmaid served him a beer; he saw, 1+1, the ideal pair. A binary max, the first electronic computer bore fruit in his mind. Coors took credit when they gave him an award, but the barmaid played the muse. Phosphorus is the fire of life and it gave fire to Atanasoff; he had to get away from the fire and brimstone. You see, Atanasoff grew up in the Phosphate Capital of the World; he grew up in Mulberry. Not Opie’s home town; closer to brother Clint‘s neck of the woods.
The monument built for Atanasoff stands in Sofia, Bulgaria; his father came from the Yambol province.

The Rosicrucian (top right) vision of Sofia; it bears likeness to the Wicca version of she who is Wisdom incarnate. Ada Lovelace (top left) served wisdom to the computer god, Charles Babbage. Like Inanna to Enki. She, too, served a beer. Hedy Lamarr, the frequency hopper, had a hand in Wi-FI. Did she serve a beer? Of course. What did Inanna serve Enki to steal the Mes? Beer.

Lovelace and Hedy have deep history, here in Florida. But watch out for when Hooters serves Hecate’s beer. Until then, hoist a beer to Enki, the Geyser God, give hail to the Lizard King , and be wary woe-bots — may await to arise.