Roof Roosters

No, not the beloved cock—the post title refers to nesting on rooftops. Humans suck. The millionaire sanctuary known as Bird Key because it was roosting grounds for millions of birds. If those millionaires who stole the land put up potential roosts upon their roofs, they could atone somewhat for their thievery.

Making a proper roof roost would likely entail much trial and error because you need something which wouldn’t damage you roof, and be cosmetic in appearance, be hurricane safe, and be attractive to the birds as well, so only rich people should attempt this feat because it might be costly.

I had to remove a tree so this post came to mind and coincidentally the news showed a video of birds flying in through a chimney and taking over a home. Birds have a good reason to go Hitchcock on us— because humans suck.

Tits up, to the birds of Bird Key

Our feathered friends once owned Bird Key, but it wouldn’t surprise me, if the PETA  people rule the mansions of Bird Key, now. Guy Bradley put his life on the line to protect nature and our feathered friends, but because he was a White guy the Liberal hypocritical establishment and militant feminists would bash him.

If you want to use the power of sexuality for a cause—you should consider our feathered friends.

All Hail Irrational Religion

Pope_Francis_Korea_Haemi_Castle_19a.jpgThe media is heroizing the Pope again, but think about the condom. Yes, abortion is a horrific topic but the Catholic church can’t even see the freaking obvious about birth control. More people = more trash. Even spreading the wealth to impoverished nations will increase the trash created by mankind. The idiotic media hailing then Pope fails to bring up the obvious. Popes don’t serve god or the people; they serve their ivory tower.

If the Pope wants to serve humanity; he should kill Catholicism. People will have sex. You may get a teen to save her hymen, but it just leads use of alternative holes. When Popes or dictators put in hard rules without thought human nature they cause more problems.

I agree man cause much distress to mother nature, but praising a political move; which, is what this is — is outrageous. I hate both political parties equally. I favor intelligent environmentalism; not political theater. The media executives should be executed  for the way they herd people rather than have intelligent debate. Is it any surprise Brian Williams is Roman Catholic, most news media in America comes from the State religions of Catholicism and Judaism. Yes, Orwell’s Big Brother is here. Sorry, but obvious political theater puts me into a rage.

The Catholic Conquistadors took the gold from formerly wealthy countries — this another obvious observance. Black Catholics in Santo Domingo push out the Black Catholic Haitians. Praising the Pope is praising insanity. If Catholics practiced responsible birth control; it would make these countries easier to help and cause less waste.

Will he turn off heating and air conditioning? Will he shut down churches which favor style over efficiency. Is he just playing the media game?

Roman Catholic and Liberal, Brian Williams will keep raking in money just like most of the media praising the Pope. The Pope should go K— himself.?

Tricks of a Black Orchid


Orchids are the tricksters of plant world. They trick many creatures into pollinating them; they even got many humans, hooked, as seen in The Orchid Thief. In an earlier post, I suggestedEmma Watson would make a great Black Orchid, due to her love for ecology, got me thinking about how I may change the character. Giving the Orchid the ability to make quick fashion changes, similar to the Creeper, might help inspire Emma to inquire about such a role. Between the fashion and the ecology cause, you can get many female fans to the comic book movie. Adding Emma Watson’s and Neil Gaiman’s fan bases would probably turn the movie into a sure thing blockbuster. Actually using the Creeper as a character adds some jest and he already has an Eco look to him. Nicholas Cage deserves a came to allude to his role the Orchid Thief movie.
I doubt I will get a penny no matter what, but what is in my head may as well come out. My research for my book does intertwine with the mythology of such characters. I use the name Hermione, in my book, due to the similarity in name to Hermes. Tricksters often have ties to the underworld. My movie idea may draw some crazy orchid fans to the movies; they best beef up security, those flower lovers are freaking nuts.

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Getting Lusty For Green


Gisele Bundchen went au naturel for nature when she went Eco for Photo. Eating green can create some luscious and lean limbs; plus, it helps the environment. A strict vegetarian diet can cause health problems, so I think PETA should add an advisory to their guilt trips but Vegans also can get some health benefits. Cow farts hurt the environment even with grass-fed beef, but corn and grain fed animals can add extra damage due to inefficiency reasons.

I’m more interested in the symbolism in these images. I’m sure many know these looks as Cosplay favorites. You often find couples undressed as Adam and Eve at events like Fantasy Fest. The nature girl look has many fans. Poison Ivy is a Comic-Con fave. I added Harley Quinn, another fave, because she looks like someone who eats green and she is another symbolic archetype.

I did not use a fertility cult when I began my novel; I used tricksters. One important character never came together for me. I missed the obvious. I didn’t have a Poison Ivy style character. I went from a Harley Quinn cult to a Poison Ivy cult and it didn’t fully hit me. This blog helped me stay focused on my book in an indirect way. Everything springs from something else. Would you have a Poison Ivy if you didn’t have an Eve?

Those are DC collectibles framed in white. Angela Simmons stars in the PETA ad.

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Mother Nature Can Take A Punch, But


People popped on my 5 seconds of thought post on sinkholes, but it appears I put in about as much thought as the National Geographic article that I just read. Water carved out the Grand Canyon. Now think, what happens to the limestone foundation of Florida as we pump out water from the aquifer. You remove water that helps support the limestone and the agitation does some carving. National Geographic wanted to tiptoe, but the harsh reality = Mother Nature takes a pounding. Global Warming is a much more debatable topic than this piece of common sense.

The Wikimedia pic comes from 1958RioMan and the file name suggests it is a Fahrdorf,Rechte-Marija match. I hate interrupting my posts on swine, but  you know the world is in trouble when I’m needed to state the obvious. A handful of readers might see this post and comprehend. I doubt registered Republicans or Democrats will understand, but some Independents have at least seen the obvious about our political process.